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What is WorkFlowy?

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WorkFlowy is a web-based organizational tool that enables users to create lists and outlines from a blank page. It is a text-based list maker that contains nested bulleted lists. The minimalist user interface will let you quickly go to your home screen, navigate to a higher or lower node in your list, search your list, choose between board or bullet layout, and check an option to show or hide ‘completed’ lists. When you hover on the left side of a node, a popup menu will show more actions to manage your list.

The productivity software allows user to quickly store information and ideas in an organized way. They can easily switch between a higher outline view or a detailed view. It has built-in collaboration features so users can share their whole document or just a small part to others.

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Pros and Cons of WorkFlowy

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WorkFlowy is an effective and simple application that does not overwhelm. A variety of professionals, from developers and engineers to project managers and executives find the tool helpful in capturing thoughts, listing to-dos, writing notes, and sharing lists.


WorkFlowy lets users nest lists inside lists indefinitely to break down a big idea into small details. Manipulating lists is easy, and editing of lists collaboratively is possible. Aside from the web version, it is available in desktop and mobile devices as an app. Organizing and searching is quick with tags, and users can operate it using only a keyboard with shortcut keys.

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Its simplicity create some trade-offs such as missing automation or reminders. WorkFlowy does not have advanced expression search capabilities and its minimalist interface lacks images or color, as well as link preview and other customization. Some users would like to see better mobile app features, too.

Top WorkFlowy Alternatives

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WorkFlowy is effective for its purpose of making lists, taking notes, and organizing ideas. But if you or your team are looking for a WorkFlowy alternative because of a specific team requirement, here are some alternative apps for enhanced brainstorming, planning, and collaborating.


NotionNotion is an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and database. Like WorkFlowy, it has a flexible structure for creating and organizing content. But the application also lets you create team wikis, manage projects, and track tasks. Aside from lists, it also has kanban board and table views. The software is collaborative, so your team can post comments and share documents. You can also embed your favorite apps inside Notion pages.


TodoistTodoist is a WorkFlowy alternative with a focus on to-do lists to organize work and life. The online task management software lets users free up their minds by giving them an effective and convenient way to list tasks and remember important dates and times. Used by creatives, developers, students, business owners, and other professionals, the application gives users peace of mind as they organize, account, and track tasks that are important.


DynalistDynalist is a minimalist outlining application similar to WorkFlowy. It lets users easily capture ideas, complete details, and bring projects to life. They can nest lists indefinitely, link to any page in the document, and send items instead of copy-paste actions. Other features include searchable dates, checklists, recurring dates, and integration with Google Calendar. Aside from the web, the apps are also available in desktop and mobile devices.


TaskadeTaskade is an all-in-one collaboration software for remote teams. It lets users brainstorm ideas, manage projects, and organize tasks from a central workspace. The task list has unlimited hierarchy. The software also has a board view, a table view, and a mind mapping tool. Teams can share projects and chat with teammates. Real-time updates and sync allows users to track progress from across devices including mobile phones.

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EvernoteEvernote is a note-taking application and WorkFlowy alternative for capturing ideas and quickly finding them. Users can add text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and other document files to notes. The software also has formatting tools so you can write in more than simple text. It integrates with many popular apps and works as a scanner in mobile devices. Other features include a web clipper and offline mode. Advanced features are available in premium plans.


Trello software reviewTrello is more of a project management application compared to the other list maker and note-taking app WorkFlowy competitors. But Trello is also a powerful and flexible organization tool not limited to tasks and projects. Its highly visual interface makes it easy for users to document ideas, move, sort, and prioritize them using cards, lists, and boards. It also has a free plan and plenty of Power-Up integrations to other popular apps.


OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote is Microsoft’s digital note-taking offering that works seamlessly with Office 365. Organize your ideas and work in notebooks that you can divide into sections and pages. It is easy to navigate and quick to search. Not only can you capture your thoughts, you can improve them with features such as highlighting or ink annotations. Easily share your notes and pages. Multimedia tools also lets you record audio notes and insert online videos.

Google Keep

Google KeepGoogle Keep is a cross-platform note-taking service where you can easily write notes, set reminders, and create checklists. It is a free app that syncs across your web and mobile devices. The intuitive interface is consistent across devices, so it is easy to discover and use features to organize ideas, track tasks, and share lists. Users can customize colors, add audio recordings, and integrate with other Google products such as Calendar, Gmail, and Now.

Ready to choose a WorkFlowy alternative?

WorkFlowy is one, long document instead of separate connected pages. This lets you quickly zoom into any bullet that appears as a zoomed page. So, you organize by bullets instead of pages. If you need a different way to organize, check out our shortlist and try the app that best fits your needs.

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