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Organizational studies have shown that employees who bring their personal mobile device to work have displayed noticeable increase in their productivity. One possible reason is that employees enjoy a certain familiarity and comfort in using their device compared to corporate-issued devices, which usually include spending time to learn about a new system or platform. As modern productivity apps like cloud-based project management software offer both personal and business versions, more project teams are installing native mobile apps to check their project’s progress and update their task status.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile devices in the enterprise

Enterprises welcome the increase in productivity and real-time visibility of company projects with the help of mobile device use. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies have reduced overall technology overhead in companies. However, the use of personal mobile devices in the enterprise also introduced additional risks. Mobile devices come in great variety. Personal devices may include data protected by privacy laws. These bring additional work to IT teams, who have to make sure these mobile devices are compatible and safe when connecting to enterprise systems without exposing the privacy of personal information. One solution is the use of enterprise mobility management (EMM).

What is EMM?

Enterprise mobility management software are applications and tools that allow IT teams to oversee the safe use of mobile devices in the workforce. Through policies and security functions native to the device and through integration, they can enable data or device encryption, locking, or wiping and reseting. EMM allows IT to manage applications and implement policies that enforce authentication, limit sharing, and prevent installation of unauthorized apps.

Benefits of EMM software

EMM is the integration of technology, processes, and policies to secure and manage the use of mobile devices within an organization. EMM solutions allow companies to implement their cybersecurity policy by protecting mobile devices, which now act as vulnerable endpoints of the IT network. IT security teams can introduce device-level policies to protect company data in case these devices get lost or stolen. Enterprise mobility management software can include the monitoring of identity, access, and user behavior. EMM ensures employees can access and share information to and from the enterprise network that is vital to their jobs in a secured or encrypted manner.

Best enterprise mobility management (EMM) software 2021

The best enterprise mobility management solutions enable mobile device end users to become as productive as possible without introducing additional risks to the enterprise network and corporate assets. Most EMM software include mobile device management (MDM) features so IT teams have certain control over the device. Many also offer mobile application management (MAM), while others extend EMM capabilities to include unified endpoint management (UEM). Here is a short list of the top EMM solutions in no particular order.


Jamf offers enterprise management mobility solutions for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. It allows users to connect, manage, and protect Apple products, apps, and corporate resources in the cloud. Jamf EMM combines four different management methods that include mobile device management, mobile identity and access management, mobile application management, and mobile content management. Different products give options to businesses of different sizes and priorities.


Scalefusion provides mobile device and endpoint management solution that is simple to use while offering the best customer experience. Features include over-the-air device enrollment, application management, remote support, location tracking, content management, team communication, analytics and reports, workflows, and integrations. It can be deployed for mobile device management, EMM, unified endpoint management, or device management by OS such as Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows 10.


42Gears SureMDM offers an intuitive UEM tool for a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Secure, monitor, and manage mobile devices whether for dedicated company use or employee-owned for BYOD. SureMDM incorporates all enterprise mobility management through unified endpoint management. Features include device enrollment, provisioning, grouping, health monitoring, location tracking, and security. An analytics engine tracks and monitors trends and issues related to device and application performance as well as its usage.

Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure is a company focused on delivering secure access solutions. For EMM solutions, it provides UEM products Pulse Workspace and Pulse Client. These products ensure secure mobile access to applications and resources. Using containers, they reduce data leakage and simplifies deployment and scale while enhancing remote worker productivity without modifying any app. It supports all major OS platforms, has built-in security checks, and has simple end-user self-provisioning and on-boarding options.


MobileIron is a leading provider of UEM and zero-trust security solutions. UEM allows IT teams to manage desktop and mobile devices in a single platform instead of separate systems. MobileIron enables organizations of all sizes to simplify and secure the management of all endpoint devices with a single solution. Features include device enrollment, single console for multi-OS and multi-app management, and separation of work and personal data with seamless user experience. It also provides secure productivity apps for email, contacts, documents, and screen sharing.


BlackBerry offers enterprise mobility management software that can manage and secure mobile apps, data, and devices. Several products are available such as UEM, a comprehensive MDM solution for managing devices of different platforms—Dynamics, a MAM that uses containerization, Enterprise Identity and 2FA for identity and access management, and Workspaces for content management. These comprehensive solutions are designed to meet today’s and future challenges.

Check Point

Check Point offers cybersecurity solutions for various industries such as retail, financial services, government, healthcare, eduction, and service providers. SandBlast Mobile is a mobile security solution that integrates with many mobile device management products to deliver complete protection for the mobile workforce. It protects corporate data across apps, networks, and OS. The software is scalable and easy to manage with a user-friendly interface and zero impact on user experience.


The Mobile Device Manager Plus from ManageEngine is a comprehensive solution designed to help the mobile workforce by enhancing productivity without compromising corporate security. It can manage smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops using iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. Features include device enrollment and management of apps, profile, email, asset, security, content, and rugged devices. It also has a kiosk mode restrictions, remote troubleshooting, audits, reports, and integrations.


Sophos Mobile is a UEM solution that helps businesses manage and secure both traditional and mobile endpoints. It supports Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Features include configuration and policies, inventory and asset management, detailed reporting, app control, content management with containerization, and security tools against malware and ransomware. It also has anti-phishing, web protection, and web filtering.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki EMM offers a unified management and control of devices. It has mobile device management for total management of both mobile devices and PCs. Mobile application management features enable application delivery and control. Mobile content management provides access policies for file distribution, replacement, and deletion. Mobile identity provides device context with automatic adding and removing of apps and settings and updating of network policies. It also includes on-demand and per-app virtual private network (VPN) software.

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