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taiga-logoOverview Presentation

Taiga is an open source project management platform for agile developers, designers and project teams. It was named after a type of forest to symbolize an ecosystem composed of the team and projects, with the software at the center. It is an alternative to expensive or bloated software. In effect, users are given the chance to use an elegant and simple-to-use software that is free. Thus, it is a tool that designers, developers and project managers would not mind keeping open on their computers all day long.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Agile, Open Source, Project Management PlaftformTaiga provides users a Scrum tool and template that enables them to manage their backlogs and sprints on a dashboard. Users can also use Kanban to divide project development in stages. Manage tasks or user stories one card per stage at a time. Accordingly, users can group their stories and plan across multiple projects with Epics. Hence, epics allow users to manage relationships and track hierarchies across and between projects.
  • Team and Task, Issues and Wiki – The open source PM platform provides information about who and how the team is sharing project tasks. Also, team members can easily create tasks to represent the needed work to accomplish a user story. The agile tool can keep a list of issues or related enhancements for the project. Furthermore, it has a built-in wiki feature for users to create pages for project documentation.
  • Integrations, API, Social Management and more – No tool is one-size-fits-all. Thus, Taiga enables users to use it with other tools and create a larger ecosystem for managing projects. It has an API that developers can use for further customization. As an open source platform, users can help each other, especially on projects in the public domain.

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Taiga is free for unlimited users working on public projects. It includes all features plus community support. Paid plans are also available, with all features included in the public plans but with privacy.


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Target Market

Taiga is for agile project teams specifically using Scrum, Kanban, Epics or a combination of these agile methodologies.

Supported Languages

English, Serbian, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew, Norwegian Bokmal, Swedish, Turkish, Czech …and more

Some of their Clients

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Jeremy Kossen described Taiga as elegant, simple, beautiful; the best open source, agile project management tool ever.

Imola Unger described it as beautiful and a joy to use.

Why Taiga

Taiga is a functional but free agile PM tool that is simple-to-use. Moreover, the design is beautiful and is highly customizable.

Company Info

Taiga is a product of Taiga Agile, LLC. The privately held, IT and services company is based in New York, USA. It all started about 2011, when a team at Kaleidos Open Source decided to build their own agile project management tool. The Madrid-based company builds software for a range of customers, from startups to large corporations.

Before, they were using different tools, many of which are bloated, with poor aesthetics, unintuitive and/or expensive. After 3 years, the side project has become a beautiful, flexible and powerful PM tool that both developers and clients love. Now on its version 3, it continues with improvements, enhancements and features as the team listens to feedback. In fact, it won the 2015 Best Agile Tool Award from Agile Awards UK.

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