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Overview Presentation

ViduPM is an online project management and reporting software for SEO projects. It is a tool designed especially for web design companies, digital marketing agencies, and similar businesses. The features are comprehensive, covering essential business processes in these sectors. Thus, users can manage not only their SEO projects, but their teams, reports, invoices, and many other work items as well. Performance reporting, file management and time tracking are also built-in, enabling users to work on just one central integrated platform.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Project and SEO Management ‚Äì ViduPM provides easy project management where users can easily create projects and enter details such as logo, name, dates, tasks, milestones, and other project features. By default, SEO features are added to every project. A project dashboard provides visual overview at a glance. Other features include a Password Manager for securely storing login details and other project credentials. It has a Link Manager for effectively tracking all SEO and link building efforts. Other important PM features include a collaborative task management, milestones management and events management with a calendar view.
  • Time, File, and Invoice Management ‚Äì This online SEO project management and reporting software includes a time tracking feature that allows users to track time and effort spent by every team member. Harvest app integration enables the software to make sure productivity is monitored to reach the desired profitability. Tracking time can be manual or automatic, and can help in analysis as well as providing estimates. An effective file management system keeps all important documents organized, up-to-date, and available. Also, an accounting and billing module handles all invoicing and recurring billing requirements. Invoices can easily be shared by email, and PayPal integration allows for easy payment solution.
  • Team/Client Communications, Reporting, Integration, and more ‚Äì ViduPM is cloud-based and collaborative. Team members can communicate with one another easily and constantly. Messages can be sent to one person or to a group. They can also have attachments and be received by email. Users can manage clients and their details, communicate with them and allow them to see the progress of their projects, their billing, and more. The PM tool has a robust reporting feature. It can auto-generate detailed reports that users can filter, edit, customize and export in a few clicks. Integration with Google Analytics also allows users to pull analytic reports for metrics. As mentioned earlier, it also integrates with many 3rd party apps such as Harvest, PayPal, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and others.


ViduPM offers several plans that includes different numbers of projects allowed and online storage. All plans, including the Free plan, allows unlimited users. The Free plan includes for 2 projects and 250 MB space. A higher and more popular premium plan is the Office plan priced at $99 per month. This plan includes for 100 projects and 30 GB of space. A 30-day free trial period is offered.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

ViduPM is ideal for web design companies, digital marketing agencies, software development firms, and IT management and services companies. The software is valuable for business owners, project managers, marketing managers and other business managers.

Supported Languages

Supports English, Irish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Taiwanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Netleon Technologies, Planet Web Solutions, SpiderWorks Technologies, and OffSite NOC.


Pankaj Sharma stated that as a beginner running a startup, using ViduPM in just a couple of years helped him achieve growth. Now, he is able to enjoy what he does. Ankita Mishra stated that her requirements in task management and time tracking was easily solved by the PM software. Mohan Prajapati stated that since using this SEO project management tool, the results are fantastic. They are able to allocate all tasks, and keep track of their SEO campaigns.

Why ViduPM

ViduPM is ideal for SEO projects, built by experts who use the tool themselves for their own requirements. It caters to users with professional services automation needs, rather than a general task and project management software. Its integration with Google Analytics and powerful reporting system can be very helpful to companies and agencies that require such information. Some user feedback shows a need for more tutorials to better understand the product.

Company Info

ViduPM is a product/service of eSageIT Services, a private limited company based in Jaipur, India. It is a web design and digital marketing agency led by Dave Yadav, CEO. They have been helping customers build brands since 2006. As their list of clients grow, they realized that managing projects with Excel spreadsheet and whiteboards is not a long-term solution. In 2013, they decided to start working on the concept of an SEO project management tool. Less than a year later, a tool was created, which they started using daily for their projects, testing it, modifying and improving for several months. In August 2015, ViduPM tool was launched to the public.

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