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Apptivo Projects is the project management-focused app included in the Apptivo integrated suite of business applications. It enables project teams and other cross-functional teams to plan, track, and collaborate easily using a single platform. Its tools and features include task management, client project management, time tracking, and project billing, all of which integrate with Apptivo’s other software solutions to help centralize information for more streamlined, effective progress tracking, delivery, and reporting.

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Apptivo Projects Features and Strengths

Task and Project Management

Apptivo Projects includes task management tools for creating, assigning, viewing, and tracking work progress. Users can create tasks and view them in flexible table views. They can easily add details, set dates and priorities, and create tasks with dependencies. An interactive Gantt chart lets users track and monitor the progress of any project or task.

Projects includes a project news feed that helps users keep track of all that is happening on projects. With support for unlimited projects, users can break big projects and complex tasks into more manageable sub-projects. Teams can customize the PM app layout to meet the exact needs of a team or project. Also, the integrated PM tool can generate timesheets or invoices directly from the project screen.

Timesheets and Project Billing

Apptivo Projects includes an integrated timesheet app that allows teams to record time spent on billable tasks to charge customers accurately. Users can easily manage timesheets, view their tasks and hours, and update time entries as needed. With integration into Apptivo’s Employees app, team members can also select and assign an approver for an employee timesheet.

The Projects app lets users bill projects in several ways. Teams can charge client projects at a flat rate. They can also charge for every milestone completed, as well as charge by time and expense.

Teams, Customization, Integration, Mobile, and More

Apptivo’s Teams app enables companies to easily create business and project teams that can then be easily assigned to tasks and projects. With integration to the Employees app, users can add employees to any formed team where they can assign the tasks of a project.

Apptivo Projects, Timesheets, and Teams apps are all customizable, allowing users to change the layout of the app. Users can add or remove fields in the layout so project teams get the exact interface that matches their work requirements. They can also create custom views, share sections across apps, secure custom fields with access restrictions, and perform custom searches. Other features include integrations to popular productivity apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, and QuickBooks, as well as native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Apptivo Projects Pricing

Apptivo Projects pricing is not separate but included within several Apptivo integrated suite plans. Since Apptivo offers an all-in-one solution, pricing is not on an individual application basis. All plans include 24/5 phone support, 24/7 email and chat support, knowledge base, how-to videos, webinars, and training. A free 30-day trial is also available.

  • Apptivo Premium is at $12 per user, per month, billed yearly (or $15 per user, per month). It is suitable for fast growing teams and includes up to 46 apps, including project management tools such as projects and timesheets.
  • Apptivo Ultimate at $20 per user, per month, billed yearly also includes project management apps. It has all the Premium features plus up to 57 apps, custom branding, and more sales automation, reports, and dashboards, as well as integration with QuickBooks and Xero.
  • Apptivo Enterprise is a custom plan for enterprises that require higher limits and complex integrations.

Apptivo Lite for small sales teams at $8 per user, per month, billed yearly is also offered but this plan does not include project management apps.

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Who Uses Apptivo Projects

Apptivo Projects is applicable to small, midsize, and enterprise businesses. Many users of the software belong to the travel and hospitality industry, real estate, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, utility and energy, as well as non-profit and NGOs. Customers include Audi, Los Angeles Times, Sodexo, Sephora, Falken Tires, UNAIDS, WEG, and ideaHelix.

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Apptivo Projects Supported Language

All Apptivo Projects interface prompts and content is available in English only. However, users can enter data in any language. Also, browser translation tools can work on Apptivo if set in the user’s choice of language.

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Case Studies

ideaHelix is a consulting and talent management company focused on delivering enterprise-class solutions. The services they offer revolve around managed service programs, vendor management system support, and talent management. They were using Google Workspace apps such as Tasks and Calendar for core business utilities. However, cross-prioritizing tasks between sales, project management, billing, and business administration has become a challenge.

The company chose to deploy Apptivo Projects in conjunction with their existing Google solution. Instead of a single calendar, they now have central dashboards to show employees the highest priority tasks pending them. They can drill down to the right information to view a specific project or client, and quickly see any pending activity. Apptivo provides a greater level of collaboration, security, and process management that supports the company’s growth.

Srimathy T. is a digital marketing analyst for a midsize company. Previously, the company uses multiple tools that results in disconnected information scattered all over the place. The different teams of the company, especially the marketing team, needed a better solution to address common work challenges. These include tracking phone calls, managing leads and opportunities, invoicing, managing supply chain and projects.

When the company switched to Apptivo, Srimathy and team now have access to a centralized project management tool where they can access and manage project information more efficiently. The integrated solution also helps them in their email campaigns, procurement process, and aligning sales and marketing initiatives.

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Why Choose Apptivo Projects

Apptivo Projects provides project teams with a unified view of project information related to project progress, resource allocation, and timesheets. It is highly customizable so teams can create the exact solution to meet unique requirements, ensuring efficient project management and team productivity. Moreover, the seamless integration of Apptivo Projects with other apps enables businesses to streamline their operations, reduce redundancies, and minimize errors.

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Company Info

Apptivo Inc., is a privately held software company based in Fremont, California. It was founded in 2009 by Bastin Gerald. In the beginning, the company’s mission was to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution for small businesses. Over the years, the solution has grown to become an integrated suite of apps. Today, it provides businesses of all sizes a flexible software that allows customers to select the exact apps they needed to obtain optimal experience and results.

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