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Solo is an online project management tool with built-in invoicing and time tracking features. It is for freelancers who offer professional services and time-based projects. The application has an elegant user interface unlike the usual tables and windows in many business tools that run on the desktop or on the web. Designed by people with experience from the creative industry, customers with the same or related business will find this web application very intuitive and truly functional.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project management-centeredSolo puts projects at the center of its functionality, so other features easily support it without any disconnect. The Dashboard shows an overview of all messages, business health and status of projects. It is very easy to create a project, add a milestone, update a status or see the number of pending tasks wherever the user may be in the application. Also, it provides an easy way to filter by client or by status, so that information is always meaningful. It has some business analytics features as well to help users see hours, turnovers, and expenses of the business and decide better how to manage projects.
  • Intuitive interface and workflow – Going to a specific client, contact, quotation, or invoice is easy just by clicking the side cursors. The menus and options are carefully thought out so that navigating or finding one’s way around the project management tool is not a problem. The whole application has been designed to follow a workflow that is typically used by freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. The application does not skimp on visual indicators and uses different kinds of noticeable colorful graphs, charts and area highlights.
  • Time tracking, online invoicing, client management and more – However, Solo is not just eye candy. The Timer sits on the upper right corner of the interface reminding the user that time is money. Tracking time and billing the client is simple with its Timesheets and Invoice functions. The user can easily maintain a contact list, send a quote that can be turned into a project once approved, and monitor client satisfaction. The application is also accessible via iPhone.


Solo is currently offering a 50 percent discount. Monthly subscription is slashed from $16 to $8, or an even more affordable discounted yearly subscription of $80. The 50 percent discount promotion only applies to the first year of subscription for new users. The online project management tool also offers a 30-day free trial period.

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Target Market

Solo is for individual professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want a simple but functional business application that helps them manage their projects and business. The intuitive interface and workflow designed for creative projects make it simpler and appealing to those engaged in such business. As a tool for an individual, no collaboration features are available.

Supported Languages

The online project management tool is available in English.

Some of their Clients

Clients include an animator from Beast Collective, a designer from Oven Creative, a copywriter from Hayden Jackson Communications, and a designer from Sidd At


Bernard Magri described it as an amazing project management tool that helps him organize tasks and milestones.

Andy Harrison explained that the creative brain works differently, but Solo as a business management software has realized this by presenting data beautifully that make sense faster.

Hayden Jackson stated using the application helped him gain a much better sense of productivity and profitability.

Why Solo

Creative professionals are always looking for inspiration due to their line of work and because of being artistic individuals also. The way they view things, the manner they work and the tools they use are different from other professionals. Solo’s aesthetically designed user interface has bridged that gap enabling creative people to perform productively, manage their business professionally, and still have a highly satisfied user experience.

Company Info

Thrive Software Ltd is the maker of Solo. It is a UK cloud software company with headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It was founded in 2008 by Jerome Iveson who is also currently working there as a Product Designer. Its small team has a combined experience of 30 years especially in the creative sector, which includes photography, graphics, web design, and marketing as well as front-end and back-end software development. The company is concentrating at the moment on its business and project management tool, and all efforts are focused on making Solo more flexible and delightful to use.

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    Please don’t use Thrive Solo software!! buyer beware – they automatically withdraw your US$190 from your credit card account each year without asking – and when you ask for it to be returned they refuse. They are thieves.

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