Teamwork Projects Announces Basecamp and Asana Importers

Teamwork Projects is an online project management application used by many professionals and growing businesses. It is a popular productivity and collaboration platform that excels in tracking projects from start to finish. As businesses and companies deal with changes and growth in terms of products, services or customers, their tools to manage projects and business need to change as well. Teamwork Projects has made it easier for existing Asana and Basecamp users to migrate their data with its importers. For users who want to expand the functionality of Asana or Basecamp with a powerful add-on, give Bridge24 a try.

From Asana to Teamwork Projects

Asana is a popular and affordable work management application. Many starting companies, especially Internet services, prefer it for task management and the ease to customize. However, as companies experience growth, users look for more helpful features and services, which they find in Teamwork Projects. For instance, time tracking, billing and invoicing, Gantt charts and customer phone support are some of the features that users who migrated to Teamwork find valuable. In response, an Asana Importer feature is making it even easier for users to make the transition.

The importing process is done with only a few steps. To start, users should go to ‘Settings’ menu on the top right screen, then choose Import from the menu. From the choices displayed, they should go to the Asana area and then click the Import button. Users need to log in to their Asana account or allow Teamwork Projects the permission to access the account. From there, they can choose the type of account to import, as well as to select the content. They have a choice to select all projects, or skip some, select all items, or only particular tasks, notebooks, messages or events. Users who have already done an import can also reimport or just update.

From Basecamp to Teamwork Projects

Basecamp is another popular project management application that is easy to use. It is preferred by many startups, especially in the marketing and advertising industry, and other businesses with less than 50 employees. But as companies and organizations grow, their business requirements also become more complex. Migrating to Teamwork Projects has solved some of their problems. They find features such as recurring tasks, real-time updates, progress reports, planning tools, Gantt charts and customer phone support really valuable for their business. To make the switch to Teamwork easier, the Basecamp importer has been updated, which can import all versions of Basecamp.

In a similar way, importing from Basecamp begins with going to the Settings menu, and selecting Import. At the Basecamp Import area, click the Import button, and enter one’s Basecamp URL and login details. Again, users are presented options, whether to migrate all all people, all projects, all items or only some. They can also choose to reimport or just update a previously imported data. Previous activities on Basecamp will not appear on the dashboard stream or overview. Changes made to the content will only appear after they have been imported on Teamwork Projects.


Some users made the switch and also gave their comments. For example, a user who migrated from Basecamp to Teamwork Projects described the import process as flawless. She was happy to discover that the reporting reporting system and high level views are exactly what they need. Another user stated that transferring to Teamwork exceeded all their expectations. For more information about the latest features and other announcements, please visit Teamwork also on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To expand your existing Asana or Basecamp application with more powerful views, try Bridge24 for Asana or Bridge24 for Basecamp.

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