Workamajig Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Overview Presentation

workamajig-logoWorkamajig is a web-based application that is designed to cater to the needs of the agencies that work through the internet. There are more than 2000 firms that rely on Workamajig for the smooth running of their business. It enables you to have a system that is as advanced as the best accounting software available in the market and it is designed from the ground up to work perfectly with all the specific needs of a creative agency.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Account Management and Client Service – Workamajig provides the user with an industry enterprise financial management system that is integrated with the marketing project management software. Some of the key features of the service are to add details to the client invoices, streamlining the agency’s client billing process and customization of the client invoices. The features put everything in one place through integration of calendar, preparation of schedules in multiple views, and integration of tasks with time-sheets.
  • Creative Management and Media Service – Workamajig is the web based ad agency software whose intuitive interface makes the completion of time-sheets and expense reports easy and quick. It is helpful in updating project schedules, storing the project specs as well as files, showing creative team availability, displaying feedback from the client and simplification of the time-sheets. The world of media services is a very complex one, but Workamajig aims at making the whole thing simple for you. The features of its specific services for the media world are linking to the STRATA and SmartPlus, simplification of the billing, media trafficking, storing the reports and keeping you connected. Besides these features, Workamajig also tracks the emails, streamlines the estimating process, reconciles and auto generates the invoices.
  • Service for the Owner and Production Department – Workamajig is the advertising management software that helps to keep you organized on top of everything that is going on in your agency. It makes the estimation process really simple for the owner besides organizing the calendars and eliminating the redundancies. The production department of your agency is also specially cared for by Workamajig. It helps to accelerate the bidding process, converts the estimates to Pos, routes the estimates, creates the schedules, organizes the contacts and stores the specs. Conversion of the project requests to estimates is also done by Workamajig.
  • New Business Services and Traffic & Resource Management – New clients are the most important thing to keep the agency strong and profitable, and Workamajig provides you with some magic features that enable you to bring in loads of new business. The basic features of this service system are the opportunity widgets, flexible searching, supports for “win without pitching” tracking system, automatic synchronizing of the contacts, and integration of the calendars. Traffic & resource management is very crucial for every agency and Workamajig is there to provide you with the best traffic & resource management system. The projects are scheduled automatically, availability of the creative team is shown across multiple locations, the diary maintained by the system logs everything according to the jobs and the resource management tools are also extremely powerful.

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When you come to know the enormous things that Workamajig can do, the very first question that pops up in mind is “how much will it cost?” The best way to know the exact price for your agency is to get in touch with Workamajig. The factors that affect the pricing are whether Workamajig will be hosted on their servers or your own and how many users will you have. The initial price is $38 for each user for 1 month (minimum 10 users) that includes implementation and learning support, ongoing assistance, new feature training and free client access.

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Target market

Workamajig is the system for the advertising agencies that work through the internet. There are various agencies working on the web that have clients with their projects and the freelancers to get the work done. The target market of Workamajig is the agencies that have the necessity to manage all that they do.

Supported language

Currently, Workamajig supports English only.

Some of their clients

Clients of Workamajig include TwinEngine, Benefitz DMA Ltd, justONEHoldings Ltd, ToolBox Creative, KWTX Media and CAWOOD.

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Users from TwinEngine stated that Workamajig had been a real asset to their agency and it handles all their needs from scheduling to billing.

Users form Benefitz DMA Ltd are of the view that Workamajig is very easy to work with and at the same time a very cost-effective system.

Why Workamajig

Workamajig is a web-based advertising agency software that helps to run the agencies in the smoothest way. It has a very user-friendly interface, allowing the agencies to adopt it with ease. Additionally, it is extremely cost effective and does every possible thing that is needed by the agencies.

Company Info

Workamajig was established around 25 years ago, mainly as a consulting firm providing software solution to creative agencies. They realized that the applications available in the market lacked basic features and requirements for a creative agency, and thus, they decided to take the matter to software developers. Hence, Workamajig was created as a highly customizable solution to counter the problems in off-the-shelf software applications for creative agencies.

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2 Responses

  1. John Dunbar says:

    I have been a Workamajig user for 5 months and a Project Manager/Traffic Manager for an agency for 8+ years. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this product for ANY creative agency. You fail to mention that Workamajig is Flash based which is outdated and slow. It was built from a financial POV not a creative management POV. Poor customer service/support. Nothing is automated, no notifications of approaching due dates (green yellow red lights are a joke), makes the assumption that creatives will time manage themselves (which we know doesn’t happen), multi views + multi windows = mass confusion, many different ways to do something but also conflict with each other. It is not a flexible tool for the very fluid, fast-paced agency environment. Probably was cool 25 years ago. Needs to be put the pasture. They say a HTML 5 version is coming but they have one very small piece to a large puzzle done. Doubt it will be available any time soon if ever. Either way, the UX/UI of this product is one of the worst I’ve seen. You’ve either never used it and/or grossly misrepresented this product.

  2. SBrandon says:

    John Dunbar is completely correct. Workamajig is a joke. Worst software I have ever used. NOTHING is intuitive. Training is non-existent, no training videos, no YouTube videos nothing.

    Accountants may love it, everyone else will HATE it. Workamajig does not work for you… you work for it. I can do a job faster than it can be entered in the Workamajig system… that’s ridiculous. A time clock that takes up 1/4 of the screen while half a dozen other windows clutter up the screen. This thing looks and feels like it was designed in the 80’s.

    And once again, John Dunbar is completely correct that the writer of this article has NEVER used this product to get any real work done. Whoever sold this piece of crap to our agency is the best salesman in the world.

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