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Overview Presentation

SmartTask is an online task management and project tracking software for teams. It is designed to keep tasks and conversations in one place, thereby saving the user a great amount of time. It has a simple interface that enables people to get familiar quickly, but also has powerful features that can help deliver up to 40 percent increase in productivity. By using the software, users are able to cut down on client phone calls for followup, searching from long email threads, or long and unproductive face-to-face meetings.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Task and Project Management ‚Äì SmartTask allows users to see who are responsible for tasks assigned and its corresponding due dates. They are able to track the progress and completion of tasks from a central view. Also, they are notified when comments are posted or when the status gets updated. They can use custom fields to track tasks more closely and in a better way. It also has powerful search that can go across projects, groups and organizations. A Timeline view allows for easy project tracking, with information regarding tasks, completions, and pending. Dependent tasks are automatically re-scheduled in case of delay. It also has baselining feature.
  • CRM and Team Collaboration ‚Äì The online software has customer relationship management tools that allow users to track starting from a sales inquiry throughout the different stages up to closing the deal. Conversations, notes, activities and other client information are in one place, so users can plan for the next actions. It also has analytics and reporting features, and can be used to handle service requests. It has a built-in chat system for easy team collaboration. They can comment on tasks to build proper context. External partners can be invited as guests to specific tasks or projects.
  • Location Tracking, Mobile Apps, Time Tracking, Custom Charts, and more ‚Äì SmartTask includes advanced features that includes location tracking. This is possible through GPS functionality in native mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. Other features include time tracking for logging time on tasks and projects, tags for easier organization and searching, file uploads and sharing, and custom charts that uses detailed analytics. It also has recurring tasks features and project templates that help users save time by simplifying and automating repeating or similar tasks and projects.


SmartTask offers a free plan for organizations of up to 20 users. The free plan includes task management features, CRM, instant messaging, file sharing, and analytics. The Basic plan is priced at $3 per user per month, and has all the features in the free plan with the addition of unlimited tasks and projects, centralized administration, and priority support. The Premium plan is priced at $6 per user per month and has all features such as location tracking, time tracking, timeline view, custom fields, and advanced analytics.

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Target Market

SmartTask is ideal for freelancers, startups, small and medium businesses, and teams in large enterprises. Functional teams in software development, sales and marketing, IT, customer support, and other teams requiring task management, project tracking, and team collaboration can find benefit in using the software.

Supported Language

Supports English, German, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Topsun Energy, Reliance industries, Sundyota Numandis Pharmaceuticals, Dassault Systemes, U R Energy, and Venture Studio.


Rohit Mehta stated that SmartTask is one of the most versatile tools available in the market. It is simple to use.

Why SmartTask

SmartTask is an affordable option for an online task management and project tracking software. It is free to try for a team of 20 users. Individuals and teams who see the value of a centralized hub for tasks, communication, schedules, and files can get the most benefit of using this application, which also has advanced features for those willing to pay premium.

Company Info

SmartTask is a privately held software development company based in Ahmedadab, India. It was founded in 2016 by Shyamal Parikh.

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