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proworkflow_logoOverview Presentation

ProWorkflow is a web-based project management software, which is suitable for freelancers, small & mid sized businesses, large enterprises and public administrations alike. With its simple and user-friendly interface, it has been designed to manage workflow and time more effectively, thus enabling efficiency in budgeting, on-time project delivery and increase in profit margins. ProWorkflow assists in project management, timeline tracking, information storage and staff assignment. It is scalable and is dependent on a company’s specific requirements.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Smooth and Easy Collaboration: Today, the need for collaboration has become an integral part of good project management software. This is not only between the project manager and his team, but with the client as well. ProWorkflow has a powerful in-built communication tool, which enables you to keep all project stakeholders informed on the project progress at all times. The tool allows you to send messages with file attachments, make it public or private, email or onscreen, and respond at the click of a button. With several additional features like message notification alerts, recording messages and threaded messages, ProWorkflow resourcefully enables all stakeholders involved to keep track of the project at all times.
  • Gantt Style Timelines: The Gantt Style Timeline feature empowers you with a robust overview of your projects and tasks. It enables you to see your planned resource allocation for different tasks and projects, identify any potential resource issues, manage staff workload, mend and plan your projects accordingly. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to move timeline items back and forth in time, filter relevant data, and reschedule projects with no hassle through the color coded bars to help you easily identify finished or overdue tasks. You can also generate custom timelines via multiple filtering options and manage several projects at one time, which is especially helpful when you are running multiple projects that influence each other.
  • Timesheets: The Timesheet feature has been established from scratch and is recognized for its ease-of-use, speed and clarity. You can move time entries around the Timesheet by dragging and dropping or just double clicking to edit time or add bulk time directly. You can also easily generate and filter Timesheet reports from the ‘Summary’ tab, which can be printed and exported as required. Navigating back and forward through the weeks to keep a track on your project progress has been made easy through this feature. It allows you to show completed tasks and also mark tasks as complete on your behalf.

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The pricing of ProWorkflow is flexible and starts with the Solo package, specifically designed for freelancers, and costs $10 per month per user. The Professional package is at $20 per month per user and is the most popular package. The Advanced package is at $30 per month per user, which is highly suitable to large enterprises. Clients and contractors will be given access to the project software at no extra cost, across all the different plans. The professional and advanced packages include unlimited active projects, while the solo package allows 10 active projects.


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Target Market

ProWorkflow has an easy to use interface and is suitable for companies across the spectrum – from small and medium to large scale businesses. It is also very suitable for individual freelancers, who wish to have access to robust project management and time tracking software. As a versatile solution, it is also appropriate to businesses across industries.

Languages Supported

ProWorkflow supports English only.

Some of their Clients

ProWorkflow has thousands of clients that use their software across the world. Some of their clients include names like AdVision Multimedia, Envision Creative Group, Introspect Design, and Haley Marketing. Their customers are spread across a spectrum of industries like education, government, healthcare, technology and telemarketing.

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Client Testimonials

Stephen Manzi from AdVision Multimedia says that ProWorkflow has streamlined their production, and dramatically decreased their stress levels by simplifying the project management process, terming the experience of ProWorkflow as ‘priceless’

Craig Bradshaw from First in Retail claims that ProWorkflow not only does its job, but also does it spectacularly, giving it credit as a brilliant solution.

Heather James from Introspect Design says that prior to finding ProWorkflow, she found it problematic to manage spreadsheets and meet expectations from clients. But now, she has no problem, as her clients can see the work being done in real-time and can communicate directly through the system, reducing the number of telephone calls drastically.

Why ProWorkflow

Good project management and time tracking software can help optimize the entire project process, enhancing productivity and thus increasing profit margins. With its user-friendly interface, ProWorkflow provides you with accurate time-keeping records, job delegation and a robust overview of your project activity, which helps you to analyse your project better and thus improve your turnover. With its versatility, several companies from different industries will find this simple and easy-to-install software useful to their businesses as it allows access from anywhere and any device. ProWorkflow is equipped with numerous features, and with its affordable pricing, packs quite a punch as a robust project management and time tracking software.

Company Information

In 2002, ProWorkflow was developed as a solution to support internal workflow and communication requirements. Other companies found this software to be helpful in their day-to-day activities, resulting in early sales. The team at ProWorkflow worked with their customers to develop the software and meet the needs of the general market space. ProActive Software Limited then acquired ProWorkflow in 2003. Initially sold as a download option (which is still available in some cases), ProWorkflow is now sold as a browser-based SaaS (Software as a service) product. It is now a benchmark in project management and time tracking software, designed to suit the needs of different customers.

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