Benefits of Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business process automation (BPA) is using technology to automate everyday tasks that are part of a business. Automation is a great way to deal with business agility and streamline processes that would otherwise be very difficult to handle. The automation process is becoming more and more common every day. Before we discuss the advantages of business automation, let’s understand the process in a better way.

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Business Process Automation is a subcategory of the umbrella term – Business Process Management. BPA focuses on only specific activities, contrary to the term Business Management. As mentioned above, BPA is the process of incorporating technology into everyday tasks to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

The Business Process Automation is sometimes confused with the process of Industrial Automation (IA). Bear in mind that IA is a completely different term, it is focused on automating tasks to make industrial tasks simpler and more efficient. In the case of BPA, the focus is on automating the processes and the workflow.

There are several factors you need to consider before you decide to automate a process. We have compiled a few indicators to look out for to help you decide whether a process can be chosen for automation.

  • The process is following a certain pattern.
  • The process does not require human analytical skills to complete.
  • The process should be consistent in all domains.
  • The process should be free of any errors.

Now that we understand the term Business Process Automation in detail, let’s discuss the advantages of the procedure.

#1 – BPA improves customer relations

Happy customers are a way to measure the success of a business. In today’s world, there is little room to make a mistake. Even a small error in the delivery of services is recorded and circulated on social platforms. Business Automation is known to provide a faster and more accurate system to assist customers. This is not only a way to improve customer relations, but the automation process also reduces the cost which would otherwise be spent on hiring a customer support team.

A tool that is being used more commonly today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is used to improve customer services by having a team that works at the backend to derive useful information. The integration of BPA to your business has effectively known to reduce the response time.

Moreover, it is also known to effectively deal with constraints such as public holidays, etc. Automated customer service provides uninterrupted service to the customers regardless of the difference in time zones or any other interruption. With the advent of chatbots and other tools, customers don’t have to wait for hours to get a response. Their queries are instantly answered. Offering softwares to your customers like fantasy football draft software, which is already feature packed, is also a gateway for enhanced customer relations.

#2 – BPA increases productivity

Business Process Automation takes care of monotonous and tedious tasks such as bill payments, reports generation, and website analysis, etc. These task would most likely require a company to hire a separate team. With lesser time spent on such tasks, employees can spend more time implementing innovative ideas to make the business processes more efficient. This also reduces the risk of errors in important procedures.

You may also automate procedures that could help you back-up your data at a fixed frequency. Your automation procedure could also be developed in a way in which different data is dealt with differently. Having a daily backup of data is essential for any business. Moreover, you could enhance your social media presence through scheduling tools that post on your behalf.

#3 – BPA saves money

The fast-paced world comes as an advantage to some, whereas for others it means constant improvement in processes to gain competitive advantage. Automating can help to reduce the cost of resources and improves processes considerably. BPA can be used to automate any process if it doesn’t require logical thinking. Since we have shifted towards digitalization at our workplaces ‚Äì even signatures can be carried out digitally.

Almost all processes that are related to paper can be automated through BPA. Moreover, the software like Trello, Stride, and Zoho, etc. have made the workflow procedures much easier. Humans are prone to making mistakes, the cost of rectifying mistakes causes companies to lose thousands of dollars each year. Even the smallest mistakes can have a significant impact on a company. Automating can considerably improve accuracy and efficiency. The two must-haves of any business.

#4 – BPA helps companies implement governance

One of the greatest advantages of BPA is implementing governance in business. The good thing about automated processes is that there is a trail of documents that it generates. No process is completed without a series of documents that come along with it. It becomes easier to see who carried out what process and when. It becomes easier for bosses to govern the project and even speed up the process of assigning tasks.

Your project manager can monitor the tasks using a single interface and delegate accordingly. Automated processes streamline the workflow process and guarantee reliability and consistency. Businesses processes become much more reliable and you can readily offer customers the services they have asked for.

#5 – BPA makes employees happier

The biggest mistake that company’s make is that they increase the work shift of their employees to compensate for their short-comings. With BPA in action and most of the tedious and time-consuming processes already automated, there is no need for you to ask you, employees, to punch in extra hours. Giving your employee’s space and freedom will help unleash their creative and more innovative side. This could do wonders for your business.


Adjusting processes will help to improve the operational performance of your company and reduce the frequency of turnaround from your employees as well as your customers. It has been scientifically proven that employees who are overloaded with tasks, fail to give their best at work. With tedious and repetitive tasks being taken care of, it is easy to see how automation is a great way to reduce time wastage.

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