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Nimble Enterprise (SwiftEnterprise) is a centralized intelligent project management platform to help organizations track and manage all kinds of work, projects, and initiatives. It simplifies management and collaboration by providing a single tool to manage different teams and functions and ensuring smooth exchange of data between systems. It supports traditional, lean, Agile, and hybrid methodologies to provide the organization a unified view of all efforts.

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Nimble Enterprise Review: Features and Strengths

Product life cycle management

Nimble Enterprise provides product life cycle management features that enable teams to centralize all information that affects products and applications, as well as help establish a communication process with all stakeholders. The software lets teams manage all stages of the product, from concept to product launch to post-launch support.

It supports different kinds of PM methodologies where users can choose from Agile, traditional, and hybrid templates for effective product delivery. The whole organization can use a unified project or program portal to manage all types of activities, such as backlog grooming, test case development and automation, and integrated code management and deployment.

Process governance

Nimble Enterprise includes process governance that allows leadership teams and executives to provide oversight of risk and control. It has a fully functional process template management to help organizations capture best practices in its various life cycle activities. Users can then define comprehensive process templates for each type of project that the company manages.

The integrated process governance capability supports all types of work, including lean, Agile, and traditional processes. This allows businesses to consolidate and regulate all types of tasks, workflows, and procedures to standardize project execution.

PPM, resource management, business rules, and more

Nimble Enterprise includes project portfolio management so companies can align their business objectives, prioritize projects, and expedite the accomplishment of their most important goals. Its tools support teams to produce their best work in any way they work, while helping the company focus on strategic results.

Its resource management feature lets users assign the right persons to the right projects at the right time. It helps a project manager plan resources with consideration of role, skills, time, percent allocation, and required number of resources. It has a utilization view and demand-versus-capacity view for more effective tracking. Other features are business rules automation for managing repetitive tasks and mobile access with its native mobile app for Android devices.

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Nimble Enterprise Pricing

Nimble Enterprise pricing is available directly from the company sales team upon request. Interested parties can also request a free demo of the software for more information.

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Who Uses Nimble Enterprise?

Nimble Enterprise is for businesses of all sizes in need of an enterprise-class solution to manage all types of work at any stage of the process. It provides a comprehensive and intelligent Agile platform to help companies in their digital transformation initiatives. Customers include Wipro, Teradata, Virtusa, Optum, Hexaware Technologies, Medha Servo Drives, and Luiza Labs.

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Nimble Enterprise Supported Language

Nimble Enterprise supports English only at the moment.

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Case Studies

Jesu Naveen is the Head of Process and Quality at a railroad products and systems manufacturing and supplies company. The company has grown rapidly to be among leaders in designing and manufacturing products for the railroad industry. With rapid growth came a need for an Agile project management tool that could handle multiple complex product development projects.

Nimble Enterprise gave the company the capability to track and forecast the progress of large projects and programs. The Agile software helps Jesu and his team improve their project estimation, and their on-time completion rate has significantly increased.

Victoria Thompson is the Agile Organizational Consultant at the Innovation and Technology division of a large Brazilian retail company. As she leads teams and deals with many demands, she needed a platform to manage all work.

Nimble Enterprise helps her implement Agile in product management, IT application development, IT operations, HR, and PMO and project management. After implementing the software, they’re able to better delegate tasks, resulting in increased efficiency. They’ve also experienced a better flow of work overall and shorter lead times.

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Why Choose Nimble Enterprise?

Nimble Enterprise enables organizations to streamline processes and manage teams and tasks to meet stakeholder expectations. Using the software helps improve workflow, resulting in improved outcomes. Its ready-to-use templates and assistive intelligence recommendations also help speed up work and increase team productivity.

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Company Info

Nimble Enterprise is a product of NimbleWork, Inc., (formerly Digité, Inc.), a privately held software company with headquarters in Cupertino, California, and offices in India and the U.K. It was co-founded in 2002 by Ayunam V. Sridhar, Mahesh Singh, and Ram Subramanian. It provides collaborative enterprise and project management solutions. The company continues with its vision of building intelligent adaptive platforms that humanize work, helping individuals, teams, and enterprises connect and collaborate meaningfully and purposefully as they successfully deliver projects.

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