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Overview Presentation

Flantie is a task and invoice management system for translators and interpreters. It is an online solution to the usual problems of scattered or misplaced files and documents, missing contact names and numbers, confusing schedules, unsent invoice, and others. Now, users are able to search everything in a centralized and highly accessible online system, wherever they are. Moreover, they are able to organize work with clarity and accountability, manage clients and providers, and make sure they bill correctly for services rendered.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Customer and Provider Database ‚Äì Flantie enables users to create their own database to list their customers and service providers. The system can be easily updated for new entries or changes. They can also create a main price list, or separate price lists for customers and providers. From this database, it is easy to manage contact and billing details. It is also easier to outsource whole or partial tasks and track it all from the system.
  • Task and Invoice Management ‚Äì The online application has a task management system that allows users to create, assign, manage and track translation and interpreting tasks. The app can show the status of the tasks, the language pair, the date and time deadline, delivery method, and more. The invoice management system allows them to monitor the status and payments of invoices. It has notifications and reminders for overdue invoices. They can also create different invoicing companies, each with different charges, tax, or fees.
  • Calendar, Auto Alert, Statistical Reports, Filters, and more ‚Äì Flantie software also includes a calendar that provides a view of all tasks, due invoices, deadlines, and other events. These are added to the calendar automatically, so the user can use this tool for a quick overview of what is happening in the next days/weeks. The system alerts the user automatically for any approaching deadline or overdue invoice. They can also access statistical reports to get a summary of tasks, and corresponding income, costs, and profit.


Flantie offers a free plan with all features, up to 200 projects, 100 invoices, and limited support. The PRO plan at 6.90 euro per month includes unlimited projects and invoices, with priority support. Subscribing annually instead of monthly will result in discount.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Flantie is for translation and interpreting projects. It can be used by freelancers and companies.

Supported Language

English and Slovak

Some of their Clients

No client information is available.


Olivia stated that Flantie is easy to use and responds quickly. Frank described it as a great application. He is able to track all his work, and the notification feature is very helpful. Wang stated that it was difficult for him before to track all of his assignments and invoice them at the end of the month. Now, this problem is solved.

Why Flantie

Flantie is a task and invoice management tool especially for translators and interpreters. The online application automates many administrative tasks such as invoicing and monitoring. It tracks work to keep the user updated, and also provides him/her a central database to keep contacts, invoice details and other important information in an organized and searchable structure.

Company Info

Flantie is a product of Translata Europe, a translation and interpreting company based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. It was founded in 2005. Its team of project managers work with external partners of talented translators and interpreters. Flantie was launched in 2017, providing translators and interpreters with an online system to manage their tasks, invoice, contacts, and more.

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