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Overview Presentation

Tadabase is a no-code database web app builder. It enables business users, teams and organizations to quickly and easily create custom business solutions that are built around the company and its requirements. It has interactive tools that allow for the creation of web apps that display data in multiple, customizable views. Furthermore, it has features that help streamline tasks, processes, and workflows through automation, secure collaboration, and integration.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Drag-and-Drop BuilderTadabase has a simple drag-and-drop Builder that lets even non-tech users build web app solutions quickly from scratch. It is easy to learn and use. They can also start by importing pre-existing data from Excel or by using template apps. Users can choose from dozens of categories, from real estate apps to video production management software, and many more. They can select and click to create menus, and other components, customize pages using different themes and use custom fields to define data, from basic names and number fields to advanced signature and formula fields.
  • Multiple Views (Components) – The database web app builder allows users to choose from a variety of components to help them view their data. They can choose dynamic tables that allow inline editing, grouping, and actionable triggers. Forms include features like automated email and text, data validation, signatures, and others. Users can also choose lists/galleries to display unique data, kanban boards to visualize workflow, calendar for scheduling purposes, interactive charts that provide visual summary reports, maps, cards, and accordion components.
  • Automation, Collaboration, Integration, Security, and more – Tadabase also has automation features that enable users to link their data with display and action rules. Therefore, they can automate their day-to-day business processes without having to hire developers for coding expensive software. Record rules, scheduled tasks, action links, and more help automate workflow and streamline repetitive tasks. Add unlimited users and create as many roles as possible who can interact with the app according to their job capacity. It also has native and third-party integrations that include Zapier, Stripe, Dropbox, Cloudinary, email, Twilio, API, webhooks, and more. The platform is designed with data security in mind, but is also search engine friendly, and allows for white labeling and custom domains.


Tadabase has several paid plans. The Basic plan is priced at $24 per month. It includes 3 apps, 20,000 records, 5GB storage, 100 pages, 50 data tables, 25 users, 5 scheduled tasks, and limited integration. The higher plans are Plus at $74 per month, Pro at $149 per month, and Premium at $299 per month. They include more features or higher capacity, more integrations, improved security and hosting, unlimited users, advanced capabilities, premium support, and others. All plans include all components such as tables, lists, calendars, maps, charts, and more. Annual payment results in 2 months free. Also, a 14-day free trial is available.

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Target Market

Tadabase is for teams and organizations of all sizes. As a no-code web app builder, it is ideal for business professionals who want to quickly and cost-effectively build web-based business solutions from their data without having to hire developers. Some of the industries that have gained benefit from using the platform are real estate, automotive, and education.

Supported Language

Supports English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Chinese (Simplified).

Some of their Clients

Clients include HP Enterprise, Princeton University, Nordson, Pearson, and MIT.



Sam Bornstein described the platform as fast, and the support as very responsive. Tadabase was by far the most customizable, most powerful, and easiest to master compared to the other platforms he has tested.

Shaina Keren described Tadabase as a lifesaver. As a business owner who is not technically savvy and gets easily overwhelmed by graphs and charts, the web app builder allowed her to save time and focus on what matters for her business.

Myron Melekson explained that he was able to build everything himself even though he is not a programmer. He described Tadabase as quick and easy to put together, helping him save as much as 200k dollars in development costs.

Why Tadabase

Tadabase as a web app builder is very flexible. Its Builder has a great number of options, including designing for smaller screens and devices. Aside from the customizations, automation, and integration, security features like the Login log and unlimited users and roles can help businesses protect their valuable data while saving on costs from hiring professional coders.

Company Info

Tadabase, Inc., is a privately held computer software company based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It was founded in 2016 by Moe Levine, CEO, and Hitesh Siddhapura, CTO. The company started when Moe and Hitesh, two seasoned web developers envisioned a better way to build a modern database. Their mission is to provide people an easy way to build their own business apps at less cost and time. Tadabase aims to empower businesses with the ability to automate their workflows and streamline their work processes quickly and easily, without having to code.


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