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ProWorkflow is online project management software that helps companies manage their operations effectively as work, staff, or client lists begin to grow. It provides a single and central tool for organizing information, tracking activities, and communicating seamlessly with all stakeholders.

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ProWorkflow Review: Features and Strengths

Project and Task Management

ProWorkflow provides a single page containing all important project information for centralized viewing. The Project Board view gives a quick overview of projects and their phases, and there are several ways to add tasks to a project, including adding a task inline and pasting a list of to-do items in bulk. A Gantt view can show availability, workload, and task dependencies.

For each task, a user can attach documents, track time, send a message, set dependencies, create subtasks, or set the task as recurring. Users can create tags to classify tasks, note issues, and enhance reporting. They can also switch quickly from a list view to a kanban board view. Additionally, the software has configurable user permissions to control access to tasks.

Timesheet and Resource Management

ProWorkflow includes several methods of tracking time. It has live time tracking, drag-and-drop time entry on a timesheet page, manual entry per task, and an entry option through the mobile app. So out-of-office users or field personnel can use the mobile app to start or stop time on tasks. For added ease, a Chrome browser extension for time tracking is also available.

The Resource Management feature allows users to manage the three types of resources: staff, clients, and contractors. It has a comprehensive set of permissions for each resource that users can set on a project or task level. Other features include a weekly workload view and availability checker for assigning available resources to a task.

Contacts, Workflows, Reporting, Messaging, and More

ProWorkflow includes a contact management feature that functions as a lightweight CRM. With free client and contractor access, users can build business contacts efficiently. Users can view past and current projects and tasks to get details and insight into activity and performance data of each contact.

With its different views, like workload, timeline, and staff activity, the software can function as a workflow management system to ensure process and operation efficiency. It has custom reports with filters as well as standard, ready-to-use reports on projects, tasks, time, staff, clients, and financial data. Users can save reports using date ranges. Other features include built-in messaging, private or public discussions, email integration, branding and personalization, notification and alerts, project and activity dashboards, add-ons, and integrations.

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ProWorkflow Pricing

ProWorkflow pricing is available in two simple plans. All plans include unlimited projects, access to native mobile apps, free client and contractor access, API integration, data encryption, and daily backups. Quotes and invoice plugins at $10 per month each are also available, and there’s a 14-day free trial option.

  • The Professional plan, at $18 per user per month billed annually (or $20 per user per month), includes comprehensive project, task, and time management features and 25 GB file storage.
  • The Advanced plan, at $27 per user per month billed annually, has a minimum of 5 users and includes all Professional plan features in addition to hierarchical control to manage multiple teams and groups, internal projects, custom fields and forms, org charts, project templates, and additional admin tools.

An custom Enterprise plan is also available by directly contacting sales.

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Who Uses ProWorkflow?

ProWorkflow is an easy-to-use project management tool applicable for businesses of all sizes. Big and small companies in the technology, creative and marketing, government, community, education, and health industries use the online PM software to organize projects, processes, and people. Customers include Mann Marketing, Fourth, Sheffield Marketing, Bio Connections, Paradigm Creative, Australian Unity, NV Interactive, and Euphoria Telecom.

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ProWorkflow Supported Language

ProWorkflow supports only English at present.

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Case Studies

Grant Fife is a business analyst for a digital agency with global clients. When the company had a significant increase in work, it realized that their time and resource management system was not providing the level of project management and flexibility the company required. Specifically, they needed a scalable system that had easy-to-use, detailed project and task management features and could handle separate office workloads and capacity analysis across the company.

Grant and his team produced a shortlist and trialed software candidates, and ProWorkflow emerged as the winner with the best combination of features and ease of use. Using the software was straightforward, and account managers, project managers, studio managers, and staff had visibility of work that led to continued improvement of business, profitability, and resource planning.

Batya Blankers is the operations coordinator for a business telephone service provider in Johannesburg. The telecom company was looking for a system to manage their multi-step sales process, which comes through to admin then to production to ensure customers get the best service. After considering seven other options, Batya and her team chose ProWorkflow.

Among the reasons why the company chose ProWorkflow was its integrated time tracking, contractor access, and project templates. Having a project page layout to give an overview of the stages with custom categories is a very important requirement for her and her team. Templates standardize information and ensure completeness, and production, operations, and sales teams can communicate in context while sales teams update their clients accordingly.

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Why Choose ProWorkflow?

ProWorkflow is intuitive and requires minimal training for users. With that low learning curve and a responsive customer support, users are able to implement it quickly and immediately see the gains and benefits of using the online project management tool. ProWorkflow is also flexible enough with a range of modern features to be useful for all kinds of teams and companies.

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Company Info

ProWorkflow is a privately held software company based in New Zealand, with teams in Auckland and Christchurch. ProWorkflow was created in 2002 by founder and lead designer Julian Stone, then CEO of ProActive Software Ltd. The company needed a software solution to support its internal workflow and communication needs. Other companies found the tool helpful in their daily activities, which led to the software’s continued development. Today, it offers a SaaS product with a growing international customer base.

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