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Instagantt is a software extension for Asana. It is a web application that allows users to create Gantt charts for their project and team plans. Asana is a popular web and mobile application that improves team communication and collaboration. It has several views to show tasks, projects and due dates including a calendar view. However, it does not have a Gantt chart view, and this is where Instagantt fills in the gap. A similar app we found that may compete with Ganttify is

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Drag-and-drop Gantt chart – Instagantt web application integrates with Asana seamlessly. After users create an account at the Instagantt website, they can sign up with their email address or with their Asana account or through Asana using Asana Connect. Upon successful login, users are presented a list of their projects which they can see in Gantt chart view. After selecting a project to be displayed, users can edit the tasks, start and end dates, duration and dependencies from the interactive chart itself and it will automatically sync with their data. Instagantt does not store tasks and other information but only updates what is in Asana. Other interactive features include filter tasks by user, drag multiple tasks simultaneously, and select multiple tags simultaneously, among others.
  • Export as image, Public snapshot, Baselines and more – Gantt charts can be exported as image for printing or as an attachment. Users can also take a public snapshot of a Gantt chart which they can share with everybody through a permalink. This link can be made accessible even to those without an Asana or Instagantt account. Schedule changes can be easily tracked with baselines. Enhanced dependencies allow tasks to have not only multiple child dependencies but also multiple parent links. Distance between dependent tasks can also be configured to remain fixed or remain minimum until the parent task hits the child task’s start date. There is also an option to skip weekends when moving tasks as well as hide/collapse sections. It is also possible to assign percent progress on tasks.

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Instagantt is in public beta and will remain free until the end of the beta testing period.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Instagantt web application is for Asana users who want a Gantt chart view for their projects. The application provides an interactive chart with many features.

Supported Language

The application is currently in English only.


Ilia Papas described Instagantt as his new favorite PM tool, which plucks out his tasks from Asana and automatically generates Gantt charts.

Carolyn Li-Madeo tweeted that their NYU UX Practicum Group is excited to have a new way to visualize their projects.

Why Instagantt

Instagantt fills in a very important feature gap in a popular collaborative task management application. Not only does it provide a Gantt chart view but also has very helpful features and capabilities that definitely improves and expands Asana as a project planning and tracking application.

Company Info

Instagantt is created by Daniel Guajardo Kushner from Chile. He founded the company in May 2013. He describes himself as a technology entrepreneur who loves to build products that people will use and make a huge impact on a smaller niche. He is also the co-founder and current Director of Product for Dentalink, an online portal for dental clinics in Latin America.

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