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PhraseApp is a translation management platform. It is an online tool and service that allows software companies to make their products available in different languages. Software developers can use the application to collaborate as they make their software for the web and mobile available in multiple languages. It also provides other tools that help project managers or product managers in localization tasks as well as find professional translators to work with.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Translation Control CenterPhraseApp is a complete translation platform that provides users a central dashboard for translation projects. As SaaS supporting all major browsers, it is easy for users to invite team members, collaborate and quickly start on their translation work and localization files. It integrates with Slack for team messaging needs. A visual design allows users to immediately see progress, review recent translations and communicate what still needs to be done. It has a flexible search engine that can quickly go through thousands of entries. A Change History tool remembers changes, look at older versions and restore them if needed. It also syncs projects with GitHub repository.
  • In-Context Editor – It allows translators to browse websites and directly edit/translate along the way. The In-Context Editor provides the translators with useful contextual information when directly translating the text on the target website. This improves translation quality.
  • API, Professional Translators, Comprehensive Support – PhraseApp has several tools offered for translation work and one of them is the API that allows users to integrate the translation application into the localization process and build custom workflows. Through the API, users can import or download local files and interact in other ways while the localization data is stored in the cloud application. It also offers on-demand human translation services as another option or turn-key solution. The translation management platform also provides world-class support, full documentation, tutorials and human assistance.

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PhraseApp offers several premium plans depending on the number of managed words. Accordingly, the amount of managed words is equal to the number of words in the default locale (ex. English) multiplied by the number of project locales (available supported languages, ex. German, French, Russian). For instance, the Startup plan at $59 per month on a monthly billing includes for 50,000 managed words, unlimited projects and change history feature. All plans include unlimited users, API access, in-context editing and premium support. Higher plans include more features. A custom plan is available for which pricing should be asked directly from the company. A free trial period that includes up to a certain amount of unique translation units is available. Yearly payments results in up to 16 percent discount.

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Target Market

PhraseApp translation management platform is for companies who want their websites, software and digital applications to be available in multiple languages.

Supported Languages

It supports all written languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Xing, Meetup, Virgin Pulse, Secret Escapes, Citymapper, and mytaxi.

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Andre Jordao of Wundercar described PhraseApp as an important tool in their product internalization as it helped create a smooth process between their developers and managers.

Joe Hughes of Citymapper stated that the translation platform helped them perfect their the tone of their app in 6 languages and counting.

Why PhraseApp

While projects are being delivered globally, project success depends also on the successful local implementation and acceptance. PhraseApp is a very useful tool in helping project managers make available their software, websites and mobile applications in multiple local languages for easier implementation and adoption.

Company Info

PhraseApp is a privately held IT and services company based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2012 by CEO Frederik Vollert, co-founder and managing director of Dynport GmbH, an agile software development company that helps kickstart product development and technical team hiring in startups. In 2011, while building a travel booking platform, they needed to make it available in 24 languages. As they searched a tool to make localization of the software possible, they developed the Phrase tool that translated local templates more easily. Afterwards, they continued to developed a localization platform that included API clients, integration tools and workflow support. They are committed to continuously provide customers with simpler and better solutions.

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