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Overview Presentation

workerwise-logoWorkerWise is a simple yet effective solution for employers who have a challenge monitoring employees and freelancers who work for them remotely. It is designed to provide real-time data and screenshots while work is being done. The employees’ privacy is protected because it only takes screenshots when they indicate that they are working. WorkerWise provides data that not only improves the accuracy in measuring hours worked but it also keeps employers aware of the current status of a particular job; this information is useful for decision making. It is designed for the benefit of employers and employees, and supports a smooth flowing partnership between both parties.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Simple to Use and Usable Anywhere – Designed to be the simplest time clock ever, WorkerWise involves only three simple steps which do not use up valuable productive time. Employees use the start button to get online and start working; this is also when the feature which produces screenshots is activated. The screenshots are sent to the employer at intervals. The break button is used when the worker takes a break and at this point no screenshots are sent, while the stop button takes the worker offline and stops the clock. Employers have the flexibility of monitoring their employees using a mobile-friendly application, so they do not have to wait to get to a computer to track the work that is being done. WorkerWise can also monitors employees/freelancers regardless of their location in the world.
  • Data Provided in Real-time – The data and screenshots provided by WorkerWise are real-time which allows for easy evaluation and increases the usability of the data received. Employers can make informed decisions based on the data without having to check timing and relevance due to age.
  • Privacy for Employees/Freelancers – The fact that screenshots are only taken while employees/freelancers are online and working (not while on break) makes this software one that employees can also be comfortable with as their privacy is protected. It is not intrusive because it only starts to share data after being activated by the employee when the start button is pressed.


There are 3 packages offered by WorkerWise, differentiated by the number of user access that the purchaser requires. For 1-3 users, the discounted price for persons who purchase a 12 month plan is $29 per month; 4-7 users are allowed at a price of $39 per month, while the plan for 8-15 users is priced at $79 per month. Prices vary further for those who wish to purchase a plan for periods less than 12 months. Users get the benefit of all the features that WorkerWise offers, regardless of the plan that they purchase. There is also a 30 day free trial offer on all plans and no credit card is required to access this offer. workerwise-pricing

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Target Market

Employers who have staff member working remotely will find that WorkerWise is a very useful monitoring tool. This includes people whose employees and freelancers are in different locations around the world. Individuals who engage in freelance work will also find that WorkerWise is an easy way to justify their invoices to their clients as it proves that they are charging for only the time they worked.

Supported Languages

The supported Language for this software is English.

Some of their Clients

Satisfied users of WorkerWise include Arrow Wed Development Agency and Jet Web Design Studios among many others. Take me to their Website


WorkerWise user Chris Lang, CEO of Jet Web Design Studios, expressed that since using WorkerWise he is more confident of the work that is being done for him by his employees who work remotely. His employees have also embraced it because it is not intrusive.

Why WorkerWise

WorkerWise is easy to use and it offers a win- win arrangement for both employers and employees. Employers can be confident that they are only paying for work done while employees and freelancers can feel comfortable billing their clients without having to negotiate or have lengthy discussions to agree on payments due. Payments can be automatically calculated at intervals with the periodic time reports that are produced by the software. Setting up is easy for all users and most importantly, it protects the privacy of the employee. The data can also be used to monitor the progress of the different employees and different tasks without having to call or message them. It supports a smooth flow of information and trust between both parties while protecting the integrity of all users.

Company Info

WorkerWise has been developed by a company which focuses mainly on applications which provide solutions for work-related challenges. There are certain basic characteristics have been deliberately built into the software based on the company’s values. These include: affordability , innovation and quality.   Take me to their Website

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