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Overview Presentation

ProofHub is an online project management and collaboration software that provides a central place for a company’s projects, teams and communications. It is a comprehensive tool that aims to help teams communicate better and manage their projects with greater control. The online tool also increases visibility and accountability, boost productivity resulting to faster project delivery time, and help each team member achieve work satisfaction. It has a collection of smart and modern tools that equip a business to meet challenges towards competitiveness and growth.

Features, Benefits, and Product Strengths

  • Project Reporting and Task Management – ProofHub enables teams and companies to have a centralized and cohesive place to manage their projects and tasks. It has interconnected features that utilize and present information to users whenever they need it. It has a real-time reporting tool that displays status, progress and details about projects and resources, thereby providing valuable business insight. It has task management, and workflow and boards to make sure work is visible, assigned and completed in the right direction. Other features include a Gantt chart, templates, calendar, and a Project Manager tool.
  • Discussions, Chat, and Collaborative Proofing – Communication is essential in building a good product or delivering a completed project. This PM tool has several channels to enable users to communicate in real-time and make sure nothing important is missed out. Discussions allow teams, clients and other partners to share ideas without the need for time-consuming meetings. The built-in Chat allows private 1:1 chat or group conversations. The online Proofing tool is a great time-saver, allowing users to streamline the review and approval process of collaborative work. It is capable of handling multiple reviews on a single screen, and instant feedback through shared links.
  • File Management, Time Tracking, Mobile Apps, Email Integration, API, and more – ProofHub provides an end-to-end solution by incorporating file sharing and document storage and management features. It also has time tracking for timesheet, estimates, invoicing, and reporting purposes. ProofHub Bolt native mobile apps for iOS and Android enable users to stay on top of projects, teams, and clients even while on the go. Users can forward important emails to the application for everybody’s consumption. Other features include API for 3rd party integration, multilingual UI, individual user personal view, saved views and filters, notification, advanced search, customization and white labeling, advanced security, and many more.


ProofHub offers offers simple pricing plans. The Essential plan is priced at $45 per month billed annually, and includes for a maximum of 40 projects and 15 GB storage. The Ultimate Control plan is at $135 per month billed annually, and includes for unlimited projects and 100 GB storage. In addition, the higher plan includes advanced features such as custom roles, white labeling, custom workflows, project manager tool, network control, API and others. Both plans include for unlimited users, and no per-user fees are charged. A free 30-day trial period is available.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

ProofHub is a project management tool that can be valuable to commercial companies, non-profit groups and organizations, and individual consultants and freelancers. It is for the project manager of today who wants to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously. It can meet the requirements of a team of any size, whether co-located or distributed remotely. It is highly suited for a project team that spends hours out in the field or with the client because of its great compatibility with mobile devices. Its unique proofing tool is especially helpful to companies engaged in design and graphics projects.

Supported Languages

Supports English, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Some of their Clients

Clients include University of Michigan, Netflix, Google, Disney, NASA, Nike, Pinterest, and TripAdvisor.


Megan Gulik stated that the in-tool editor is very valuable for creative and marketing teams. ProofHub enables them to track and report on projects, which show the value of their team to the company.

Patrick Owens stated that the application enabled their team members to access information as they needed it and helped set their priorities. It is a great collaboration software.

Why ProofHub

ProofHub offers several important reasons why users should consider it as their project management and collaboration tool. First, it can address the inefficiency of email for group collaboration, and provide an alternative but secure in-browser chat that improves communication. It also has its own proofing tool that expedites feedback and improves productivity, and a file management system that provides the entire history including every side note about a particular document, project, or client. And lastly, it is very easy to use just like email, with all the important data stored in a centralized place that can be accessed wherever and whenever.

Company Info

ProofHub LLC,is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Walnut, CA, USA. It also has an office in Chandigarh, India. The company was founded in 2011 by Sandeep Kashyap.

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