Project Insight Version 12 Is Full HTML5 Edition

project insight logoProject Insight online project management software recently released a 100-percent HTML5-based version in its Version 12. HTML5 offers several advantages when used in developing applications. For example, it is optimized for mobile sites and applications, offering full functionality across devices. It is compatible with major browsers, offers cleaner code for developers, and is search engine-friendly. It is less dependent on plug-ins and has better offline caching. All these advantages are now available to users of the Version 12 of this cloud PPM software.

Version 12 = 100% HTML5

The latest Project Insight is now faster and uses less bandwidth. This is good news to mobile device users who are dependent on battery life and wireless Internet signal quality. HTML5 also handles graphics better, so scalable vector graphics (SVG) used in the software can be easily expanded for better views regardless of the display size of the device. User experience is definitely improved without having to be very accurate in selecting and clicking the graphics. Response is also faster without having to depend on third-party plug-ins like Flash, Quicktime or Silverlight.

project insight mobile access

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Interactive Gantt Chart

The online PPM software has completed its migration to a full HTML5 version with the availability of its interactive Gantt chart. The whole application is accessible and fully functional on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All its features, from project initiation to portfolio planning and analysis, from resource management to task management, from document sharing to collaboration, and more, will be displayed in pages that do not need plug-ins. Basic to advanced project scheduling features that include the Gantt chart display better across devices. Users can perform inline editing of tasks, drag and drop, and click and drag within the interactive chart.

project insight devices

These more responsive features in Project Insight that include the interactive Gantt chart will be appreciated more by project managers, system administrators and those responsible in working and updating project schedules. There are benefits in being able to see project schedules in a Gantt view. Moreover, being able to add and edit tasks quickly within the chart, create dependencies just by clicking, dragging and dropping items, and then saving custom views for instant reference are great time savers that enable users to focus more on working on the actual project than on plans and schedules.

project insight gantt chart 1

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To view a project schedule as a Gantt chart, users should go to Views menu option on the upper right hand area and choose Gantt chart. When the project schedule loads for the first time, the items will display collapsed. A quick way to expand the items is to go to the Tools icon (wrench/screwdriver) and click the Expand All Summary Tasks option. The chart will now display all the tasks and dependencies. To add a task, users just have to type on the gray bar on the left side area of the chart. Duration and work hours can also be entered. Once the new task appears on the chart portion, it can be interactively edited to add dependencies or to stretch the duration. Just hovering the mouse on a task will show details about the task.

project insight gantt chart 2

More Options

There are many options included in how the Gantt chart can be displayed. For example, users can quickly add or remove columns, allow the user to create selections that they use often, or save a particular view and make it the default. Other options include the ability to change the scale of the Gantt chart aside from daily scale, such as quarter day, half day, by week, month or quarter. They can also show resource assignments, task name, the critical tasks in red, and show the baseline in a separate row. For more of the latest features in Project Insight, visit their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

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