5 Best Mind Mapping Software to Organize Project Ideas [2024]


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A mind map can be a valuable tool for project managers and teams, enabling them to effectively plan, organize, and execute projects. Investing in mind mapping software can provide additional benefits such as enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and adaptability to changing project requirements. By utilizing these tools, project managers can streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve project success.

We went over a wide selection of mind-mapping tools and filtered our top picks:

  • Miro: Best for Visual Collaboration and Presentations
  • Lucidchart: Best Project Management Tool Integrations
  • MindMeister: Smooth and Lightweight Mind Mapping
  • Gitmind: Best AI Features
  • ClickUp: Best All-in-One Project Management Solution

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Our Picks

Miro logo.

Best for Visual Collaboration and Presentations

Miro is a highly intuitive whiteboard tool that is designed to enhance collaboration among teams. With its extensive range of templates, Miro allows users to easily create and customize their whiteboards to suit their specific needs. The tool also offers a variety of features that help facilitate effective communication and presentation, such as Talktracks, which allows users to record and share audio commentary on their whiteboards.

Additionally, Miro supports hi-res exports and presentation options for interactive displays, enabling Miro users to engage their audience and deliver impactful presentations.

Miro presentation.

Standout Features

  • Over a thousand templates: With over a thousand templates to choose from, eliminate the time-consuming process of creating a project from scratch and allows teams to jump straight into the collaborative process. 
  • Remote collaboration features: Enjoy seamless remote collaboration with features like the easy screen sharing and presentations, embedded video, chat, and commenting, and plugins for voting and scrum poker.
  • Interactive video for async meetings: With Miro Talktrack, users can effortlessly record interactive video and audio walkthroughs of their Miro boards.
  • Embeds: Whether it’s images, videos, or documents, Miro allows you to seamlessly integrate these elements into your mind maps, making them more dynamic and visually engaging. 
  • Interactive display: Miro is optimized to work on an interactive display, which can be perfect for hybrid meetings. Presenters can easily interact with the screen using taps or a stylus, and both on-site and online participants can engage actively.

Pros & Cons

Miro ProsMiro Cons
• Available on web, mobile, and desktop
• Rich collaboration and presentation features
• Real-time collaboration capability and tools
• Little offline functionality
• Some friction to intuitively navigate

Why We Chose Miro

Miro is a highly effective digital whiteboard that offers a seamless collaboration experience for remote and hybrid teams. The platform’s features are tailored to accommodate the challenges faced by distributed teams, such as real-time collaboration, document sharing, and visual brainstorming. However, Miro’s user interface is also versatile and intuitive enough to be used by teams who are physically co-located as well. This flexibility allows for a smooth transition between remote and in-person collaboration, ensuring that all team members can benefit from Miro’s powerful capabilities.

Read our full Miro software review.

lucidchart logo.

Best Project Management Tool Integrations

Lucidchart is a powerful diagramming application that offers seamless integration with various industry-leading project management integrations. By integrating with popular apps from Google, Microsoft, and Atlassian, Lucidchart provides users with a unified platform to easily access and share their diagrams, making it easier for teams to communicate and work together effectively.

Lucid Chart Mind Map.
Lucid Chart Mind Map. Source: Edrawmax accessed May 2024.

Standout Features

  • Intuitive interface: Lucidchart has a drag-and-drop interface that is easy to pick up for anyone.
  • Project management tool integrations: Lucidchart integrates with the most popular tools. So whether you’re using Google Workspace, the Microsoft suite, or apps from Atlassian, integrating them into Lucidchart will be a smooth transition.
  • Presentation mode and export options: Lucidchart’s presentation mode is easy to use. With a few clicks, you can generate slides to share your ideas with youre team, or export them for your reports.
  • ChatGPT and AI Prompt Flow plugin: Lucidchart has intelligent features that allow you to expand on your ideas with just a few clicks.
  • Password protection option: Lucid applications give teams flexibility in managing access.

Pros & Cons

Lucidchart ProsLucidchart Cons
• Templates available
• Integrates with Smartsheet, Airtable, Asana, and other industry-standard project management tools for easy task conversion
• Real-time collaboration features like chat are available.
• Async collaboration features like commenting are available.
• Only available on the web
• Limited embed options

Why We Chose Lucidchart

What sets Lucidchart apart is its seamless integration with various industry-leading project management tools, including those from Google, Microsoft, and Atlassian. This integration allows for a streamlined workflow, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Additionally, Lucidchart’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, making it one of the best mind mapping tools available

MindMeister logo.

Smooth and Lightweight Mind Mapping

Mind Meister is a highly user-friendly mind mapping tool that has a highly intuitive interface. The tool is specifically designed for creating mind maps, which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a tool that excels in this particular task. Its simplicity and focus make it a reliable and efficient tool for anyone looking for a straightforward solution.

MindMeister Mind Maps.
Mind Meister Mind Maps. Source: Mind Meister, accessed May 2024.

Standout Features

  • Highly intuitive interface: Very easy to learn even for the non-tech savvy.
  • Connects with MeisterTask: Turn your nodes into tasks with the MeisterTask integration.
  • Outline view: Convert your mind map into an outline with one click.
  • Collaboration features: Allows for unlimited people to collaborate in real-time and has commenting capabilities.
  • Automatic presentation creation: Easily create presentations and slides to share your mind map with one click.

Pros & Cons

MindMeister ProsMindMeister Cons
• Quick and easy setup
• Intuitive interface mind map themes.
• Easy customization
• Available on mobile and desktop
• Very affordable
• Only available on the web
• Features focused on mind mapping. This might be a con if you want a versatile visualization tool.
• AI feature is still in Beta.
• Only has integrations with Google and Microsoft in addition to MeisterTask

Why We Chose MindMeister

When it comes to mind mapping tools, Mind Meister stands out as the easiest one to pick up. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to navigate and use. The tool is specifically designed for creating mind maps, which means it excels in this area. If you’re looking for a straightforward tool that does one thing well, Mind Meister is a perfect choice.

Read our full MindMeister review.

GitMind logo.

Best AI Features

Gitmind is an innovative platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create mind maps. With its AI-powered features, Gitmind simplifies the process of brainstorming and organizing ideas. Users can easily create visual representations of their thoughts and concepts, allowing for better understanding and communication. Gitmind’s AI capabilities make it a valuable resource for enhancing productivity and facilitating collaboration.

Gitmind Mind Maps.
Gitmind Mind Maps. Source: GitMind accessed May 2024.

Standout Features

  • Sophisticated AI support: GitMind AI allows you to expand on ideas, questions, and mind maps. Enter one line and it can create a whole mind map for you.
  • Image to mind map: Upload a screenshot of notes and the software can turn it into text and full mind map.
  • Quick layout changes: Turn your mind map into a flow chart and outline with just a few clicks.
  • Collaboration features: Share a link to your board or send out invites for real-time collaboration.
  • Can be used without login: Get started quickly by jumping into the tool without a login requirement. Useful for quick collaborations.

Pros & Cons

GitMin ProsGitMind Cons
• Can use it without logging in
• Intuitive interface
• Available on desktop and mobile
• AI functionality is an add-on with a large pay wall.
• Cannot log in using Google
• Limited themes

Why We Chose GitMind

Gitmind stands out because of its advanced AI integration. While many other tools are still in the beta stage when it comes to AI integration, Github has already developed it and has made it more stable, even making it one of its key offerings. Its sophisticated AI capabilities allow for smart suggestions, real-time collaboration, and intuitive organization of ideas.

clickup logo.

Best All-in-One Project Management Solution

ClickUp is a comprehensive tool that offers a wide range of features to streamline team operations. With its ability to consolidate all team activities in one place, ClickUp eliminates the need for multiple platforms and enhances collaboration and productivity. The added bonus of a white board for creating mind maps further enhances its versatility. This all-in-one solution is particularly beneficial for teams that do not have established ecosystems or those who prefer the convenience of having everything centralized.

Mind Map in ClickUp.
Mind Map in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp accessed May 2024.

Standout Features

  • All-in-one project management platform: ClickUp has a wide range of features that could centralize all team operations, including mind mapping. This is handy for teams who want everything in one place.
  • Task conversion: Quickly turn nodes into tasks that go straight to project lists.
  • Embed options: Embed ClickUp tasks, ClickUp docs, website URLs, or files from Figma, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, or YouTube to your mind maps.
  • Templates available: ClickUp has a wide range of templates for multiple industries.

Pros & Cons

ClickUp ProsClickUp Cons
• Integrated functionalities across several team operations.
• Mind map (concept map) template available.
• Steeper learning curve compared to other options.
• Can be clunky compared to competitors when processing many amounts of data.
• Real-time collaboration syncing issues occur.

Why We Chose ClickUp

One of the main advantages of using mind maps in ClickUp is the seamless integration with other project elements. With everything housed in one platform, team members can easily access and view mind maps alongside other project tasks, files, and discussions. This integration eliminates the need to switch between different tools or platforms, saving time and increasing productivity. Moreover, having all project components in one place allows for better collaboration and communication among team members, as everyone can easily refer to the same information and make updates in real-time.

Read our full ClickUp review.

Key Features of Mind Mapping Software

When choosing a mind mapping software, here are the features we considered.


The purpose of using mind mapping software is to make brainstorming and collaborating easier and more efficient, rather than adding complexity. Therefore, when selecting a mind mapping software, it is crucial to consider the user interface. The team should be able to focus on generating and developing their ideas, rather than getting bogged down and distracted by trying to navigate and understand the software. A user-friendly interface ensures that the mind mapping process remains seamless and allows for smooth collaboration among team members.

Collaboration Features

In the past, creating mind maps was a task that was typically done in person. However, the dynamics of the workplace have evolved significantly over time. With the rise of remote and hybrid teams, it has become crucial for mind mapping software to adapt.

The ability to collaborate effectively is now a key requirement, making team collaboration software tools more important than ever. Features such as real-time collaboration, commenting, voting, and others play a vital role in enabling teams who are not physically present together to work seamlessly. These collaboration features bridge the gap and ensure that remote and hybrid teams can still engage in productive and efficient collaboration, regardless of their physical location.

Cross-Platform Availability

With the rapid expansion of technology, people now have a wide range of preferred devices that cater to their specific needs and preferences. Mobile devices, in particular, have evolved to become highly sophisticated and capable of performing various tasks, including work-related activities. This means that individuals can now use their mobile devices as their primary devices for work, allowing them to be productive on the go.

In this context, it is crucial for mind mapping software to be compatible and functional across different devices, regardless of the individual’s preferred tech. This ensures that users can seamlessly switch between their preferred devices and still have access to their mind maps, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively regardless of their location or device choice.

Export and Presentation Options

When evaluating mind mapping software, it is crucial to take into account the export and presentation options available. The ability to export mind maps in various formats such as PDF, Word, or image files allows for easy sharing and collaboration with team members or clients who may not have access to the same software. 

Additionally, the software should provide options for presenting mind maps in a visually appealing and organized manner. This could include features like zooming in and out, highlighting specific branches, or creating slide shows. By considering these export and presentation options, users can ensure that their mind mapping software meets their specific needs and enhances their ability to communicate and convey information effectively.


While there are many options available in the market, the cost of the software can vary significantly. It is essential to find a software that not only meets your requirements but also fits within your budget. Some software may offer a free version with limited features, while others may require a subscription or one-time purchase. It is important to carefully evaluate the pricing plans and determine if they align with your needs and budget. Additionally, considering the value for money is crucial to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

How to Choose the Best Mind Mapping Software for Your Business

When it comes to selecting a mind mapping software, it is essential to choose one that aligns with your specific requirements. The decision should be based on the frequency of usage and the integration capabilities with your existing systems. For teams that rely heavily on mind mapping on a daily basis, opting for a software that offers numerous integrations with their current ecosystem would be beneficial. This allows for seamless collaboration and streamlining of operations. On the other hand, if the software is only used occasionally, a more lightweight solution might be sufficient. Ultimately, it is crucial to consider the specific needs of your team and the individuals who will be utilizing the software.


How We Evaluated Mind Mapping Software

To find the best software for creating mind maps, we began our search by reading reviews for over 20 different options. These reviews were carefully filtered based on the author’s personal experience and feedback from reliable sources. To ensure the accuracy of our findings, we verified the information through review pages, Reddit, and YouTube. After narrowing down the choices, we evaluated the remaining options against specific criteria. Finally, the author took the time to test each software personally to determine their user-friendliness and responsiveness. Through this thorough process, we were able to identify the top software for creating mind maps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mind mapping is a visual tool that helps individuals organize and connect their thoughts and ideas in a structured manner. It is a technique that allows for the creation of a visual representation of information, using words, colors, symbols, and images. By mapping out concepts and relationships, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of complex topics and make connections that may not be immediately apparent. 

Mind mapping can be used in various contexts, such as brainstorming sessions, project management, note-taking, and problem-solving exercises.

A mind map software is a tool that allows users to create, organize, and visualize ideas, information, and concepts in a graphical format. It is a digital representation of the traditional mind mapping technique, which involves using branches and nodes to connect related ideas. These software applications often come with features such as drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, collaboration tools, and integration with other productivity apps.

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point offer a way to create mind maps using the templates available in SmartArt. These templates provide a range of options to choose from, allowing users to customize their mind maps according to their specific needs. 

All the mind mapping tools on this list have free packages you can use.

Bottom Line

Successful collaborations are essential in taking good projects to the next level. When individuals come together and work as a cohesive unit, the collective outcome surpasses the individual contributions. This achievement is a significant triumph for project managers who strive to create synergy among team members. 

Finding the most effective method and tool to facilitate collaboration is invaluable. Mind mapping software has the potential to enhance collaboration by providing a visual representation of ideas and allowing for seamless communication and brainstorming. Therefore, investing in mind mapping software, in addition to utilizing other robust project management tools, can greatly enhance project outcomes and team performance.

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