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Kanbanize is online Kanban software that gives users transparency for all their initiatives, projects, tasks, and project portfolios. The project management tool provides an accurate big picture of the organization and its connected teams, departments, and workflows. Users can create plans, break down projects into tasks, map workflows, and get real-time updates and reports from a single place to easily connect planning with execution.

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Kanbanize Review: Features and Strengths

Kanban Boards

Kanbanize provides users with Kanban boards where they can map workflows and keep track of tasks, relieve bottlenecks, and get accurate status reports. The visual tool shows full transparency of work with work items visualized as cards. Users can create a network of interlinked boards and connect multiple workflows across the organization.

Its Kanban boards enable the management of dependencies across teams and departments easier. It has swimlanes that split boards into sections and the ability to merge cells across lanes and columns. It also has sub-columns, card templates, and custom board backgrounds.

Kanbanize’s cards have several properties and functions to help users customize work items as needed, including custom fields, subtasks, custom work item types, configurable task settings, and dependency management. Teams can use mentions, attach files, send notifications, and use visual tokens to identify blockers or add labels.

Workflow Management and Workspace Management

Kanbanize lets users customize boards to meet the specific needs of teams. A multi-layer board allows for multiple workflows for better organization and process improvement. It includes an initiative workflow on the top swimlane, ideal for bigger projects. The timeline workflow lets users visualize past, current, and future projects in a calendar view. Other features are policies, service level expectations, and WIP limits.

Flexible workspaces allow teams to distribute and track work across the organization with increased visibility in projects as well as connected planning and execution. This software’s management workspaces are ideal for distributing and tracking work across multiple teams from a single board. Team workspaces let users bring together different boards to boost collaboration in a department. User roles allow admins to create and assign roles with corresponding board and task permissions.

Dashboards & Reporting, Project Forecasting, Workflow Analytics

Kanbanize includes dashboards with customizable layouts. Users can create widget-only dashboards as informational hubs to provide summarized reports. The advanced search tool includes filters so users can search data by a particular category. The agile project management tool also has project forecasting functionality that uses specific criteria to derive automatic forecasts.

The built-in Monte Carlo simulation feature helps teams determine how many work items they can complete for a given period of time. Workflow analytics tools include visualizations such as cumulative flow diagrams, cycle time scatter plots, cycle time heat maps, cycle time histograms, throughput run charts, aging WIP, and flow efficiency, among others. All of these help teams analyze performance and optimize process efficiency.

Business Rules, WIP Limits, Integrations, and More

Kanbanize gives users ‘if-this-then-that’ automation rules to facilitate everyday work. It has a drag-and-drop rule builder that lets users create conditions that trigger predefined actions, such as after creating a card, after updating a card, or after the status of a child card changes.

Users can introduce different work-in-progress limits to reduce multitasking and keep a steady flow of work. Teams can set WIP limits per user, per column, per lane, per cell, or add limits per group of columns. Kanbanize integrates with many apps, tools and services, like Power BI, Data Studio, Tableau, Trello, OneLogin, Okta, and Azure. It also integrates with cloud storage services, development tools, and middleware solutions, with native mobile apps for iOS and Android.


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Kanbanize Pricing

Kanbanize pricing is available in flexible plans depending on the number of license seats and whether customers pay annually or month by month. Optional add-ons are also available that customers can add or remove at any time. The company offers a 14-day trial period. Interested parties can also request for a demo.

  • The Standard plan comes with a minimum of 15 users at $149 /month billed annually (or $179 /month billed monthly). It becomes $199 /month billed annually when increased to 20 users, with a limit at 1000 users. The Standard plan comes with unlimited boards and unlimited workspaces, customizable workflows, timelines, project forecasting, interlinked boards, and 100GB storage, among others.
  • Business rules/automation is an optional add-on, with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 300 rules. SSO + 2FA is another optional add-on.
  • An Enterprise plan is also available without user limits, unlimited business rules add-on, enterprise SLA, 24/7 hotline, dedicated customer success manager, free training and consulting, unlimited API calls, and 1TB storage, among others.

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Who Uses Kanbanize?

Kanbanize is for businesses of all sizes in need of an online Kanban tool to achieve work transparency and increase team productivity. It is applicable in various industries such as in aerospace, architecture and construction, pharmaceutical, engineering, chemicals, computer software, banking and financial services, and IT services. Customers include BMWC Constructors, Boa Vista, Ultimate Software, Three Deep, GE Aviation, Calidae, Codemotion, Aerosud Holdings, and BFT.

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Kanbanize Supported Languages

Kanbanize supports English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


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Case Studies

Johan Pretorius is the IT Group Leader at an aerospace engineering and manufacturing firm of aircraft parts and interior system assemblies based in South Africa. As a highly regulated industry with very fixed processes, the company faced challenges in making process improvements. The IT services area had problems communicating expectations due to a lack of work transparency.

Using physical Kanban boards, Johan’s team doubled its throughput from 60 to 120 tickets within 3 days. However, the limitations of individual physical boards soon became obvious. With Kanbanize, the IT group was able to visualize multiple team workflows on a single board. Next, it expanded the implementation in engineering for project and portfolio management. The company is looking to further expand its Kanbanize implementation across more departments.

Renzo Renzi is the Project and Development Director at an Italian hardware company providing automation systems for gates, doors, and garage doors. Focused on continuous progress to develop products one step ahead on the market, it experienced limitations in using Gantt charts and Excel sheets for project management purposes. Another challenge was the complexity of managing dependencies.

The company started implementing physical whiteboards with Post-it tasks for product development. This helped unlock the visibility of work assignments, but it was not able to show the connection between everyday operations, middle management level, and project portfolio. With Kanbanize, the company accelerated its adoption of the Kanban system. Renzo and his team can now visualize their network of product development projects. They can also see the connection of a project or portfolio to its actual execution across teams.

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Why Choose Kanbanize?

Kanbanize provides flexible Kanban boards that enable teams and organizations to create high-level overviews of their projects and portfolios. Users can break down large work items, create strategic plans, get real-time updates, and track the status of dependencies using a visual board so they can clearly connect strategy to execution. By visualizing workflows and using analytics, companies can optimize processes and deliver projects efficiently.

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Company Info

Kanbanize is the product of BUSINESSMAP Ltd., a private software company with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and offices in Bilbao, Spain, and Sao Paolo, Brazil. It was founded in 2008 by Dimitar Karaivanov, Christo Stalev, and Bisser Ivanov. The founders are proponents of Lean thinking and continuous improvement, as well as Kanban practitioners. They believe that Kanbanize can help companies manage big initiatives deployed across multiple teams. The company’s mission is to help people do meaningful work, which then helps create more room for innovation.


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