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Overview Presentation

Staff Timer is a time tracking software for employee monitoring. It is an innovative solution that is non-obstructive and automated. It can capture screenshots every minute and then deliver insightful reports that calculate productive time. Companies get accurate information on how employees spend time and analyze their performance levels. Thus, they can address any time management issue to further boost productivity.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Intelligent Time TrackingStaff Timer tracks time using screenshots at regular intervals, such as every minute. The intervals can be customized. These images serves as proof of work. The software’s built-in intelligence will then process the screenshots and calculate the amount of time spent on productive activities. Screenshots can be classified further to teach the software, and be more accurate in its processing. Hence, there is no need to intercept the employee’s browsing history or log keystrokes. A Daily Work Video can be used to view a day’s work. Users can select the screenshots to monitor tasks. It is a quick way to estimate employee productivity.
  • Task Management and Reporting – The time tracking software allows users to record voice instructions to accompany tasks they assign. They can add comments and clarify queries clearly. It has intelligent task reports that provide information on the efficiency of time tracking via statistics. Users can see the list of active windows and the corresponding time spent on each. They can also automate screenshot classification. A Task Productivity Tracker monitors tasks logged, and allows users to track their progress. They can make adjustments to deadlines to change priorities.
  • Real-time Screen Monitoring – Staff Timer also has real-time screen monitoring especially useful in managing remote staff. It is capable of instant screen capture, live screen sharing, and live video capturing. Integration with popular apps such as Trello, Slack, Quickbooks, GitHub, Freshdesk, Zoho, Stripe, Zendesk, and Asana are coming soon.



Staff Timer offers a simple pricing of $13 per user per month, or $10 per user per month when paid yearly. A free 14-day trial is available, and all plans include all features, such as time tracking, unlimited screenshots, email and chat support, and more. Users can track as many members as they want. They can also manage as many projects as they like with a single subscription. An employee can join any number of projects with a single subscription.

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Staff Timer is for companies of all sizes. It can be used to track employee time in the software development industry, art and design, legal, resource management, and accounting. It can also be used for remote teams, contractors, and freelancers.

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Why Staff Timer

Staff Timer uses aritificial intelligence and machine learning to track time and collect statistics. It does not interfere with employees’ work process, and does not intercept data that can cause privacy issues. Furthermore, the application can be trained to be more accurate, and even works offline.

Company Info

Staff Timer LTD is a privately held time tracking software company with headquarters in London, UK. It was founded in June 2018. According to company incorporation statements, its Director/CEO is Victor Fredung Neschko from Sweden.


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