Social Media Marketing 101 for Project Managers of Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing 101 graphicWe all know that social media is for business and networking. However, the power of social media for project managers is something not to be ignored. It’s an impressive platform that lets project managers communicate effectively with team members and build strong relationships, especially with members who work at distant locations. Using social media not only helps spread the word about a new development or news, but also get the information across instantly at the push of a button.

Plain as a day, social media is the mother of modern online marketing. The success or failure of any business is largely determined by the output of its social media marketing campaigns. If you wish to increase your visibility on social platforms and leverage the benefits of social media, these tips should help:

Study Management Software

There are tons of social media management tools and apps to save time and improve the results of your campaign. Buffer and Hootsuite are great tools for beginners while Twibble and offer more targeted options with more features. In order to take advantage of the tools, it’s important that you tap on the right resources keeping in mind the needs of your target audience and objectives of your company.

Whether you choose a beginner’s tool or an advanced software (free or paid), take some time to learn the intricacies of the tools ranging from its applications to features and everything that makes the tool great for marketing. Scheduling tools are widely used by marketers to post content at the peak time; however even in simple tools, a lot of advanced features are being added these days. So, even a basic tool is upgraded by the makers regularly. In order to master the use of social media management tools, it’s important that you know not just the basic features but also the advanced (upgraded) options.

Automate Everything

Executing the same set of tasks over and over again is time-consuming and boring. Automation is the secret mantra to quick execution and faster results.

Not sure what are the common tasks that can be automated? Here are some tasks that you are doing manually but can be automated using tools:

  • Follow people who follow you
  • Auto-respond to direct messages
  • Tag your connection in your messages
  • Retweet popular messages on Twitter
  • Automate posts from someone else’ website
  • Post updates on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts simultaneously

The point of the matter is, the more you use automation, the more time you can save and focus on the core aspects of your business. In simple words, automation is mandatory for every business owner/marketer who is looking to promote his/her products and services on social media.

Warning: Automating your marketing tasks is going to be immensely beneficial in terms of saving more time and easing the pressure off yourself, but at the same time it’s to be understood that automating everything might not deliver the best results. People like to communicate with humans so make sure to do your regular commenting and sharing. Use automation sparsely in scenarios where you feel it can be beneficial for you.

Know Your Numbers

know your marketing results. The best way to find your numbers is to use analytics tools and track the results of your campaign.

The Archivist is one of the best analytics tools for Twitter users. It helps you to monitor your hashtag campaign, find out who mentioned you in their posts, and capture tweets passed during an event or conference. What’s more, there are also other analytic tools that keep track of important parameters like which tags are working for your campaign and which tags aren’t, how many followers have you gained over the past week and how many you’ve lost, and what updates are your band of followers most excited about.

Be “Follow ” Worthy

It doesn’t matter in which social platform you promote your small business, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Reddit or any other network, people will always welcome three things: free stuff, thoughtful opinions (being right), and famous users.

If you have one or more of these, then your odds of captivating the audience will be even quicker and better. Make sure your profile offers at least one of these. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, run weekly or monthly contests; if you’re on Twitter, start a debate using relevant hashtags; if you’re on Instagram, post puzzle-type pictures and offer a gift or take away to one of the chosen candidates who solves the puzzle. By doing these on a regular basis (but without overdoing), you will get tons of profile views and interactions, which is likely to convert into more followers. That indeed is great for your business publicity, isn’t it?

When posting, don’t just put some picture that you like, put something that adds value to your followers. Make it fun and interactive..

Ask for suggestions

Give your followers the opportunity to explore the digital side of your business. If you are launching a new product or service, share your idea with your followers and ask them for suggestions to offer them the best output. At the end of the day, they are the ones you’re going to sell your products/services to, so understanding their needs and tailoring your offering accordingly will be immensely beneficial for your campaign.

Frito-Lay® ran one of the most impressive social media campaigns in 2014. They asked their followers to pitch in suggestions for a new chips flavor. What they called as Do Us A Flavor contest finally received over 14 million submissions and interactions and proved to be a smash hit publicity for their product.

Sponsor for a good cause

It’s human tendency to lend a helping hand to people who are in need. As a matter of fact, Americans donate around 2% of their earnings to charity every year.

If you wish to extend your reach in the virtual internet world, it would be a great idea to brand with a helping purpose and invite others to support you as well. TOMS¬Æ ran a “one for one ” program and successfully demonstrated the strategy to improve their reach. The logic is very simple. If I order a pizza at Dominos then I may or may not tell it to a friend. However, if I realize that the brand is donating $1 per pizza for a charitable cause like solving hunger, then I will spread the message to my friends circle. In turn, that will help attract more publicity for the brand.

Don’t Hesitate To Make Changes

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s easy for anyone to say what kind of posts and updates people like. But the real success rate of any advertisement on social media depends on how well it is received by the target audience. If you haven’t got the attention of your target audience, then you are not doing it right.

Give it a try! For the next 30 days, post updates only for your target audience. Get others out of the equation here. As you do that, make sure to monitor people’s response using analytics tools. If the tools tell you that your audience has responded well to your charity campaign and not much for your business centric posts, then try focusing more on what they like and don’t bother spending much time for things that they don’t appreciate. May be, save them for later.

Social media marketing is a limitless ocean. No single resource will teach you how to become a marketing master. Read through more articles like this one and implement the ideas one at a time. Over time, you will get better as a social media marketer and start seeing impressive results for your campaign. Good luck. Cheers!

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