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Overview Presentation

SwiftEnterprise is an AI-driven agility platform to help organizations in their digital transformation journey. It helps users plan, manage and deliver projects and programs with tools that support and reinforce best practices for different methods. The software provides features to manage tasks with dependencies across projects, to create templates that ensure quality and success, and to cover the whole project/product lifecycle with tools that promote visibility and collaboration.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Program and Project ManagementSwiftEnterprise gives users the capability to manage all kinds of projects and programs, from the simple to the highly sophisticated. It integrates with MS Project and also has its own task scheduling capability, Simple Task, and Resource Tracking, or STaRT. Program managers can visually keep track of dependencies between work items across projects with the Program Dependency Board. It also has Timesheet, Resource Management, Issue Tracking, Risk Management, and Document Management with extensive collaboration capabilities. Other features include process-aligned task planning and scheduling, automation of recurrent tasks, and personal and enterprise dashboards.
  • Process Governance – The enterprise agile platform allows users to capture their organization’s best practices for various lifecycle activities and create Process Templates. The templates can include phases and activities of a work breakdown structure, workflows, metrics, analytics, deliverables, phase-gate criteria, and others. When users start a new project, product or service using a Process Template, it inherits all aspects of the template, providing the team and its PM specific guidance and learning available. Tailoring is also possible for variations in projects that happen from time to time.
  • Software Lifecycle Management, Visual Board, Test Management, and more – SwiftEnterprise enables users to handle all their development lifecycle management activity, whether they use traditional, Lean/Agile, or hybrid methods, whether they are building new software, implementing a third-party app, or maintaining an existing application. It supports Agile software development, comes with a Visual Board, with Requirements, Change Request, Test and Defect Management modules. It has SCM integration with tools such as Git, Subversion, VSS, and CVS. The software also integrates with SwiftReports and SwiftRules for configurable, rules-driven custom reporting and logic features.


SwiftEnterprise does not have published pricing, but interested parties can request for a customized demo.

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Target Market

SwiftEnterprise is ideal for midsize to large companies and enterprises that need to improve their processes and implement agility across the organization. It is valuable to organizations that decided to undergo digital transformation to better serve their customers through smarter, more integrated, and highly intuitive tools.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Infosys, FIS Global, Cognizant, KPIT, Northern Trust, and Proteans.



A CIO for an IT Services firm described SwiftEnterprise as easy to implement, maintain, and use. The software helped them automate their project management, timesheets, quality process and management, resource request allocation/de-allocation, and invoice request. Users can access the software through mobile, and support is excellent.

A VP for a Manufacturing company stated that the enterprise agile software has featured in line with their needs. SwiftEnterprise fits their overall requirement and is also flexible to allow for changes in the software through configuration by their own IT team. Upgrading to a later version of the software is easy and turn around time is as committed. New feature requests take more time, though.

An Enterprise Architect for a Services company stated that they are satisfied with the steady improvement of the software’s UI/UX. They are also very encouraged by AI and ML investments by SwiftEnterprise.

Why SwiftEnterprise

SwiftEnterprise provides a unified platform that enables teams to consistently apply best practices and agility when they initiate, manage, and execute projects and programs. From a single platform, they are able to connect initiatives, tasks, processes, and resources, and collectively be informed of the realtime status and overall progress of their activities. From the same platform, they gain valuable insight where they can then apply back the lessons learned for continuous improvement. The latest release includes enhancements that help users run their Agile projects more effectively, with added flexibility to select specific sprints.

Company Info

SwiftEnterprise is a product of Digité, Inc., a privately held computer software and services company based in Cupertino, CA, the USA, and offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India, as well as in Hazlemere, UK. The company was founded in 2002 by A. V. Sridhar, President and CEO, Mahesh Singh, SVP-Marketing, and Ram Subramanian, VP–Sales. It was founded with the intent to take digital transformation to the enterprise. It provides a wide range of products for digital transformation initiatives and AI-driven project delivery solutions.


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