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Overview Presentation

TimeGuru is the all-in-one solution for companies that enables them to manage their projects, employees, and customers at the same time by allowing them to customize their worksheet to suit their requirements. It has user-friendly modules that can be used the same way across all devices. And because it is available on the cloud as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) 24/7, users can receive full support through e-learning and phone support. TimeGuru affords a better alternative to the spreadsheet because of its features that are better and more efficient than most finance systems.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Responsive design and seamless time tracking process – TimeGuru can be used both on a desktop and through a mobile phone the same way because of its 100% responsive design. It is easy to set up within minutes and users only need to learn one set up process. The software is capable of calculating flextime and leaves, as well as earned and held vacation, automatically while keeping these records visible to the employees. Work time reports can also be accessed live which allows for transparency. Registration of time can be assigned to a specific project, customer, or activity, with a comment feature that describes the details about a specific job.
  • Commendable reporting and easily-accessible dashboard – TimeGuru is designed to allow users to have access to the company’s billing, resource use, planning, and follow-up, with the ability to print out user-friendly reports in Excel or PDF formats. Filters can be set up in order to limit or expand the data displayed by the software, including the option to set up which columns to show. The software is intuitive too because it lets users have easy access to the most frequently used periods in the software.
  • Strong expenses and mileage tracking – Registration of mileage has never been this easy as TimeGuru does it through the worksheet. The user simply has to select the customer and determine if it was a return trip and the software automatically calculates the distance traveled to complete the mileage report. It further saves a lot of time because users can simply copy and paste the same address that is frequented as part of mileage registration. In terms of the expense, users simply take a photo of the receipt, determine if it is for a project or a customer, and finish it off with a comment to provide a little more information to the accountant.


TimeGuru comes in two versions, the TimeGuru Free and the TimeGuru Pro which charges 12,5 EUR per month and includes one user. The paid version charges 6 EUR for every additional user for a maximum of 10 users in all, while TimeGuru Free can be accessed by up to 10 users per account without charge. Both versions enjoy features like time-tracking, dashboard and reports, planning, mileage, time/material invoices, and support and back up. TimeGuru Pro, however, enjoys added features such as employee and vacation approval, automatic invoices, administrative worksheet, mass update, and API and integrations.

Users can also avail additional PRO modules such as its economic integration for synchronizing their products, invoices, customers, and projects for 12,5 EUR per month. The Valutakurser which provides real-time exchange rates is offered at 6 EUR per month, while the Payroll Integrations which uses export files or API for integration costs 12,5 EUR per month. And if the company needs other integrations, users can contact support for information.

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Target Market

TimeGuru is beneficial for startup businesses, project managers and team members, small to medium enterprises, accounting firms, and payroll service providers.

Supported Languages

English and Danish

Some of their Clients

Companies that have signed up with TimeGuru include PASPX A/S, Dit Regnskab ApS (accounting), Arts and Crafts, and Computer Software.

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Charlotte L of Computer Software describes TimeGuru as overall a great time management software, adding that they find it easy to adapt the system to their company’s needs.

Tobias J of Arts and Crafts specifically loves how the PC and mobile versions function the same way which meant they only had to learn one set up.

Lisa Larsen of Dit Regnskab ApS says that they initially just used time tracking for customer invoices and mileage payout. Now, they are also using the planning module and find that this, as well as other modules, can easily be used.

Why TimeGuru

TimeGuru is the all-in-one solution to every business and group’s time tracking needs through its fully integrated modules that make customer and employee management a lot easier. It has advanced features compared to most other software of the same kind but still maintains its ease of use. With TimeGuru, managers and employees will have more time to do more important tasks as the software takes care of time tracking.

Company Info

TimeGuru prides itself in being the kind of business software that is the best in class, with many advanced features. Despite this, the company makes it a point to keep the software simple and easy to use and allows anyone to be able to set it up without being an IT genius. TimeGuru is also the only supplier of project and resource management software. According to its founder, Nicolas, the company doesn’t rely on bindings which is why it always strives to be at the top of the class to win over its clients’ loyalty all the time. TimeGuru is run by four IT specialists, including the founder/CEO himself, with two developers and one supporter.

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