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Apptivo PM is the project management app included in the Apptivo suite of cloud-based software. Each app in the suite is designed to solve a unique problem, but can be integrated with other apps to form a complete solution for every type of business. Apptivo PM is a simple online project management and time tracking tool that has core PM features but is also customizable to cater to unique requirements and processes.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project ManagementApptivo PM has an interactive Gantt chart that allows users to analyze a project schedule, find problematic areas, and take action quickly with click, drag and drop technology. Task dependencies and estimate inputs will keep the automatic scheduling create accurate timelines. Users can select between table or spreadsheet views for getting the right perspective. The application allows for unlimited projects, supports sub-projects, and provides project news feed for all the latest updates. Users can also create an unlimited number of reusable templates to quickly launch new projects from previous successes.
  • Time Tracking and Billing – The project management tool has built-in time tracking feature as well as easy-to-use timesheets. Users are able to record effort spent on projects with the use of stopwatch in the software. An approval system simplifies the process, allowing managers or customers to approve timesheets before billing. Time is easily recorded for billable tasks, and options for billing by milestone, time or flat rate are available.
  • Customization and Conversion – Apptivo PM is highly flexible and allows for users to create or remove fields as needed, share sections across apps, secure sections of fields, and create custom views. Advanced searches also makes it easy to find anything across the platform. With just a few clicks, projects can be easily converted to an invoice for billing purposes and to a timesheet for tracking purposes. Sales opportunities can also be converted to a project after a deal has been made.

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Apptivo offers the same pricing in all its apps. A free Starter plan includes for 3 users, simple contact sharing and 50+ apps that include the project management module of milestone tracking, project templates, and interactive Gantt chart, as well as core functionality that includes advanced search, reports, and saved views. The Premium plan is priced $10 per user per month on a monthly billing, and $8.33 on an annual billing. It includes all the Starter features with the addition of unlimited customization, email and payments integration, Google apps and mobile apps integrations. The Ultimate plan includes all the Premium features plus 24-hr, M-F phone support, and additional document storage of up to 5 GB per user. A free 30-day trial period is available.

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Target Market

Apptivo PM is for consultants, startups, and SMBs. It is ideal for project collaboration and professional services automation companies, but is flexible enough for all types of businesses.

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Some of their Clients

No specific information is available. However, the Apptivo suite is being used by over 150,000 businesses in 194 countries.

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Qasiym Glover described the product as amazing, allowing users to have many different options and tools through one integrated app.

Steven Jackson described the PM tool as a beautiful, streamlined and robust product.

Why Apptivo PM

Apptivo PM has the core functionality and project management features that will enable teams and businesses to schedule, track, report tasks and projects as well as collaborate with customers and partners in a simple, highly accessible and affordable way. It allows companies and organizations a great degree of flexibility but also scalability for growth and powerful integration only when the need arises.

Company Info

Apptivo PM is an app within the Apptivo suite of cloud-based software. Apptivo Inc., is a privately held information technology and services company based in Fremont, CA, USA. It also has offices in Madurai, India and in Dubai, UAE. It was founded in 2009 by Bastin Gerald, CEO. The company’s mission at the beginning was to be a simple and affordable solution for small businesses in having an application that they can use to collaborate with their partners and customers. Now, it has grown into over 50+ apps for all types of business. The present mission is to continue to provide customizable apps that are intuitive, easy to use, and can be integrated to form a seamless solution accessible from a single dashboard.

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