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When comparing Freshsales vs monday sales CRM, both support key sales functions, such as lead management, pipeline management, and more. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of each solution for diving into key features, similarities, and differences between Freshsales and monday sales CRM. Sales customer relationship management (CRM) software helps sales professionals keep track of new and existing customers in the sales funnel in an effort to attract, convert, and retain them. 

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What Is Freshsales CRM?

Freshsales is a cloud-based sales CRM that is part of the Freshworks platform. Freshsales unifies customer data into one simple interface for easier lead/pipeline management and more expedient conversions. It also provides tools for personalizing interactions with customers and streamlining the sales cycle. Freshsales features a Freddy artificial intelligence tool that can make deal predictions, send automatic reminders, and more.

Key features

  • AI (Freddy AI)
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Automation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Contact management
  • Extensive integration capabilities with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more
  • Lead tracking
  • Pipeline management tools
  • Messaging/communication functions
Sales professionals use Freshsales to leverage data, boost revenue, and get a comprehensive view of customers’ interactions in order to deliver a more personalized experience.  

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What Is monday Sales CRM?

monday sales CRM is part of the monday Work OS platform and is designed to enable effective interactions between your sales team and customers. It keeps contacts, accounts, and customer information organized. This makes it easy for sales professionals to quickly find and act on critical data about customer accounts. monday sales CRM helps keep all your customer account information organized in one central place.

Key features

  • Contact management
  • Deal management
  • Lead management
  • Task management
  • Templates
  • Visual sales pipeline
With an extensible, flexible solution like monday sales CRM, users are able to monitor and manage end-to-end sales lifecycle and customer data. 

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Comparing Freshsales and monday

Read below to see how Freshsales and monday compare based on capabilities in AI/automation, analytics, lead management, and deal management.

Freshsales vs monday: AI/automation

Both solutions feature various automated configurations, but Freshsales wins for its AI capabilities.  Freshsales’ Freddy AI tool boosts your sales team’s productivity in a few key ways. It learns from your CRM data to make suggestions on how to move the customer closer to conversion. Freddy AI also learns from historical data and predicts the likelihood of any given contact’s or account’s conversion, so that you can prioritize your sales efforts accordingly. Freddy AI also supplements your sales team’s outreach efforts with custom bots that can respond quickly to inquiries. The more data you generate, the better Freddy AI gets at forecasting future sales opportunities based on historical data. Freddy AI also automatically detects duplicate contact information to help you update and maintain a clean, easy-to-navigate records database.   Freshsales hosts a variety of automation tools as an additional way to increase your sales team’s productivity and shore up the information they need in order to drive revenue. Freshsales automatically assigns leads to certain sales team members, based on customer type and level of sales experience needed to handle a particular account.  Freshsales’ Sales Sequences allow users to set up, ship out, and track personalized campaigns. With Freshsales’ automation tools, you can build a rich contextual database for each customer account. For example, contact company info automatically populates CRM records upon entering a company PMCOM. In addition, when you enter an email address, the social media profile associated with the lead gets automatically entered into the CRM.   monday does not incorporate AI functionality into its sales CRM but includes easy-to-use, no-code automations to help your sales team work more efficiently. You can set up a variety of automations like:
  • Assigning leads to sales reps
  • Notifying the right rep when a customer opens an email
  • Setting up event or task reminders
  • Getting an alert when a prospective customer proceeds to the next stage of the sales funnel
monday’s automated functions also eliminate the manual repetitive tasks that steal valuable time from your sales professionals. 

Freshsales vs monday: Analytics and Reporting

When it comes to analytics and reporting, Freshsales and monday offer comparable tools. However, Freshsales wins, as its AI capabilities leverage mere data aggregation and presentation into predictive insights.  No sales team should make decisions based on intuition or guesswork. Both Freshsales and monday offer tools to track sales KPIs. Freshsales allows users to generate reports for sales activity, cycle, and velocity to gain insight into your sales team’s effectiveness and the customer lifecycle. Out-of-the-box reporting templates are also available if you’re not sure where to start.  monday features customizable, intuitive dashboards that show real-time information on deal status, revenue forecasts, sales team performance, and more. Users can set the deal value and probability of closing, monitor projected vs. actual sales figures, and view forecasts based on time frames, sales rep, sales team, geography, and more.

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Freshsales vs monday: Lead management

Freshsales narrowly wins on this aspect because it emphasizes the various modes of communication to reach leads and customers on their terms. In sales, lead gen never stops, as reps are always on the lookout for new customers to serve. Freshsales and monday sales CRM solutions both include features to help your sales team capture, qualify, and manage leads and their contact information. Freshsales includes built-in lead management features, where leads are automatically captured and enriched in your CRM database. However, lead capture is only possible via emails and forms. Freshsales pulls and matches social and public information to a lead’s contact profile in the Freshsales contact database.  Upon lead capture, you can customize the essential data points you want to see upfront in the summary and highlights section. Freshsales integrates with a variety of tools—such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Zoom—making it a central hub for communication on the customer’s terms. You can also track the contact lifecycle and map it onto a lead’s journey into becoming a customer.  Freshsales allows you track lead activities and use AI-powered scoring to qualify them and nurture the relationship with them as potential customers. monday sales CRM also offers a variety of lead management features. Users can pull customer data from multiple sources and keep track of it in monday’s central portal. monday sales CRM integrates lead capturing in a few different ways:
  • Integrations with other tools you use
  • Forms that you add to your website
  • Manual entry when a salesperson makes contact
monday sales CRM automatically assigns scores to leads based on configured criteria to help your team qualify leads faster.  When gathering and managing contact info, monday alerts you when it detects duplicate contact entries. As sales reps and leads interact, monday documents the conversation history by syncing with your Gmail or Outlook inbox, alerting reps to opened emails, and providing personalized email templates that are populated with the customer’s specific information. monday goes beyond email tracking to include other types of communication, such as calls, chats, and meetings. monday collects the information to provide sales reps with context to their conversations with leads, so that reps know how to best approach and serve those leads. It’s a close call on Freshsales and monday’s lead management capabilities. While Freshsales offers AI and automation, its ability to pull data from various sources is limited. Monday sales CRM can unify data from a variety of sources. However, it might necessitate manual entry as a way of managing information around leads. 

Freshsales vs monday: Deal management

monday sales CRM wins for deal management user experience. Once leads are qualified and moved into the relationship funnel, having a solid deal management tool is crucial to keep connections warm and keep the process moving. Sales CRM software needs pipeline features to accelerate the sales lifecycle from initial contact to closing to ongoing commitment.  Freshsales and monday sales CRM both include deal management features that keep you up to date on customers’ progression through the entire sales cycle.  Freshsales helps you prioritize, track, and monitor deals in your sales pipeline. Create multiple pipelines in the sales CRM for different markets, teams, geographies, and processes. For each pipeline, you can set probabilities of success for each stage and receive revenue forecasts of deals by stage. Freshsales assists with tracking progress towards sales goals during a particular time frame, based on the number of closed deals and revenue generated. With monday sales CRM, visual sales pipelines are customizable and provide a clear overview on where accounts stand. Users don’t need to know code to customize the pipeline; rather, they simply drag and drop deals from stage to stage. Monday’s pipelines also capture and keep track of all interactions between sales reps and customers. A sales rep thus has all the information they need when it comes time to close a deal.  monday sales CRM deal management features are customizable, user-friendly, and allow for simple, drag-and-drop visual pipelines. Freshsales’ deal management aspects, on the other hand, allow users to leverage analytical insights in the sales cycle. 

Choosing Freshsales vs monday Sales CRM

Freshsales CRM is a flexible platform and intuitive software solutions with advanced tools and features to attract and retain customers. Its winning features are its AI-powered tools and analytical insights. Users might find it more difficult to use, and the software is more limited in its navigation and integration. If your organization already uses other tools in the Freshworks suite, give Freshsales a try, as your team is likely used to the look and feel of the other tools.  monday sales CRM’s advantages include its integration with countless tools, making it easy to set up and start using in little time. Plus, its user-friendliness saves your sales reps time as well. The smart, predictive analytical features are lacking in monday, though. If you’re already using other products from Work OS, it’s worth adding monday sales CRM. This will facilitate easy implementation of monday sales CRM and amplify the power in numbers by using more of monday’s product offerings, as they work even better together. 

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