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TeamGantt is a free online project scheduling software that lets users manage their projects easily and visibly. It is a web-based Gantt chart software with drag-and-drop features that even non-project managers would love to use. By inviting co-workers, teammates and friends, users can collaborate on projects, and keep it all – tasks, documents, conversations, and team availability – in one place. It has built-in resource management, so they can see what each person is working on on any given day. Days when having to continuously send updated project files by email are over. With one click, a team member can log in from any location, see their tasks for the day, and update everyone else with their progress.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Simple Project PlanningTeamGantt online Gantt chart software makes it simple to plan projects by allowing users to create tasks online. They can change start and end dates, reorder tasks, and adjust timelines in a single click. Reusable templates that can be created helps save time. Teams can set the order of which tasks should be completed first with dependencies. They can create as many subgroups and nest tasks as needed for better organization. Other features include printing timelines in PDF, embedding them to webpages, and importing project schedules from CSV files.
  • Easy Team Collaboration – The project scheduling software allows for easy collaboration by letting users share their schedule to internal and external stakeholders. With built-in file storage, they can upload any document or file to any project or task. Documents and conversations are connected directly to an associated task or milestone. A sticky note feature on projects and tasks allows team members to make sure important updates are seen. They can use their phone, tablet, Mac or PC, to add comments and update their progress, as the software will look and work the same across devices.
  • Real-time Progress Tracking, Customizable Views, Resource View, and more – TeamGantt provides users real-time progress view of a project’s status. No need to schedule another meeting or send another email. Customizable views let them see tasks by day, in a calendar view, in a simple list, or in a Gantt chart. Filters applied to large projects allow them to see only the items they want to focus on. A baseline report enables them to compare the original timeline projections with the actual timeline. Other features include a resource view to see team availability, and time tracking to track hours spent on tasks and projects.


TeamGantt offers several plans. It has a forever Free plan best for small projects. It includes for up to 3 people and 1 project. Paid plans include unlimited projects and unlimited resources. The Standard Team plan starts at $49.75 per month ($39.50 per month paid yearly) with a maximum of up to 5 people. Up to 50 people can be added. It includes most planning, management and collaboration features, with in-app messaging and email support, and phone support for the first 30 days. The Advanced Team plan starts at $74.75 per month ($62.25 per month paid yearly), and includes all Standard Team features, with the addition of time tracking, hourly estimating and resourcing, and unlimited phone support. An Enterprise plan for larger teams of greater than 50 users is also offered.

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Target Market

TeamGantt is ideal for any group, business or enterprise that uses a Gantt chart to plan a project and track its progress. It is highly suitable for organizations that work around a project plan that is constantly updated and needs to be visible and accessible most of the time. Digital agencies, event planning firms, construction companies, and teams in marketing, manufacturing, HR, and software development can get the most value in using the software.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Turner Broadcasting System, Expedia, Sony, and The Next Web.


Tracy Kerbs described TeamGantt as very intuitive and easy to use. She stated that even non-project managers are using it. Kevin Kilbride stated that it is the easiest software he has ever used. His team uses it to keep track of all their key activity lists. He likes that everything is in one central place, and that they can also attach files. Priya Kothari stated that the biggest benefit she receives from using TeamGantt is the ability to easily make project plan changes and make those changes visible. She stated that she can reorder tasks, change task dates, update resources, color code, and leave task notes with just a click or two.

Why TeamGantt

TeamGantt is a simple, intuitive, and easy to use online project scheduling software that can help even non-project managers create plans quickly and let the team update it in real-time. Highly accessible, affordable, and with collaborative and customizable features, it is flexible and scalable enough for a wide range of customers in need of a modern project planning and tracking tool that limits the use of spreadsheets and emails.

Company Info

TeamGantt (Groundbreaking Designs LLC) is a privately-held company based in Baltimore, MD, USA. It was founded by John Correlli and Nathan Gilmore, when they started working during weekends at Nathan’s basement in 2009 on a project scheduling software that can be done online. Nathan designed the interface, making sure it is intuitive, beautiful, and fun to use, while John coded the software. They launched in November 2010, and by August 2011, the founders decided to go full time on TeamGantt. Today, it has over 850,000 users across 120 countries, helping teams large and small from every industry work smarter on their projects.

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