Top Trello Gantt Chart Add-ons


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Trello is a visual project management tool that enables teams to collaborate and effectively organize their projects. Users apply it to a variety of work situations and project sizes. As a web-based system of boards, columns, and cards, this online platform has features that allow users to add and assign tasks, set due dates, post comments, attach files, add labels, and more.

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The Top 5 Trello Gantt Chart Add-ons

As strong a PM software contender as Trello is, an important project management tool that’s not available by default in Trello is a Gantt chart. Although this desirable feature isn’t automatically available, Trello add-ons integrate with many third-party applications, offering a Trello-friendly Gantt chart for easier planning, coordination, and tracking of scheduled tasks.

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Trello extends its simple but flexible functionality through Power-Ups, Trello add-ons, and browser extensions. Today, all kinds of teams use Trello, especially those that don’t use or don’t miss a Gantt chart. Still, a lot of teams and individuals use it for project management and tracking, where a Gantt chart is an essential component. Here are 5 add-ons that work well with this PM tool.

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Bridge24 Logo

Bridge24 for Trello is a powerful reporting and exporting tool that can extend Trello’s functionality. Users gain greater control of their data with the availability of several views. Through the Power Grid, Calendar, Board, and Gantt chart views, you can view, filter, and update project data in boards and cards easily.

The dynamic Trello Gantt chart view lets you view cards across boards in a timeline. You can use any date field as start and end dates. Filter and update cards, display cards without dates, collapse or expand groupings by board or list, and export your Gantt chart to PDF. Bridge24‘s reporting engine also lets you generate other types of interactive charts for drilling down to the details. Create custom reports in high quality printable format or export them to Excel or PDF format.


TeamGantt Logo

While TeamGantt is an online Gantt chart software and project planning tool, it’s also available as a Trello Gantt chart Power-Up.

TeamGantt lets you view cards in a timeline. You can organize cards from multiple Trello boards into a single Gantt chart. Add project dependencies and resources. The Trello add-on also automatically syncs dates and completion rates across boards to reflect real-time information on the chart. If you prefer to link manually, it lets you send cards from a single Trello board to multiple Gantt charts, as well as sync cards from several Trello boards into a single chart.


BigPicture logo

After refining a Gantt chart add-on for Jira, BigPicture now offers a Trello Gantt chart software as a Power-Up. BigPicture lets you manage a project’s work breakdown structure, then and display selected data.

It has features for milestones, markers, critical paths, progress views, and other custom views that allow you to evaluate your project status. BigPicture is a project and portfolio management Trello add-on that helps you schedule your tasks with drag-and-drop control, work manually or build automations, create WBS and dependency links, sort and group cards, and customize the view.


Elegantt logo

Elegantt is a Chrome browser extension that automatically creates Gantt charts from Trello boards and cards. Chrome users can install Elegantt from the Chrome Web Store. After installing the software, they can log in to Trello and approve the app permissions to allow Elegantt to build Gantt charts from their Trello data. All they have to do next is choose which boards the Trello Gantt chart software will generate a project schedule. Teams can easily switch between the board view and the chart view, or share the screen with both views

.The add-on provides for easy progress tracking. Users need to use Chrome, though, and install the extension to experience the full interactive features of the Gantt chart.

Projects by Placker

Placker logo

Projects by Placker is a Trello Gantt chart Power-Up from Placker. Placker is a web-based work management application that simplifies planning and tracking for Trello project management. They created Projects by Placker as a Trello add-on to help organize scattered cards into Gantt charts and dashboards.

Project managers and teams can plan, execute, and report on their progress with tools added to Trello. Projects by Placker provides Gantt charts for assigning and tracking deadlines. It has customizable dashboards, card mirroring, and the ability to combine a select group of Trello boards into one large board that provides a broad view of upcoming tasks.


Trello continues to be a preferred online work platform ideal for collaborative task management and project tracking. It is a flexible and visual solution that integrates with third-party apps and available add-ons that can transform it into a powerful project management application complete with Gantt charts. Users have the option to extend its feature with simple but powerful extensions, upgrade it with Power-ups, and use other online tools that can provide more functionality in a single solution.

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