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Project Insight is an online project and portfolio management software with enterprise-grade functionality without the accompanying high cost. It balances powerful features with ease of use, helping project managers obtain project visibility and control while providing team members the collaboration, task and time management functions to get things done. Emails, spreadsheets and simple to-do list tools that are disconnected and fragmented solve problems only partially and temporarily. Only an integrated, centralized solution such as Project Insight manages projects from initiation to closure, providing a complete and consistent solution.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Powerful Project ManagementProject Insight online project management software provides project professionals the tools and features to manage their projects throughout the whole project lifecycle aligned with the PMBOK. Users can create and assign project requests. The approval process can be captured and centralized, including comments and sign-offs. An approved project request can be easily transformed/transferred to an active project without double data entry. Users can also use previous successful project templates and start projects quickly. They can easily create tasks, assign to-dos, and use intelligent project scheduling. Inline editing can be applied directly inside an interactive Gantt chart that automatically handles dependencies, constraints, lead and lag times with a few clicks.
  • Portfolio Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboards – As a PPM software, users have access to real-time information across multiple projects or groupings by organization, customer, project type or by profitability. Decision makers can instantly see the updated status of projects on specified periods and date ranges. Reports can be customized, saved and shared as well as viewed on personal dashboards. A project scorecard helps users prioritize projects according to goals, KPIs, and other factors. Reports can be exported in Excel, PDF or CSV formats.
  • Resource and Document Management, WorkflowsProject Insight has resource management features that helps users monitor and balance workloads so that resources have the right amount of work throughout the project period. Move resource assignments and workloads with click and point, drag and drop. Assign the most qualified resource by skillset, or mass assign by group, department or company. What-if scenarios can be run to forecast resource allocation and workload balance, even at the project planning phase. Document management allows users to go to a central place to upload and share all project-related files. Users can create and organize their own folder structure. Workflows allow a process document that is tracked across the lifecycle be transformed into a dynamic form, which can help self-document the project.
  • Time&Expense and Issue Tracking, Budgeting and Forecasting – Users can enter their time in a straightforward manner and update tasks status at the same time. Non-project time, holidays and other administrative time are also accounted. Images of receipts can be captured and attached to expense entries. Timesheets and expenses reports can be submitted for approval online. Time and expense reports across all projects can be generated, exported to Excel or QuickBooks, and invoices created from approved expenses. Actual vs estimates can be compared, and costs and expenses categorized whether billable or not. It also provides team members a central place for creating, tracking and escalating issues and associate them to tasks, projects and deliverables.
  • Collaboration, Customizations, Integrations, 100% HTML5, and more – Project Insight includes collaboration in several user-friendly ways, allowing team members to post comments on any item in the software, but also providing a notification stream on each member’s dashboard, or in their email inbox. Users can create alerts on any important item or schedule. Users are also able to customize many important aspects of the software, from dashboards, task lists, reports, branding and more. Custom fields and items can be created. It also integrates with many tools such as MS Project, Outlook, Office, Salesforce, Box, and Zendesk. The HTML5 technology makes it accessible across tablets and smartphones without the need to download apps. It also allows for easy administration, secure logins, and role-based permissions, with highly responsive customer support and training, including videos and webinars.

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Pricing details are provided upon request to make sure client requirements are met.

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Target Market

Project Insight online project and portfolio management software is ideal for companies that handle multiple projects simultaneously with limited resources. Although it targets mid-market businesses such as professional service providers, IT and software developers, its enterprise-grade features, portfolio management and on-premise deployment options will provide large firms in many sectors and industries great benefit as well, due also to its many customizable options.

Supported Languages

English, Korean and Spanish

Some of their Clients

Clients include Dell, GE, Gap, Cisco, Pioneer Telephone, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Integrity Integration Resources, and Abritas.

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PM Consultant at National Western Life Insurance stated that PI helped them manage all their projects during a system upgrade, with special mention to the superior customer support.

PM Director at Andesa Services stated that the project management software provided them the capability to set up billable and non-billable projects, while also keep track of the costs of servicing a customer.

Why Project Insight

Project Insight project management software is one of the leading PPM solutions with many features suggested by customers solving real-world problems. Aside from the comprehensive features, flexibility and ease of use, it also provides responsive customer support, business process consulting and free training and webinars regularly.

Company Info

Project Insight is owned and developed by Metafuse, Inc., a privately held computer software and service company based in Irvine, CA, USA. Metafuse was founded in 1996 by Steve West, President and CTO, and Wes Kliewer, Director of Training. While providing software development and consultancy services, the company decided to build a project management tool to help them with their client projects. In 2001, Project Insight was launched as SaaS, and was well received. Since then, it has become a leading PPM software provider in the mid-level markets, offering enterprise-grade features at an affordable price. Project Insight continues to improve its product with features aligned with the company’s roadmap and requested by its customers, consistently providing the most responsive customer service.

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