Export to Excel for Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and AceProject now offered by Bridge24 – May 2016 Release

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 just released a very practical feature that gives people another reason to use it even more. Users now can export information from their connected applications, whether they are using Bridge24 for Trello, Asana, Basecamp or AceProject, and export it in Excel or CSV format. These cloud-based project management tools are great for managing projects and daily tasks. However, data stored in them are generally difficult to manipulate and extract. It is sometimes necessary for individuals, teams and organizations to manipulate data outside of their application for many reasons, such as for reporting purposes, general backup, or sharing the information with others that do not have access. There is no faster and simpler way than to export it into Excel using Bridge24.

New Export to Excel Functionality

The Bridge24 addon now allows users to manipulate with greater control the data they use with their favorite productivity apps. With greater control not only in viewing information across projects, but they can now for example filter one or more projects for a given date range and export them. They can also filter a list of assigned tasks, to-do’s or cards, sort them and then export. They can also export information that they have grouped by project, by user, or by any other criteria. For those using Asana or Trello with custom fields, those fields are treated like any other and can be viewed, filtered and exported.

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Users have greater granular control on which columns to show, hide and arrange before exporting them. They can even export items displayed in the Calendar. All these can be controlled from the settings on the Export dialogue window before hitting the Export button.

Special Features

Bridge24 included some special features in this latest export functionality. When users export information from their connected apps, information on attachments (documents) as well as URL link address are created on a supplemental sheet in Excel. On another supplemental sheet, comments are also placed (one per line with reference to the task). Also created on a supplemental sheet is information on checklists (Trello), and subtasks (Asana) which in this case multiple levels of subtasks are supported. Users are also given an option to export their data to a generic CSV file. Users can easily initiate the export step when using the Power Grid interface or Calendar view. They just have to click the export icon at the top right area of the window.

Excel Output

The Bridge24 Excel export feature creates a file with an .xlsx extension or .csv. This can be instantly opened in the latest versions of Microsoft’s spreadsheet program. As an example, a Bridge24 Excel export from an Asana connection was made and shown in the screenshot below. Information is easily accessible in Excel and displays in one of the tabs all the tasks and details in it such as the task name, the assignee, the project name, the due date and others. Also available is other information on tabs that contain subtasks, comments, and attachments. Information is readily available with just a few clicks.

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Better Information Control Out of Any Application

Bridge24 is a powerful addon that expands the features of Trello, Asana, Basecamp and AceProject. These cloud-based project management and team productivity applications are among the best in what they do, although they may not be the most friendly in allowing users to get their data out of them. Excel and other spreadsheets are not equivalent project management software alternatives. However, exporting to Excel is still a quick way to obtain organized information that is easy to view and manipulate and share.

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