Enhance Productivity Using Enterprise Project Management Software

Enterprise project management software is the holy grail of productivity. According to PMI, improved productivity is one of the five benefits of EPM. Once you use it you can be rest assured that your organization will save time, reduce costs and enhance productivity. But how does an Enterprise Project Management help?

After writing so many praises about it, we need to also tell you the reasons why it is a necessary tool for your organization. Ever wondered why there are security cameras on the roadside? We do not have to wonder about it because we already know the reason behind it. It is to keep tabs on the drivers. Whether or not they are following the traffic rules? Did they meet an accident? What measures need to be taken when that kind of emergency happens?

As traffic cameras are a mode of surveillance for the road, an EPM (Enterprise Project Management) is a tool to manage your organization on a large scale. It is an upgraded version of a project management tool. While the project management tool can take care of your project only, an EPM takes care of your organization. To it, your organization is a project.

Orangescrum provides Enterprise Project Management software. It enables seamless collaboration and increased efficiency. It helps in organizing your team and also monitors your progress through complex projects. Also, it is a one-stop solution for project progress, resource management, and time tracking.

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How Does EPM Enhance Your Productivity?

Here are a few benefits of using Enterprise Project Management software that will prove how it enhances productivity.

Ease of Access

All of us suffer when using multiple apps to get our job done. You have to open Gmail inbox to find a task that has been assigned to you, and then call your project manager from other app to get detailed instruction on how to do the task.

With Enterprise Project management software, you need not juggle between apps anymore. It eliminates the problem of navigating across systems to get your task done. You can create a task on the EPM, assign it to team members, and add directions on how to do it. Also, you can attach files if you want. Isn’t that just convenient?

An EPM also provides a central repository where all your data is stored. You need not check scraps of papers, and various documents, or spreadsheets. The central repository stores the details of every project; you can retrieve the data anytime you want.

Seamless Collaboration

Without an EPM, your team members have no idea of what the whole team is doing. Everyone’s head is buried under the sand and they just do what is assigned to them like a good little employee. EPM changes the game play of your team. It keeps your team members informed about tasks that other members are doing. It promotes a healthy and transparent communication among the team members.

An enterprise does not deal well with silos, and EPM avoids that. Informed employees make quick decisions and deliver swiftly. Take, for example, there wasn’t an EPM. And some tasks had been re-prioritized; you need to inform all the members related to the tasks separately. If you miss to pass the information to even one member, then there is task repetition, wasted labor, wasted time and costs.

But an EMP is an all in one platform that alerts your members when there is a change in the priorities. It saves time, saves costs and saves the extra trouble.

Time Tracking

We all know that a project is a project because it has a definite start and end date. It needs to be completed within that timeline to be profitable. If a task has an estimation of 60 hours and gives you a $500 profit, you are sure that it is worth your time. But if that same task takes 100 hours to complete, then it cancels about the profit you were going to have.

EPM makes sure you don’t commit mistakes like this. The time tracking feature in the EPM saves the estimated hours for a task and also tracks the actual hours for a task. You can keep track of the amount of time you invest. And schedule accordingly Time tracking gives you an opportunity to manage your team in an efficient manner. If you think you have invested way too much time on a task, you can re-prioritize it and get the crucial task done first.

How do you make sure that Usain Bolt ends up first in the race? By tracking his sprint time! How do you make sure that an employee is productive? By tracking what tasks he completes in the estimated time.

Manage your Resources

As we said, a resource is only resourceful if he completes the task on time. If not, he is a drain to your team. To run a successful organization, you need to identify the factors that are holding you back. Enterprise Management software manages your resources.

It helps you to utilize your resources effectively. What do you do when you have a deal at hand, and you don’t know whether you have enough resources to work on it? How do you check whether your resources are available for the task? Enterprise project management software can check your resource availability. This further helps you to assign tasks to resources.

Reduces your Costs

Time is money, and that proverb stands true forever. Why waste $200 on a resource when the same task can be done at $150? How does EPM reduce costs? Well, when a resource takes more than the estimated time to complete a task, he puts a dent on the entire team’s productivity.

Once you track down, which members lag behind, you can easily hire someone else who can do the work, at a lower cost. An efficient team gets work done before time, with reduced costs. This clearly enhances the productivity of the team the more time you save, the more projects you can undertake. That means more money on the table.

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