How To Multitask Like a Pro

Multitasking. It’s one of those skills you either have or you don’t. While gender stereotypes might indicate that women are much better at multitasking than men, it still all comes down to practice.

Okay, so when we multitask we aren’t truly thinking about two or even three tasks at a time, according to an article by Joe Robinson at We are constantly switching between those two or three tasks. That is why it’s so important to have a plan to juggle all our work at once.

Nowadays, there are lots of apps and software that can help you manage the daily juggle but a little old school planning never goes astray. Read the following strategies to multitask effectively and get things done!

Think ahead

Good planning is about foresight and taking into account the whole of what you need to accomplish. So before you start doing, make sure you have a good idea of all the small steps you need to take to get each task done.

Track your progress

When you’re jumping from one task to something different, it’s easy to lose track of what you need to do. Set up a simple system to track what has been done, what else needs to be finished and any other information relevant to your task. Good tracking will save you confusion and time, clearing your head to move on to the next task.


Although it may seem like all your tasks are of equal importance, try to list them in order of importance. You might need to take care of something before you can start another task; or maybe you have a task that’s time sensitive. Either way, get to working on the most important tasks first so you don’t get caught up further down the track.

Group tasks

After prioritizing, you might find that some tasks are similar in nature. Joel Falconer at recommends noting for each task whether this is a daily, weekly or monthly task to get you started. The brain works best working in ‚Äòmodes’ for short periods of time. Jumping frequently from one task to another means your brain has to switch to different modes all the time (e.g. analysis to creation). Try and get similar tasks done at the same time so your brain can stay working in the one mode. It’s a more productive way to use the brain.

Set realistic deadlines

I think we’ve all been there before. In our over-enthusiasm to tackle our to-do lists, we can overwhelm ourselves sometimes. Even though you may feel like superman, sometimes life gets in the way distracting you from what you need to do. Take into account that good things take time, set a deadline but make it realistic.

Be adaptable

When you’re multitasking, one of the key things to remember is to be adaptable. Good planning always helps but sometimes you have to veer off your original path in order to make it work. If you have a list or general plan you’re working off, make sure you go back and update any relevant info.


Getting your plans sorted will need more than well-developed apps to be precise. Following a handy methodology such as the steps above will make it easier to get onto the more complex tasks around the office. Multitasking may not be your forte but follow our strategies and with a little practice you’ll be ticking off items on your to-do list in no time.

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