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Overview Presentation

Instagantt is a Gantt charting software that works as an Asana integration app or as a standalone application. Users are able to create Gantt charts for their project and team plans. Asana is a popular web and mobile application that improves team communication and collaboration. It has several views to show tasks, projects and due dates including a calendar and Timeline view. However, it does not have a Gantt chart view, and this is where Instagantt fills in the gap. A similar but alternative app to Instagantt is Bridge24.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Drag-and-drop Gantt chart ‚Äì Instagantt web Gantt chart application integrates with Asana seamlessly. Users can set dates, change lengths, create dependencies, or move an entire project plan using drag and drop. They can also do vertical movements when changing assignees. When using with Asana, it synchronizes updates both ways. Anything they change in one app will be instantly reflected in the other app. A minimap navigator helps users navigate their plans.
  • Dependencies and Workload Management ‚Äì The Gantt chart software has dependencies feature that enables users to better align their project plans. And when changes are made to one task with dependencies, the rest of the tasks in the chart are automatically adjusted. It also has a workload view that allows users to see how many tasks they are doing simultaneously across projects. Each user has a lane, and tasks are distributed by user across the timeline. It also shows the critical path that could delay the project.
  • Task details, Subtasks, Scheduling, Progress tracking, and more – Instagantt tasks support many details. It has full support of sections, tasks, and subtasks. A tree structure allows users to organize and plan work easily. They can set, change, and measure the percent progress of each task. They can convert a task to a Milestone to indicate special events. Colors of the chart bars can be customized. The Baseline feature enables them to track changes to the project plan. Asana users can collaborate on the chart, or a user can export it as an image, PDF or spreadsheet. Public snapshot links can be shared also to non-Asana users.
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What is the Pricing of Instagantt?

Instagantt offers freemium plans. A full-featured Free plan includes for 3 projects. The Single User plans is priced at $7 per month. It includes for unlimited projects and project groups. The Multiple Users plan is priced at $5 per month per user. This includes an additional feature for user management. Same price for the Standalone Version, the Single User includes unlimited projects per workbook, and unlimited workbooks. The Multiple Users plan also has the user management feature. A free 7-day trial period is offered, but no free plan in the Standalone Version.

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Target Market

Instagantt web application is for Asana users who want a Gantt chart view for their projects. A new and paid Standalone version is also available for non-Asana users.

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Emily O’Byrne described Instagantt as her new favorite project planner. She tweeted that it is the Gantt chart that people always wanted. Matthew Glatt stated that the Gantt chart software is something that he did not know he needed until he tried it. It helps him visualize Asana projects with minimal effort.

Why Instagantt?

Instagantt fills in a very important feature gap in Asana. The Gantt chart view improves project planning and tracking capabilities. The Standalone version now makes the powerful Gantt charting software available to non-Asana users.

Company Info

Instagantt is created by Daniel Guajardo Kushner from Chile. He founded the company in May 2013. He describes himself as a technology entrepreneur who loves to build products that people will use and make a huge impact on a smaller niche. He is also the co-founder and current Director of for Dentalink, an online portal for dental clinics in Latin America.   Take me to their Website

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