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Creatio is a no-code platform with a wide range of customizations. Users can customize existing applications as well as create new business solutions. The platform provides drag-and-drop visual designers, configuration wizards, libraries of pre-built components, templates, and connectors. Its combination of no-code development capabilities with ready-to-use applications, industry-focused workflows, and collaboration tools offers companies a fast and flexible way to implement and manage their operational processes efficiently.

Creatio Features and Strengths

No-code Platform

Creatio Studio is a low-code/no-code platform for building applications and workflows. Its application hub enables users to to set up applications for solving various business tasks such as automating customer processes, enhancing teamwork, managing instances, and centralizing connections and integration. Teams can facilitate collaborative no-code development processes. They can jointly design interfaces and organize processes with its Freedom UI Designer complete with a library of predefined views, widgets, and templates. The software also integrates with apps for identity and access control as well as organization structure management.

Unified CRM Platform

CRM Creatio enables users to manage their customer’s complete journey, from lead generation to continued account maintenance. Marketing Creatio can automate marketing campaigns and lead management workflows. It provides a 360-view of contact and account data with omnichannel engagement history throughout the customer’s journey. It also has tools for email marketing, digital ad management and analytics, event management, and other capabilities such as AI tools, segmentation, tracking, and project management.

Sales Creatio provides an end-to-end sales management platform that allows users to accelerate their sales process. It provides the central view to consolidate customer data. Users can automate lead and opportunity workflows, run sales forecasts, manage contracts and documents, track orders and invoices, and boost sales collaboration. On the other hand, Service Creatio provides an intelligent cloud application for full-cycle service management. Service agents get a complete customer view by having all customer-related data in a single place. The software also has omnichannel communications, contact center tools, ITIL-based framework for best practices, case management, knowledge base, and AI tools.

Marketplace, Templates, Apps, and More

Creatio can help accelerate app development with pre-built solutions and templates from its Marketplace. Users can choose from hundreds of add-ons, connectors, and software solutions. Categories include sales, marketing, service, collaboration, productivity, document management, and more. They can easily automate processes with ready-to-use process templates, such as for an opportunity management dashboard, event participation planning, quality of service dashboard, and activity notification. Users can also get training, implementation and consulting services from more than 700+ global partners across 110+ countries.

Creatio Pricing

Creatio pricing depends on the chosen platform, products, and support plan. Companies can select the right platform and capabilities they need for operations. Growth and Enterprise platforms require a minimum of 5 users, while the Unlimited platform starts at 50 users.

The customer can then add products like Sales, Marketing, or Service to automate the processes that the company uses. Product pricing is per user per month.

Aside from the regular user, businesses can add additional types of users, such as an external platform user, a mobile-only user, or a restricted data-input user.

Finally, several support plans are available. These include the free Basic Support, and paid Business Support and Premium Support.

Who Uses Creatio?

Creatio is for businesses of all sizes. From small companies to multi-national corporations, it is ideal for organizations that need an intelligent agile business platform to accelerate their sales, marketing, service, and operations. Companies in the financial services industry, professional services, retail, media, telecom, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, real estate, public sector, and transportation industries derive great value in using the software. Clients include Hershey’s Ice Cream, Health EFX, Namu Travel Group, Citilink, Virgin Media O2, Luther Burbank Savings, BNP Paribas, Constantia Flexibles, and Raiffeisen Bank.

Creatio Supported Languages

The Creatio interface supports English, Albanian, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Case Studies

Amy Krasikov is the Director of Engagement Systems for a financial institution based in Colorado Springs. The company had an aspiration to expand in the Colorado region. The plan requires a solution that can help improve member and employee communication and increase engagement. It also needs to be highly scalable and robust for large-scale customer-facing process automation that can be rapidly deployed with minimized impact on IT workload. It found all these in Creatio with its out-of-the-box functionality and tailor-made solutions. Krasikov states that Creatio enables the company to create a unified interface and empower users to focus on members with its no-code capabilities.

Marks Andrejevs is the CEO of a London payment processing center for online businesses. The company has to constantly respond to changing payment option demands and maintain a high level of security measures. Realizing that its current CRM is limiting is ability to develop new processes and track changes of the compliance process, the company decided to search for a new solution. It chose Creatio for its advanced solutions that complemented its business specifics. According to Andrejevs, the flexible platform enables them to solve and improve sophisticated processes effortlessly. This capability now increases the efficiency of the business process.

Why Choose Creatio?

Creatio’s no-code platform and CRM products provide advanced customization capabilities to meet specific business requirements. It accelerates the development process, enabling users of all skill levels to create business apps with great freedom. It also has ready-to-use industry-specific workflows, a unified CRM experience, integration capabilities, and a vibrant marketplace for a variety of sectors, including the financial, manufacturing, IT, tech, and healthcare, among others.

Company Info

Creatio is a privately held global business software company in business process automation and CRM. It was founded in 2014, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Industry analysts recognizes the company as a market leader, with over 700 partners servicing thousands of customers globally.

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