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BidBookBidBook is a construction CRM application built on the Salesforce platform. This unified business organization tool enables sales, estimation, bid coordinators, and financial teams to manage processes from business development and pricing, to bid management and financial reporting for general and specialty contractors. From a single collaborative cloud platform, teams can collaborate to manage bids and projects, improve customer relationships, and visualize revenue to help bring their construction businesses to the next level of growth.

Table of Contents

BidBook : Features and Strengths

Bid and Estimates Management

BidBook Construction CRM software on Salesforce enables users to aggregate all inbound bidding opportunities. Users can triage incoming bids from multiple sources electronically or manually. Using the platform, teams collect files, drawings, and addendums for review and sharing. It has built-in collaboration so users can assign bids to sales and estimation teams for follow-up. From the same platform, teams can view the estimation queue, update or upload estimates, and invite approved suppliers to bid on specific scopes of work. Users can manage the suppliers’ bid process and overall budget. It has tools to help users create proposal documents in collaboration with the team. BidBook

Sales and Business Development

BidBook enables users to develop and maintain closer connections with customers that can lead to high-value relationships. With a centralized platform, sales teams can easily share and access information relevant to relationships, projects, and activities. Because the platform works on web browsers, iPhone and Android devices, tablets, PC, Mac, and Outlook, teams can submit proposal estimates, follow up on tasks, and manage relationships that drive new projects from anywhere at anytime.

Analytics, Reporting, Integration, and more

BidBook’s dashboards enable users to visualize revenue, track revenue events, and maximize profits. It also includes views to show pending demand for projects, revenue schedules, profit analysis, and win/loss performance. Finance teams can approve purchase orders and initiate invoices. The software also integrates with accounting software through connectors. It can import estimation budget information. It can also integrate with other sales tools to provide sales teams with construction project leads. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

BidBook Pricing

Learning about BidBook’s pricing starts by booking a consultation with a Bidbook rep to conduct a needs assessment. BidBook pricing starts at $55 per user per month on a yearly subscription. It includes onboarding setup for the first year. A General edition for general contractors and a Specialty edition for specialty trade contractors are available. The software also works with other BidBook products for an integrated and comprehensive business solution. Back to top

Who Uses BidBook?

BidBook construction CRM software is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Customers from large construction and electrical/electronic manufacturing companies to small and midsize contractors and building materials companies use it to manage bids and streamline business processes. It is for business development and sales teams, ITB coordinators, estimators, CFOs, owners, and financial teams. Customers include Airo Mechanical, Associated Construction s, Joeris General Contractors, and MDM Scaffolding. Back to top

BidBook Supported Language

BidBook current supports English only at the moment. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Joshua Q. is the Director of Project Management and Estimating for a construction company. The company sends over 25 bids a week and is in need of an organization tool to remind the sales team for follow-up. BidBook was the first product they tried and settled immediately with it. The BidBook team customized the software to fit the company’s workflow. Now, Joshua and his team can use a software that feels friendly and runs smoothly. They can also track multiple bids for a single project. Kimberly W. is an Executive Sales Assistant for a construction firm. The company was facing challenges for using multiple solutions and was looking for a better software to help them get to the next level. Upon implementing BidBook, Kimberly and her team are able to access all information using one platform. They can quickly find and reference relevant information, communicate more effectively with partners, and build stronger relationships with customers. Back to top

Why Choose BidBook?

BidBook is a specialized but customizable CRM software for the construction industry. The construction business is an information-heavy industry and BidBook enables users to track specifications, bids, pricing, and other information in an organized and meaningful way. It establishes a clear line of responsibility, improves the decision-making process, and automates routine tasks. The combined features of project tracking, relationship management, and increased visibility applicable from pre-construction stage to project awarding give users a unified solution tailored to their workflow, business, and customers. Back to top

Company Info

BidBook is a product of CRM Evangelist, LLC, a privately held software company based in Irving, TX. It was founded in 2010 by Raymon Howington and Steven Johnson. The company aims to help its customers scale their construction business and support their continued growth through BidBook and its innovative solutions.

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