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Trello is a visual project management tool that enables users to organize their projects. It can be applied to a variety of work situations and project sizes. More than just a system of boards, columns and cards, it has features that allow users to add and assign tasks, set due dates, post comments, attach files, add labels, and many more. However, the one important thing in project management that is not available by default in Trello is a Gantt chart. Nevertheless, this flexible work platform integrates with many 3rd party applications offering a Gantt chart for easier planning, coordinating and tracking of scheduled tasks.

The Top 5

Through Power-Ups, add-ons, extensions or integrations, Trello compensates for its simple and basic functionality. Apparently, it is now being used by all kinds of teams, some of whom do not necessarily need advanced features like a Gantt chart. On the other hand, a great number of teams and individuals use it for project management and tracking, where a Gantt chart is an essential component. Here are 5 chart add-ons that work well with this PM tool.

1. Bridge24 (recommended for reporting/charts)

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 for Trello is a powerful reporting and exporting tool that can extend Trello’s functionality. Users gain greater control of their data with the availability of several views. Through the Power Grid, Gantt chart (coming soon), reporting engine, exports to Excel, and Calendar views, users are able to display their project data in different ways that are more relevant, and ones that provide them the information and insight to make the right decisions. The Gantt chart view is another soon-to-come feature that will further help users view their data in a more contextual, compact and complete way, even at a glance. They can also manipulate real-time data that synchronizes both ways. Thus, users will be able to track progress, get things done, and boost productivity with simple dynamic connectivity.

2. Elegantt

Elegantt automatically generates Gantt charts for a user’s Trello boards. It is available as a Power-Up where a user needs only to enable the add-on, authorize the integration, and select the board that will be displayed also as a Gantt chart. The add-on provides for easy progress tracking of what users are working on in the board. Also, other views such as the Planned Start/Due View and Effective Start/End View are available. Users can also filter the cards by labels. However, users need to install the Chrome extension to experience the full interactive features of the Gantt chart. Otherwise, the chart remains in read-only view.

3. Ganttify

Ganttify is a free add-on that converts a Trello board into a Gantt chart. It is simple to use the service, requiring only a few steps. First, one has to create an account at Ganttify. Next, the user must authorize the integration to Trello. Afterwards, they should select the board that one wishes to convert to a Gantt chart. The technology used in this add-on is the same one utilized by the online project planner application called Tom’s Planner. Users can also save, share and print their Gantt charts with this add-on, which also works with a Basecamp project or a Google calendar.

4. Placker

Placker is a full-blown web-based work management application that works seamlessly with Trello. Users can import their Trello boards into Placker, which can present the data in several ways. It also has a board view similar to Trello, but it has a Gantt chart view that displays the board, lists and card details as well. From the Gantt chart, users can easily adjust start and end dates, change the percent complete, and create dependencies. Any update syncs between the two applications, so users can see changes immediately in both Trello and Placker. Aside from Trello, the application can also import from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Trello add-on is available through the Chrome extension.

5. Taskworld

Taskworld is a task and project management application with a comprehensive set of features. It is capable of importing Trello boards and cards in a few simple steps. From the Workspace setting of Taskworld, users should click on Workspace at the top right corner of the screen. Next, they should select the Import tab. From there, they should select the button that will upload the Trello JSON file. A built-in wizard will automatically import the user’s Trello data into Taskworld workspace. Once imported, users can display their project data in Gantt chart/Timeline view, as well as other views such as project burn down/up charts, list view, interactive dashboard overview, and more.


Trello is a top-ranking, highly rated online work platform ideal for collaborative task management and project tracking. It is a flexible and visual solution that integrates with 3rd party apps and available add-ons that can transform it to a powerful project management application, complete with Gantt charts. Users have the option to extend its feature with simple but powerful extensions, upgrade it with Power-ups, or use other online tools that can provide more functionality in a single solution.

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