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Kanbanize is an agile project management software that enables users to see the big picture of their projects and their organization. It allows teams across the company to have a predictable workflow where they can get things done in a quick and efficient way. Today’s business landscape is more demanding and quicker to change. Your PM tool should also give you the agility and the confidence to deliver the projects, products or services with value and quality, to those that matter the most: your customer.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Comprehensive Kanban Boards ‚Äì Kanbanize agile project management software has Kanban boards that are easy to modify at any stage of the project. You can quickly adapt to changing requirements, no matter how frequently they occur. It allows you to visualize progress as you move cards across the board. You can set WIP limits per column, or swimlane, or user. Organize access with roles-based permissions, which you can custom-define and assign to users by projects and boards. You can use Timeline, a better way to plan, breakdown, execute, and track projects, all at the same place. No more switching between charts and boards. Other features include flexible card views, filters, card templates, custom fields, reminders, and followups, among others. You can also link cards between different boards to build dependencies and connections.
  • Powerful Business Rules and Multiple Workflows ‚Äì This lean management software enables users to manage and automate processes, dependencies and interactions. You can define rules that get triggered by certain events. Recurring cards, custom notifications, portfolio board rules, or batch updates are some of the choices available. Another way to a more flexible Kanban board for multiple team functions or different projects is through Multiple Workflows. You can now map completely different workflows on the same board with just a few clicks. Moreover, Management Workspace is a feature that supports the work of project managers, product owners, delivery managers, and other stakeholders. From a single Management Board, they can distribute and track work across multiple teams..
  • Email Integration, Timetracking, Analytics, and more ‚Äì Kanbanize integrates with email, so you can create a task with a simple forward. You can also add a comment, manipulate cards, and redirect email to Kanbanize, because of its email integration features. It also has a timetracking feature, so you can log hours easily, whether on the card level or sub-task level. You can generate log reports with built-in Excel reports and draw charts. The Analytics module in the software gather all sorts of metrics on a project or account level. Some of the functions are cumulative flow diagram, cycle time scatter plot, cycle time and blocked time heat map, as well as Monte Carlo simulations and forecasting. It integrates with many popular apps like Trello, Zapier, SSO services, cloud storage, dev tools, and more.

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Kanbanize offers a flexible pricing scheme. Plans can be paid annually or month-by-month. Pricing depends on the number of users and optional add-ons that users can change or remove at any time. Below is a sample pricing for 1 to 15 users, with 10 business rules, but without SSO and 2FA. A free 30-day trial period is offered, with access to all features.

Kanbanize offers a flexible pricing scheme.

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Target Market

Kanbanize is ideal for teams of any size that requires management of tasks and projects in a visual and Lean way. The software is highly customizable and will adapt to any process workflow in any industry.

Supported Language

English, German, Spanish and Portuguese

Some of their Clients

Clients include Continental Tire, Mozilla, BCG Digital Ventures, Tokyo Electron, Bose, Indiana University, Epic Games, GoDaddy, Arsenal FC, and Roche.

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Daniel Woodbeck stated that when they talk to customers about Kanban and Kanbanize, people become highly interested. He stated that most of them have heard about these, but they are actually and actively doing it, with the help of the agile PM software.

Becky McNeely shared that the software not only provided them with a highly configurable and feature-rich tool to visualize their Kanban board, but the additional features of Kanbanize like business rules and enhanced analytics really gave her and her team a powerful tool to use.

Why Kanbanize

Kanbanize is a very flexible and powerful collaborative project tracking application. If you work on multiple projects and portfolios of projects with multiple teams, the software scales easily and provides the transparency you need to see the big picture. So, it helps you improve the workflow on a complete and comprehensive approach.

Company Info

Kanbanize is a product of Businessmap Ltd, a privately held information technology and service company with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and an office in Boulder, CO, USA. It was founded in 2008 by Dimitar Karaivanov (CEO), Christo Stalev (CTO) and Bisser Ivanov (COO). It has received an equivalent of $125k in funding from investor company Eleven. The well-rounded, talented team has a solid experience in the field of Lean product development. Their vision of automation and scale is helping spread the word about Kanban, setting the standards of Kanban software and promoting visual project management as the new way and only alternative to manage growing volumes and complexity of work.

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