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Overview Presentation

worksnaps-logoWorkSnaps is a one of its kind utility that helps in tracking the hours spent on work by a person. It is extremely useful for freelancers or other employees working on an hourly basis. It is especially useful for a manager or supervisor whose team members are located in remote locations. It is a dynamic software that records work on the basis of screenshots, mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. It also produces verifiable proof, instead of just presenting a tedious work log.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Verifiable and Accurate Recording of Operations: WorkSnaps records the activities and operations of the user. These are random screenshots, called work snaps, taken in every 10-minute interval to make the work verifiable. The snaps also hold information about the mouse and keyboard activities, along with the tools used by the user during that period.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: All the tracked time gets uploaded on the server in real-time, and therefore available immediately for monitoring. This means that users no longer have to wait for the end of the day or end of the week for their activities to get noticed and reviewed.
  • Extensive Charts and Reporting Features: Work performance of candidates can be analysed in-depth, and thus, managed better with the help of the charts and reports that WorkSnaps offers. Users can use these reports and graphs to understand the working patterns and productivity analysis, and managers can use this data for work division and timeline estimation.
  • Invoice generation: This application also has a tool through which invoices can be generated automatically based on the number of hours worked.

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WorkSnaps offers a 30-day free trial to its users. It also offers multiple packages at various price ranges to its customers. Its ‘Standard’ package has 4 plans, namely, Pro, Plus, Lite, and Free, and they cost $60, $30, $15 and $0 per month respectively. They also offer WorkSnaps for Basecamp, Freshbooks, and Harvest at $30 per month.


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Target Market

WorkSnaps is targeted at all the freelancers and contract workers, who get paid on an hourly basis. It is also targeted at all the virtual teams, whose members are located in remote locations and there is a need to supervise and coordinate the efforts.

Supported Languages

Currently WorkSnaps supports English language only.

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Some of their Clients

WorkSnaps is growing its customer base very rapidly, and till date has recorded more than 3 million hours on behalf of its clients. Some of its clients are Leto, Athena IT, Virtual Coworker, and Cyberplex Software.


In the words of Braden Yuill of Virtual Coworker, WorkSnaps has enabled them to effectively keep a track of all their contractors worldwide.

Maurice Karunaratne of Shalom Software and Website Designers Melbourne says that he decided to use WorkSnaps after a lot of research, and has been extremely satisfied with the product.

Why WorkSnaps

WorkSnaps is an extremely simple to use utility which can track working hours effectively. Its work snaps feature, visual tracking and analysis of hours, real-time logs, and integrations with other third party products like Freshbooks make WorkSnaps quite unique.

Company Info

WorkSnaps is a privately held company founded in 2010. It consists of a small but dedicated team of 5 members all of whom want to make working with remote contractors or virtual teams easier and more effective.

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