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Overview Presentation

ProofHub is one of the most popular project management software available today that offers teams with a central place for collaboration and project completion. Aside from online collaboration, this software also offers tools for communication, visibility, progress tracking, and accountability for increased productivity. Users of ProofHub experience higher productivity, faster delivery time, and higher satisfaction among members. With this software, businesses are better able to meet challenges and compete with other businesses.

Features, Benefits, and Product Strengths

  • Project Reporting and Task Management – ProofHub provides teams and companies with a centralized place where they can collaborate for their tasks and projects. Users are able to make use of present information whenever they need it through its real-time reporting tools. With ProofHub, users can track project status, work progress, and information about projects and resources. Additionally, ProofHub promotes clarity of work and assignments and even sets tasks to recur so that they are never missed. Through its Kanban boards, workflows are clear and teams are able to follow the movement and progress of their tasks. Recently, ProofHub has allowed the addition of subscribers to each stage in a workflow so that only the specific people assigned to work on a specific stage will have access to the workflow.
  • Discussions, Chat, and Collaborative Proofing – Much of a team’s success relies largely on how effective their tool for communication is. ProofHub’s communication tools allow users to communicate with each other in real-time, helping make sure that nothing is missed. Discussion tools allow users to share their ideas through files and documents attachment in just one place. It eliminates the need for lengthy, onsite meetings and replaces it with online collaboration where users can write comments, use the @mention tool, and proof designs. Additionally, users can add comments on discussions via email without logging in to ProofHub through the email-in. They can also attach images to chat and comments by dragging and dropping images. ProofHub also helps users easily find discussion topics through its advanced search feature wherein they only have to use keywords and phrases for searching.
  • File Management, Time Tracking, Mobile Apps, Email Integration, API, and more –ProofHub puts together file sharing and document storage for its users. It also has features for time tracking, reporting, and invoicing. In the all-new ProofHub, there are already multiple timers for when users have to juggle multiple tasks at once and still need to track the time for each. Users can now start, pause, and stop the timers as they switch from one task to another and then log in their time entries on the timesheet. In terms of reporting, the all-new ProofHub allows its users to make custom reports in addition to the default reports. Custom reports allow users to add details and factors that they can pick on their own.


ProofHub offers two simple pricing plans which are the Essential and Ultimate Control plans. The Essential Plan is the basic plan which costs $45 per month if billed annually and $50 per month if billed monthly. This plan already includes an unlimited number of users, core features, up to 40 projects, and 15GB of storage.

The Ultimate Control plan is suitable for businesses that work with remote clients and team and who need custom access roles for their projects. It is priced at $135 per month if billed annually and at $150 per month if billed monthly. The plan already includes an unlimited number of users and projects and up to 100GB of storage. Aside from the core features of the app, this plan also has additional features like custom roles, white labeling, project manager, custom workflows, network control, advanced activity logs, and account transfer tool, among others.

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Target Market

ProofHub provides online collaboration support to practically all types of businesses, both large-scale and small-scale. It is suitable for nonprofit groups and organizations, commercial companies, and even for individuals like freelancers and consultants. It is also beneficial to teams that are both onsite and remotely distributed, as well as to groups that spend a lot of time out in the field because of its compatibility with mobile devices.

Supported Languages

Supports English, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Some of their Clients

Some of ProofHub’s clients include Taco Bell, University of Michigan, Google, Disney, Netflix, Pinterest, Nike, TripAdvisor, and NASA.


Naz Tadjbakhsh of Taco Bell says that they are only new to the software but the company loves it, especially because of its great customer support. Whenever they have questions, ProofHub’s support always gets back to them.

Delia Jalomo of thinks of ProofHub as two ladies, one website and tons of collaboration. The software has showed her team a better and more efficient way of proofing, helping them improve coordination, communication, and project execution.

Why ProofHub

ProofHub has successfully helped numerous organizations improve their productivity and make their processes more efficient. It offers the solution to the inefficiency of using emails for group collaboration by offering the in-browser chat for better communication. With its own proofing tool, ProofHub expedites feedback and promotes productivity. It provides a unique file management system that shows a specific client, document, or project’s history.

Company Info

ProofHub LLC,is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Walnut, CA, USA. It also has an office in Chandigarh, India. The company was founded in 2011 by Sandeep Kashyap.

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