Best ProofHub Alternatives for 2022: ProofHub Pros & Cons

ProofHub is all-in-one project planning and collaboration software. From a single platform, users can collaborate with their teams and clients. They can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. However, there are also several ProofHub alternatives that businesses can try.

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Top 3 ProofHub Alternative Software

If companies are looking for a more affordable solution than Proofhub, or software designed for a specific use case, here is our top three picks among ProofHub competitors.

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ProofHub Alternatives: What to Look for

Users looking for solutions similar to Proofhub should take into consideration existing functions of the software, as well as any feature gaps. Here are the features you should look for:

  • Organized discussions, announcements, and direct communications or chat
  • Personal notes and checklists
  • Multiple work views that include table, board, Gantt, and calendar views
  • Task assignment, prioritization, and tracking
  • Workflow management and customization
  • Automated notifications, reminders, and management of recurring tasks
  • Visual timelines and project scheduling with task dependencies
  • Integration with third-party apps and email
  • File and document management with search and file versioning features
  • Custom roles, user permissions, and IP restriction
  • Collaborative visual proofing, approvals, and request forms
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Custom reports, dashboards, and white labeling

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Best ProofHub Alternatives

The right combination of project planning tools, work management views, task tracking, and visual proofing tools in ProofHub enables many teams to accomplish quality work faster. But for companies looking for another solution, here is a list of ProofHub alternatives that can provide similar tools and different approaches.


Basecamp is an all-in-one toolkit for users in need of a project management and team communication software. It provides team, project, and file organization features to help users work on separate projects with the right tools, tasks, dates, and files. It also has scheduling, message boards, group chat, automatic check-ins, and to-dos.

Basecamp has an activity view for milestones, tasks, and their status, along with client access, email forwards, reports, notifications, and search. The software has one flat price without a per-user fee. It doesn’t have a built-in proofing tool, but it has several integrations, including Ziflow for online proofing.

Basecamp screenshot


PageProof is an online proofing tool that provides users a platform for gathering feedback and approvals for creative work. Users can send a variety of file formats such as video, HTML web banners, email templates, websites, audio, images, and documents. They can add comments, add attachments, and @mention other proofers.

PageProof includes smart tools for proofing as well as workflows, side-by-side comparison, design prototype proofing, Adobe Creative Cloud integration, and integration with many PM tools and productivity apps. Security tools like SSO and triple-layer encryption ensures safety of the online proofing and approval process. It is also easy to use and provides user training. Its paid plan is more expensive, but it also provides a free plan for reviewers.

pageproof screenshot


Workzone is a project management platform that provides a project dashboard, to-do lists automatically created for each user, and status alerts. The PM software also has Gantt charts, project templates, task dependencies, workload reports, request forms, and group calendar.

Workzone is among the ProofHub competitors with many similar tools like time tracking, image markup, approvals workflow, commenting, and file versioning. It also has custom branding, integrations, API, encryption, access restriction, secure file sharing, and unlimited support. Per-user, per-month pricing and volume discounts make it attractive to many SMBs.

workzone screenshot


GoVisually is an online proofing, design review, and approval software that facilitates faster business processes. It simplifies how team members, clients, and reviewers can collaborate on original work and get approval. Teams from design, creative agencies, and marketing can get visual feedback directly on designs, PDFs, and video content.

GoVisually lets users upload files, share with unlimited reviewers, and get visual feedback directly on creative content. Feedback turns into a task list for the creator automatically. Users also get real-time updates and reminders for each project. It has a solo plan ideal for freelancers, and an affordable team plan for a minimum of five users paid annually.

govisually screenshot


Scoro is an end-to-end work management solution that gives companies a single platform for their project management, quotes, and billing needs. Project management tools include a real-time Gantt chart view to track progress, tasks, dependencies, and events. Integrated tools also allow users to track completed activities, time spent, income, expenses, and profitability.

Scoro has automation, board views, shared calendars, timesheets, and a time tracker. Among ProofHub alternatives, it is one that includes sales, CRM, and financial tools, as well as reporting, dashboards, and integration. However, users may have to look deeper into integration as a solution to have online proofing capability.

scoro screenshot


Teamwork project management software is flexible and customizable for a variety of client projects. It is easy to use and provides a balance of functionality and price that benefits many small business users. Features include task management that handles multiple assignment owners, file attachments, and recurring tasks. It has built-in chat for collaboration, and organized document sharing with the capability for multi-user real-time editing.

Teamwork offers multiple work views like table, Kanban, task list, and Gantt chart views. It also has capacity planning, goal scheduling, estimates, and several types of visual reports — including risk reports. Integrated billing tools make it valuable for client work, as well as time tracking and portfolio view. A basic free plan and several paid plans are available.

teamwork screenshot


ClickUp is all-in-one software that aims to replace multiple applications. It is an affordable solution with integrated tools like to-do lists, multiple work views, collaborative document creation, email integration, and automation. Teams can use it for a variety of applications such as project management, remote work, product development, marketing, and CRM.

ClickUp is among the ProofHub free alternatives that is scalable and customizable. It also has similar collaboration tools like email integration, built-in chat, comments on tasks, and proofing features. Other tools valuable for client work are time tracking, estimates, and real-time reporting.

clickup screenshot


Smartsheet is work collaboration software for all business sizes. It provides a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that has dynamic attributes. The software offers multiple work views, dashboards, automation, forms, resource management, and drag-and-drop builders for custom solutions.

Smartsheet also has a great number of integrations with other applications. It has Brandfolder digital asset management that helps marketers and creatives manage and distribute assets. It also has content collaboration tools that allow users to plan, manage, and review content production of multiple assets. Clients can review content proofs without sheet access and provide detailed feedback through pinned annotations, conversations, and approvals.

smartsheet screenshot

The work management platform is ideal for collaborative work among teams and clients. It is highly visual, customizable, and flexible. Multiple work views with custom columns allow users to create the right interface, workflow, and application to match exact project requirements. It also has templates for a variety of workflows and use cases, such as digital asset management and creative planning. can help teams in their campaign tracking, event planning, content calendars, brand management, and product launches. It has a collaborative Docs tool, dashboards, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and automation. The software can also integrate with many tools, including Adobe Creative Cloud and online proofing tools. screenshot


Asana online software enables users to manage projects and tasks, whether for internal stakeholders or external clients. It provides multiple work views like list, board, timeline, calendar, workload, and portfolio views. Project teams can easily organize projects, create tasks and subtasks, define milestones, and set deadlines. It also has advanced tools like dependencies, custom fields, automation, and forms.

Asana allows teams to build workflows that match their exact work process. It provides a single platform where they can brainstorm for ideas. Through a robust set of integrations, users can design, develop, review, and approve content without having to switch apps. Teams can then measure results of their work with different types of reports.

asana screenshot

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Ready to Decide on a ProofHub Alternative?

ProofHub enables teams to organize and manage all their projects, tasks, and clients in a single workspace. For teams looking for an alternative to ProofHub, our quick list can help launch your exploration.

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