Bridge24: Reports by Custom Fields for Asana and Trello

Bridge24 LogoReports are valuable tools in helping people analyze performance. For example, when analyzing the completion of tasks in a project, reports can show which teams are doing well and which ones are not. Online project management tools, such as Asana and Trello, enable teams to easily distribute work, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate quickly. However, it seems that reporting tools are not their development priority for now. This area is where Bridge24 can help teams the most.

New Features in Reports

Bridge24 has advanced reporting tools that make it easy for Asana and Trello users to create reports and analyze their project data. The Bridge24 Team is constantly listening to feedback and has announced to work on frequent customer requests regarding custom fields and its applications. They have started the process that will involve subsequent iterations and updates, but the first one of several planned new features has been released.

Users now have the ability to group by Custom Field values from within Reports. From the Report parameters, they can simply select from the drop-down the Custom Field by which they want to group by their report. Furthermore, they also have the capability to group by using a secondary parameter. And this secondary parameter can be other default parameters, or another Custom Field.


Report Presentation using Custom Fields Grouping

Executing the example above, the resulting Bridge24 report can show the total Asana tasks or Trello cards grouped by the custom fields Priority at the first level, and Effort at the second level. The count of the grouping for each result is indicated, and the list of associated tasks or cards is presented together within each grouping category.

More Enhancements: Unlimited Fields

Bridge24 advanced reports continues to evolve as a powerful tool for all the PM tools it dynamically connects with. As companies grow their business, the data they are generating and collecting are also growing at a rapid pace. This can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have the right reporting tool. Last month, Bridge24 just removed the 4-field limit and now offers unlimited fields that users can add in their reports. Users of Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject can add as many fields as they want in their reports to get a better understanding of their business. They can also re-order the fields to get just the right presentation in their report.


Moreover, users can change the orientation of the paper to create their report in portrait or landscape mode. The support for these paper orientations allow users to have more options. They can choose portrait for long lists, but when including more fields, creating the PDF report in landscape can help fit them better. Another option is to export in Excel where users have more options using the print tool.

Interchange Wide Fields for Columns

For fields that contain really long text, such as the Description and Comment fields, it is not always practical to present them in table form. In this case, users can interchange wide fields for columns. These fields have a format that spans the width of the report to accommodate the long texts.

Enhanced Reporting and Exporting Capabilities

Bridge24 is committed to bring more flexibility in its application. This will enable users to continue to experience the enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities they need to help manage their projects better and grow their business faster. The enhancements are also not limited on reports. For example, the latest release now allows a user to modify his or her displayed Name, the email associated with the account, and change the password. This can be accessed by going to the user’s Profile at the top right. Other updates also include an enhancement for Asana users with a new ‘Position’ field in the grid and a new logical sorting for Sections.

For more information on new reporting features and other announcements, check out Bridge24 also on their Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

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