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Overview Presentation

ClockShark is an employee time-tracking and crew management software especially built for local construction, field service, and franchise businesses. It aims to address paper time card problems and issues that come with it. Automated time tracking provides accurate timesheets and gives the crew a better way to clock their time. Both the office staff and field service crews have a better view of the mobile work force, the location of the next jobs, the quickest routes to take, and the personnel to take the work.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Mobile Time TrackingClockShark enables users to clock in and out from a variety of devices. They can clock in or out from the desktop, mobile phone, or a kiosk. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices have a clean design built for the unique environments of construction and field service businesses. Accurate time entries allow users to process payroll completely, correctly and quickly. As a web app, it can be downloaded and run with only a web browser. The ClockShark website is accessible from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. The CrewClock feature lets supervisors or foremen in the field clock time for a few or for all their team. The GPS feature provides information to know where exactly the workers are when they are on the clock. Other features include notification and alerts to clock in or out on time, and an offline feature that syncs when connection becomes available.
  • Employee Scheduling – The time tracking software also includes an employee scheduling tool important for a mobile workforce. It is easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality directly into the calendar, and allows employees to see their schedules right from their smartphones. Users do not have to call or text employees about any schedule changes. Clicking the Notify Employees button will send an email or push notification about schedule changes to affected employees. Users can schedule by jobs or by employees. By entering the job address once, employees will see a map with their schedule that provides turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Custom Geofence, Time Reporting, Paid Time Off, Integrations, and more – ClockShark allows users to create a customizable geofence on a jobsite. When employees cross the virtual fence, they are notified to clock in or out, or switch jobs. Every time record includes GPS location data. GPSTrak feature sends location updates throughout the day. Time reports include high level summary reports on timesheets, job sites, or tasks. They also include detailed reports of time punches by employee, job, or task. They are also configurable by date range or pay period. Users are able to get accurate job costing, and reports can be segmented by departments and by locations. Other features include creating a PTO plan in a few minutes, request time off using a smartphone, and automatically accrue earned hours. The software integrates with QuickBooks, ADP, Zapier, Xero, and Sage.



ClockShark offers two paid plans. The Standard plan is priced at $5 per month per active user, plus $25 per month base fee. The Pro plan is at $8 per month per active user, plus $45 per month base fee. All plans include time and attendance tracking, drag and drop scheduling, custom site geofencing, native mobile apps, detail summary reporting, access to software integration, setup assistance, help system, customer support, and more. The Pro plan also includes paid time off features, manager permissions, timesheet approvals, personal onboarding, and others. A free 14-day trial period is also offered.

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Target Market

ClockShark is ideal for business of all sizes in the construction and trade, cleaning services, pool and landscaping, franchises and chains, home healthcare, accountants and bookkeepers, real estate management, nonprofits, technology and audio/video, events management and staffing, and others.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Buckingham Electric, First Choice Home Remodeling, Schwartz Electric, Cascadia Painting and Renovations, Build It By Design, Rupp Family Builders, and OwnerSaddle Mountain Construction.



Kimberly Burruss described ClockShark as the best way to track time. She can job cost much more easily, and can see where employees are spending their time.

Angela Wells stated that she started using the time tracking app because she needed a simple app for tracking job site production and labor hours. ClockShark delivered on both, with an easy to learn and use interface.

Why ClockShark

ClockShark makes it easy and manageable to run a business with a mobile workforce using a fully featured and innovative app built for specific industries. It specifically addresses problems inherent in these businesses, especially rounded and inaccurate time entries that ruin job costing, payroll, and profitability. The time tracking and employee scheduling software has modern tools and features that automate tasks and employ safeguards associated with time entries, which results in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Company Info

Clock Shark LLC is a privately held software company with headquarters in Chico, CA, USA. It was founded in 2013 by Cliff Mitchel, CEO; and Joe Mitchell, CTO. When Cliff was running a construction company, he was having problems with paper time cards with rounded-off and inaccurate entries. It was costing the company, so he spent thousands of dollars in hardware and software licenses. However, the over-priced and over-hyped time tracking solutions did not address the issues. So he decided to build something better, and developed ClockShark.

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