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Bullet journals are simple tools used by all, from students to company executives. Note-taking apps like WorkFlowy provide a digital bullet journal that is unlimited, flexible, and portable. Now, users have the option to choose from the best alternatives to WorkFlowy that offer innovative approaches to note-taking and organization. Read also: WorkFlowy Software for 2021

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WorkFlowy Alternatives: What to look for

WorkFlowy enables a variety of professionals to capture thoughts, list to-dos, write notes, and share lists. Users in search of a tool with features like WorkFlowy should consider the following:
  • Uncluttered, straightforward interface
  • Robust task management features
  • Easy to use with fast response times
  • Dynamic workspace with support for a variety of file attachments and formats
  • Fast search tool
  • Tags and filters for organizing and indexing
  • Available mobile and/or desktop apps
  • Flexible hierarchy and structure
  • Multiple views, like list and board, with quick switching between views
  • Easy organization, moving, and copying of content
  • Able to move from overview to details with collapsible views
  • Document linking , association, and referencing
  • Controlled sharing and collaboration features
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Top WorkFlowy Alternatives

WorkFlowy is an effective tool for making lists, taking notes, and organizing ideas. But it is not the only tool available for these tasks. Here are the top WorkFlowy alternatives to choose from.


Taskade is an all-in-one collaboration tool ideal for remote teams. Users can brainstorm with its mind mapping view, manage projects with its Kanban board view, and organize tasks with its list view. The software works with major web browsers and across desktop and mobile devices. It offers a free plan with essential features and unlimited tasks, projects, users, and teams. Taskade also has a paid plan with advanced features, such as version history, advanced permission controls, and integrations. The software provides several work views that enable collaborative teams to work together in a unified workspace. Real-time collaboration allows users to see changes as they happen. Taskade Pros
  • Free plan
  • Ease of use
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Limited customization
  • Needs more features to organize or move tasks between lists

Roam Research

Roam Research is a note-taking tool for networked thought. It helps users organize their research and writing activities with a document tool and graph view, providing a better way to organize, search, and collaborate on written ideas. The software allows users to write and record their thoughts using an approach based on associative thinking. Roam Research purportedly works more like the human brain when compared with other productivity apps, where ideas interconnect across different documents. Also, the more individuals using the software to build content, the more value it provides — as it shows the interconnection of ideas. Users apply it in journaling, longform writing, meeting notes, research, and project management workflows. Roam Research Pros
  • Notes show relationships with other notes
  • Powerful tagging
  • Easy to move across information with the graph view
  • Users need time to get familiar with the tool
  • Integrations are not yet available


Legend (previously aims to bring all productivity into a single place. Like WorkFlowy, it provides the flexibility to accommodate a user’s style of working and organizing. Instead of pulling different tools into one place, it enables the different tools to work together. For example, users can set a deadline for a to-do, which will automatically appear on their calendar. Legend also allows users to drag an email from their inbox into their notes. Users can attach a file and the software will automatically upload it to their online storage service. They can also write and view notes and tasks in an uncomplicated interface. It has features to create a hierarchical outline, with item links and mirror features to turn data into a graph. It also supports rich formatting using markdown, hotkeys, or formatting toolbars. Legend Pros
  • Free plan
  • Easy to switch views
  • Sorting, grouping, and filtering
  • The mobile app has less functionality than the web version or desktop app
  • Users wish for more integration


Todoist is a to-do list software for individuals and teams. It provides a free plan for personal use and paid plans for individual professional use and team use. Todoist allows users to get all tasks out of their head and onto their to-do list on any device. Users can quickly capture and add ideas, manage recurring tasks or due dates, and build a hierarchy using sections and subtasks to keep everything neatly organized. Other features include task priority, favorites, and reminders. The team plan supports task delegation and automatic notification. Todoist Pros
  • Flexible to-do lists
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Sync across devices
  • Needs additional help documentation
  • Lacks a direct messaging tool


Dynalist is an outlining tool for capturing and organizing ideas. It offers a free plan that includes support for unlimited items and documents, list sharing, and collaboration. It also offers a paid plan with advanced features and integration to third-party tools and services. It is among those WorkFlowy competitors that allow users to create lists within lists indefinitely. Dynalist also lets users link to other documents with a shortcut and auto-complete function. Users can organize more freely with flexible move features, eliminating the need for cut-and-paste actions. Other features include searchable dates, checklists, recurring dates, and Google Calendar sync. Dynalist Pros
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable syncing across platforms and devices
  • Quick setting of priorities
  • Working with and attaching images can be challenging
  • Needs enhancements in reminder and notification functionality


Obsidian by Dynalist is a personal knowldege base that allows users to create notes that can jump from idea to idea. It is a note-taking application with a focus on plain text, links, and extensibility. It has a graph view that shows a top view of a user’s content and its connections. The graph represents the internal links between notes. Obsidian supports CSS to provide several visualizations and themes. Another feature is the backlink plugin, which shows how other notes reference the current note. It also has an outgoing link plugin that shows potential links that users can make. Users can extend the features of the software through core plugins, community plugins, themes, and custom styling. Obsidian Pros
  • Supportive community
  • Available extensions through plugins
  • Free for personal use
  • Local use, offline-mode only
  • Encryption and version history features are additional premium services


Notion is an all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. It has a flexible structure for creating and organizing content. Users can create team wikis, manage projects, and do task management. Notion provides a single workspace, where users can display tasks and their associated notes side by side. It is a WorkFlowy alternative that provides a Kanban board where users can customize workflows. Other work views include a table view, wiki page, nested outline, and website. Notion Pros
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Flexible wiki
  • Integration with other apps
  • Needs improvements in formatting text
  • Needs an easier way to export content to other apps like Word


Evernote enables users to capture ideas and quickly find them. It accepts text, images, audio, scans, PDFs and other document files inside its notes. Users can organize their notes in multiple ways with formatting tools, add sketches and annotations, and manage schedules, among other things. Evernote syncs across devices. It lets users bring notes, task management, and schedules together to accomplish more things easily. It offers a limited free plan, and paid plans for personal use and professional work. Other features include a web clipper, document scanning, and a custom home view. Evernote Pros
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Reliable syncing between devices
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Users wish for enhancements in search functionality
  • Limited integrations


ClickUp is an all-in-one app that includes a dynamic doc tool for writing notes, wikis, and knowledge bases. Users can create docs and connect them to workflows to consolidate knowledge and execution. The software supports nested pages and styling options. It also accepts bookmarks, tables, and other formatted documents. ClickUp allows co-authoring, so multiple users can edit simultaneously. Teams can tag other members inside comments, assign tasks, and convert text into tasks quickly. They can link docs and tasks together. Users can also add widgets to update workflows, change project statuses, or assign tasks — all within the docs editor. ClickUp Pros
  • Integrated task and project management
  • Agile project management tool
  • Responsive support
  • Limited nesting of lists or tasks
  • The number of features can overwhelm users with basic needs


Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app within Microsoft 365. It lets users organize their ideas and content with sections and pages. The software makes it easy to find notes with intuitive navigation and fast search. It has features for highlighting and ink annotations. OneNote works across devices. With integration to other apps, users can collaborate by sharing their notebooks with others. The software also supports mixed media, such as audio notes, online video inserts, and file attachments. It also has a web clipper to easily save online content. OneNote Pros
  • Ease of use
  • Organizational tools
  • Reliable sync across devices
  • Customer support could be more responsive
  • Users wish for auto-reminder features within OneNote, not from Outlook
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What Is WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is a web-based organizational tool that enables users to create multiple lists and outlines from a blank web page. It is text-based with nested bullet lists. The clean and simple interface helps users to quickly navigate between the home screen and any node in the list. Users can search their lists, choose between board or bullet layout, and show or hide completed lists. Organizing and searching with tags is fast, and available keyboard shortcut keys allow users to work faster. WorkFlowy’s simplicity results in some trade-offs, though. Features like automation and reminders are not available, as well as advanced expressions in search. The minimalist interface lacks images and color, too. Back to top

Ready to try a WorkFlowy alternative?

Users who need a simple and reliable note-taking app can explore WorkFlowy. But for users in need of a more complex solution, our short list of WorkFlowy alternatives will help you get started.

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