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Top Employee Time Tracking AppMany companies don’t plan on removing their remote working policies set by the pandemic. A Gartner study reveals that 82 percent plan to let their employees work remotely some of the time, while about 47 percent say they will let them work remotely all the time. However, long-term remote working gives employees challenges and issues, including burnout, chronic illnesses, continued isolation, and higher levels of stress. One way to improve employee well-being as well as work productivity is by investing in the right employee time tracking app.

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Top employee time tracking software

Back to top An employee time clock is more than a company tool to solve time theft problems. Of course, businesses need to comply with fair labor regulations, improve payroll processes, and manage overtime. But in today’s new normal work setting, an online employee time tracking software is also good for invoicing clients, accurately tracking time spent, and getting performance reports for the company. Here is our list of the top time tracking apps.


HarvestHarvest is an easy-to-use employee time tracking app with invoicing features. It is a simple tool that allows users to track time from the web, desktop, or mobile, as well as directly from popular apps through native integration. Built-in project management features provide accurate timesheet and cost data and visual reports to compare time against budget for identifying which projects, tasks, or staff are driving up costs. Invoicing tools let you bill your clients confidently by quickly turning timesheets into invoices. Integration with PayPal and Stripe allows you to receive payment fast. A free and a premium Pro plan are available with 30-day free trial.


TimecampTimeCamp is a free and automated employee time clock to help users and teams stay on top of their work. Companies use it to keep track of their teams’ performance across projects. The software includes time reports generated automatically that are useful for accessing essential project information. Remote teams can self-manage their work time without any micro-management. From a single app, you can track a team’s performance, track project profitability, and track profitability with its automatic time tracking. Other features include billing rates, timesheet approvals, and attendance tracking. A free and several premium plans are available, including an on-premise version.

Time Doctor

Time DoctorTime Doctor is a smart employee time tracking software with screenshots. It is an ideal remote employee time tracking tool with automated screenshots at whatever time interval specified, or turned off. It helps you monitor exactly what your team is doing and how. The app takes screenshots only when employees are working to help identify time wasting, distractions, and inefficiencies. Other features include client access to screenshots, detailed reports and timesheets, website and app usage, and time use alerts. It works across devices and browsers and integrates with many apps.

QuickBooks Time (TSheets)

QuickBooksQuickBooks Time, formerly TSheets, is an app that tracks work hours and simplifies business. Employees can clock in or out using the web, mobile app, or time clock kiosk. With one click, you can take a break, change job codes, or add timesheet details. The timesheet software lets you track, submit, and approve time all from the app. It can automatically track mileage, manage multiple timesheets, and view employee locations. Other features include employee scheduling, team management, and interactive reports. The software is free to try for 30 days.

When I Work

When I WorkWhen I Work is an employee scheduling and time tracking software ideal for shift-based workplaces. It has tools and features to help you create work schedules faster and share it in minutes. The employee time tracking app lets you integrate your schedule with the time clock to reduce labor costs and process payroll easily. The online time clock with GPS lets your employees clock in and out accurately across devices. Track attendance, breaks, and time-offs easily, control costs with pay rules, and turn any device into an employee time clock. It offers an affordable plan for small businesses and an enterprise plan. Read also: 6 Benefits Small Business Get by Using an Employee Scheduling System


ClockifyClockify is a free employee time tracking software for teams for tracking work hours across projects. Time management features include timekeeping with a timer, app and website tracking, timesheets, and managing time in a calendar. It also has reports with breakdown by project and user, filters, customization, sharing, and file export. Other features of the software are team activity, templates, calendar, dashboard, project management, and cross-platform compatibility and sync.


HubstaffHubstaff is an employee time tracking and productivity monitoring tool. It provides easy and accurate time tracking with apps that work on a desktop, web browser, Chrome extension, and mobile devices. The all-in-one work time tracker is ideal for managing remote teams and field employees. It has a simple time tracking and reporting module, a proof of work and team management module, and GPS location tracking. The software helps you improve your productivity, automate team management, and find and fix money leaks. Free and premium plans are available for the different modules.

Toggl Track

Toggl TrackToggl Track is the employee time tracking app from the Toggl platform. It is useful for any workflow for individuals, teams, or businesses. The intuitive app quickly gets you and your team onboard. It aggregates data from all projects and users into a single dashboard. Track time via the web, desktop, or mobile apps as well as direct integration with many popular apps. Other features include tracking reminders, compliance to security regulations, and responsive customer support. It also integrates easily with Toggl’s team and project planning software. They offer a free plan for up to 5 users and several premium plans with 30-day free trial period.

Help employees with time tracking tips

Back to top Time tracking as a process provides benefits other than keeping track of hours and minutes. The activity can boost workplace well-being by providing remote employees better concentration as they optimize their day with regular breaks. Burnout is avoided when they can identify where they spent their time in relation to goals. When workers have more focus, they feel their work has more purpose, which gives them greater job satisfaction. The following are some helpful tips when tracking time:

Invest in a time tracking app

Manually tracking time with calendars, a wall clock, or a wrist watch is not optimal. It is inaccurate, subject to lapses, and a waste of time. A time tracking software is a superior tool for monitoring work time and managing days. Modern features also help set boundaries between work and home. Read also: Why Time Tracking is Paramount in a Project Management Setting

Encourage well-placed breaks and rests

Taking regular breaks while working from home is important but taken for granted. It can impact performance and happiness that affects the optimal use of an employee’s skills. Tracking time can remind employees to regularly take short breaks away from their computer screens and experience a more enjoyable workplace.

Write down the benefits of time management

Managers can get the input or feedback of employees regarding the benefits of tracking their time. Writing is a deliberate process that can help employees express themselves on both the professional and personal levels.

Ready to choose your employee time tracking app?

Back to top Every employee, team, and company does things differently. Check out our list of recommendations and find out which app suits your work setting, workflow, and company culture the most.

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