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Overview Presentation

Kanban Zone is an online process and project management software that promotes the advantages of Kanban methodology. Through a visual system of cards and boards, it helps individuals, teams and organizations improve collaboration by promoting prioritization, focus, and clarity. It is flexible for simple boards with a few columns as well as for complex connected boards with multiple processes and nested columns. It also offers specialized templates to get people started easily.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Interactive Boards and Cards ‚Äì Kanban Zone has an advanced flexible editor that enables users to create any type of board without being limited to using standard grids. Some of the tools available when editing boards are for creating cards, horizontal or vertical containers, horizontal switch, vertical switch, history, archive, security, and others. Other board features include templates, filter, search, WIP limits, copy, visibility, history, share, archive, and more. Card features include a rich text editor for descriptions, lists, images or video. It also has default fields, accountability, custom colors and labels, due dates with reminders, search, favorites, prioritize, and many others.
  • Administration and Collaboration ‚Äì This online Kanban tool allows users to manage their organization and assign roles such as administrator, collaborator, subscriber or viewer. They can edit their organization’s information and also manage their plans and billing from the menu. It also has tools to manage user profiles, passwords, time zone, date/time formats, and notifications. Teams can collaborate with comments using a rich text editor, follow conversations by grouping replies, use @mentions, and get notified within the application or by email.
  • Templates, Analytics, Checklists, File Uploads, Integrations, and more ‚Äì Kanban Zone has a variety of specialized templates for quick start, such as for business solutions, organizational flow, methodologies, and personal life categories. It includes several analytic reports, such as for cumulative flow, lead and cycle time, throughput, and work distribution. Users can create checklists in their cards, with ownership, status, due dates with reminders, and progress bar. Other features include the ability to attach files from the local disk or from cloud storage. It integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. It also supports hierarchical and sequential links for different card relationships, and a colorful progress bar to display the status of linked cards. Because they are created by Agile coaches, they also offer coaching services.


Kanban Zone offers a Personal plan that starts at $4 per month when billed annually. It includes 1 administrator, 1 collaborator, and 3 boards. This can be expanded up to 5 collaborators, 7 boards, and unlimited subscribers. This plan also include free addons, limited templates, optional coaching, and email support. The Professional plan starts at $24 per month with 1 admin, 5 collaborators, unlimited boards, subscribers, and templates, with all addons available, included coaching, and an account manager. They also offer a free plan with 1 admin, 1 collaborator, and 2 boards, with a 50 card limit, without a specific days of trial period.

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Kanban Zone is for individuals, families, teams, and companies. It can be used in different aspects of personal life, professional life, or business productivity, in various sectors and industries.

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Why Kanban Zone

Using a visual tool such as Kanban Zone is the first step in understanding how a process works in order to improve it. The software offers a very flexible Kanban board editor, and the availability of free and premium templates makes it easy to get started quickly. Coaching services is also offered so that businesses can create the correct workflows and process management that best fits their organization.

Company Info

Kanban Zone is a privately held information technology and services company based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. It was founded in January 2017 by Dimitri Ponomareff, head of Product, and Kristen Varona, head of Engineering. Dimitri and Kristen are Agile coaches of Torak, Inc., a company that offers consultancy services in Agile methodologies. They were looking for the best online Kanban tool for their clients. Unable to find one, they decided to build Kanban Zone and continue improving it. Their mission includes providing the most effective online Kanban tool on the market, with the most advanced editor and specialized templates to help people get started.

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