Team Management Software and Tools for Projects

Managing a project team effectively is key to a successful project delivery. Projects can only be managed well if the project team is managed well. Team management is an undertaking that requires group coordination to perform tasks in an organized manner. It involves cooperation, communication, and concerted effort to achieve a common goal. It has always been people who complete projects, not software or tools. However, chances of project success greatly increases with the right team management software.

What is team management software and its benefits?

Team management software is an application that provides the central workspace for groups of individuals. In this workspace exclusive to members of a team, they can easily communicate with each other, share information and files securely, set and view common schedules, assign work to others, receive assignments from others, track the status and progress of work, and get reports about performance and other metrics. Team management tools are crucial to successful project management and delivery, since projects are mainly composed of tasks assigned to teams. Moreover, the communication channels built into these tools makes it easy for team members to brainstorm, collaborate, get feedback, and resolve conflicts.

Typical team management software features

For teams to be functional, all members should have a common understanding of their team’s goal and the role and responsibility each member should take. Therefore, the best team management software includes project management features for goal setting. These tools also have task management and tracking, calendar, scheduling, time tracking, built-in communication and collaboration, and reporting. More advanced tools may include resource management, workload tracking, and analysis capabilities.

Top team management software and tools

Teams and organizations today have numerous options for team management software. Depending on team or business requirements, they can choose integrated all-in-one solutions or best-of-breed applications. Below is our recommendations based on included features, reviews from multiple sites, customer feedback, support, and market ranking.


Asana is a project and work management software for teams. It has the features for managing a team’s tasks, schedules, and workflow. It has a clean interface and smart reporting tools with integration to many apps. Various teams can use it as their central workspace and communication hub, whether in engineering, design, sales, HR, and marketing. Users are able to focus on work and clearly visualize where everything stands.


Trello is a visual project management tool that is very flexible for a wide array of teams and use cases. It uses a system of boards, lists, and cards that allow teams to collaborate easily with the help of drag-and-drop interface, automations, and notifications. It also allows for integration with its Power-Ups feature, extending the features of boards by bringing into the user’s board the capabilities of other apps such as time tracking and reporting.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management software solution that enables teams to plan project activities, assign work, manage resources, and collaborate. It includes tools for building project plans using different charts and views, drag-and-drop automation tools, time tracking, and customization options. The software also has social tools such as feeds, forums, and chat to enhance communication among the team members.


Bitrix24 is a team collaboration platform that includes several tools. It integrates communication and collaboration tools such as intranet, chat, videconferencing, shared calendars, and workspaces to allow teams to work productively wherever they are. It is an all-in-one system that has task and project management, CRM, contact center for customer support, and website builder. Many of these tools are provided for free with its free and other affordable plans. presents itself as a work OS for teams to get their work done. A centralized and customizable workspace allows teams to plan, track, and deliver projects with ease and speed. The intuitive interface lets teams start quickly with option to choose from several out-of-the-box templates for a variety of use cases. It also has integration, automation, and visual views to promote work visibility and support team productivity.

Meistertask Business

Meistertask is an online task management software for teams. The web-based Kanban board is easy to use and supports collaboration. The Business plan includes advanced features such as timeline view, task automations, time tracking, team projects and sharing, statistics and reports, and admin accounts. It also integrates with many popular apps.

Todoist Business

Todoist Business is a team management software that centrally organizes a workspace to plan projects, assign responsibility, share files, hold discussions, and track progress. It works seamlessly across devices and platforms. From any device, team members can create projects, add tasks, set due dates, share files, and keep everyone informed of progress. The latest information is synced across devices so that everyone has a clear overview of the status and progress of the team’s projects.


ClickUp is another all-in-one solution to help teams get all the tools they need without having to switch applications. It has to-do lists and project management, email and chat, docs, wikis, and spreadsheets, time tracking, and resource management. It provides a variety of views for teams to look at work, and customization of space, features, statuses, and colors. It also has templates, integrations, and apps for different devices.

Nozbe Teams

Nozbe Teams is an online to-do, task, project management, and time tracking application. It is a team collaboration tool that works across devices. It is easy to set up, allowing teams from anywhere to come together through the software to create projects, add tasks, and assign them to people. Teams can post comments and attach files to collaborate easily.

Habitica Group

Habitica is a gamified task management software and productivity app that aims to help teams complete tasks in a fun way. The Group plan is ideal for a small team complete with a private task board and chat area. It has team-based task list, group management controls, and other game incentives not available to personal plans. It also has iOS and Android native apps for those who want to fight their battles or conquer their tasks on the go.

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