Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management in 2021

A Gantt chart is commonly used in project management because it can easily show activities such as tasks and their dependencies, as well as, tasks and events in relation to time. As project management evolved throughout the years, tools and software used for it also evolved in many ways. Static Gantt charts have been replaced with dynamic charts that have predictive functionality. Advanced software components and modern web technology have added more features and improved user experience in using dynamic Gantt charts especially in online project management software.

The Top 5

We are presenting the top 5 online project management solutions that use these very helpful and efficient dynamic Gantt charts. We focused primarily on the feature sets, ease of use, tight integration and superior user experience of the Gantt chart as among the criteria in creating this selection.


Gantt charts provide several advantages especially to project managers. The charts help them to be organized as well as to be efficient in their organization. Timeframes are established in Gantt charts, and the highly visual form provides an excellent way for project managers to see the bigger picture, yet can drill down to details if necessary. Some may argue that Gantt charts are overly complex, needs to be updated, and do not show the whole picture. These issues are now being addressed by dynamic and highly interactive Gantt charts that are easier to build and have predictive, graphically automated features.

The comprehensive features, business intelligence, and end-to-end approach of modern PM software such as the five mentioned above also now can link and relate information of tasks, schedules and resources in Gantt charts to other data such as workload, priorities, risks and opportunities, time entry, and other business processes to give a more accurate, real-time and high-level picture of projects as well as that of the whole business.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

4 Responses

  1. Zak Kandrachoff says:

    there are any possibility, from one of this software’s, that you can automatically pass the results that u get from the gantt, to a chart, like a doughnut? the ideea is to present that result in a smart chart in a committe presentation. ok, thanks, Zakkandrachoff

    • Jose Maria Delos Santos says:

      Hi Zak,

      I believe that all the software mentioned here have APIs available, and I think most have a way to export data to CSV or XLS format.

      Best regards,

  2. Silvia says:

    Right now, most of the pm software available includes a dynamic Gantt chart functionality, but, not all of them are then able to manage the complexity of this Gantts.
    Just the tool is not sufficient, if you do not manage correctly assignment allocation, estimation and load.
    If the Gantt chart tool is not included in a software with these capability it is just something like the old Microsoft Project Gantt.

    I suggest you to take a look at Twproject, that includes a Gantt Chart tool within all the functionality to manage your project, including estimations, costs, resource allocation and so on.

  3. Simon Daley says:

    Great article Jose, thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been using MindView for project planning and Gantt Charts. I find the Gantt chart itself has a lot of the functionality of MS Project, but the big advantage is that I can start with a Mind Map and then convert it to the Gantt chart without re-writing the information.

    As a consultant when I’m working with large clients that use MS Project I can import the Project file into MindView and everything transfers across. It’s very cool. The Word export has helped too.

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