OneDesk Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview is a social business application which enables developers and customers to co-operate in the product development process. Rich in features, the software allows users to monitor social media, effectively deal with feedback and innovative ideas, provide helpful customer support, and efficiently schedule development processes to reduce time to market.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

Social Monitoring: OneDesk excels at social monitoring and can accurately measure the buzz, positive or negative, around a specific product. By connecting developers and customers, the company can create better products within a fraction of the time.

Task Automation: The platform fosters innovation and idea creation within the organization by automating manual and repetitive tasks, and enabling employees to focus on the design and implementation. The automation engine creates a system for automatic notifications and task assignment so that manual data entry is minimized and processing errors are greatly reduced.

Product Management: OneDesk can seamlessly graph all the development activities on Gantt Charts, highlighting the critical ones, and help all customer suggestions be taken on board. The key is communication and visibility so that problems are swiftly dealt with and setbacks avoided.

Requirement Analysis: This function matches customer suggestions to requirements, calculating company image and customer satisfaction improvements, as well as ROI and profitability, so that the most important and worthwhile suggestions are addressed first.

Management Assistance: OneDesk helps executives to access reliable and current aggregate data to analyze the organization. Furthermore, it creates multiple levels of security and access in addition to the improved traceability.


There are two options for using the program – a free limited version, and a paid unlimited version. The first option includes all core enterprise and social features but it is limited to 3 sharespaces with 3 organizational users per space. To lift this restraint, a corporation must pay $30 per user per month, which may be too costly for smaller organizations.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

OneDesk is aimed both at production managers and higher-up executives in organizations where control and co-ordination are important. Due to the costly subscription, it might not be cost-efficient in small and medium-size enterprises. However, bigger corporations can derive the most benefit from its package of features and virtual working environment.

Supported Languages

OneDesk is configurable in English, while their site supports French as well. With the company based in Canada, customers can expect a superb language support for both languages.

Some of Their Clients

The biggest users of OneDesk are in the US, which generate 50% of OneDesk revenues. After that are India and Australia with 11%, followed by Canada with 8% and Greece with 2.7%.


“What I like about it the most is that it captures ideas – comments, suggestions, input that would otherwise be lost. And it’s a continuous process – not just a one-shot “let’s gather requirements for the next few months.” – Social Media Today

“…allows businesses to become more socially connected to customers, partners and employees.” – Business Review USA

“…the product is structured to make it easy to identify new product opportunities and route them into the development pipeline.” – InformationWeek

“….from a product management viewpoint, it’s the features, it’s the road mapping, it’s the ability to manage the difficult parts of the development that is really compelling.” – Tools of The Trade

Why use OneDesk?

OneDesk is a feature-rich program which can optimize and cut the cost of a company’s product management and customer support, effectively merging the two functions. It can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, thus enhancing the company’s public image and increasing its profits. The program is an essential tool when it comes to controlling multiple-team projects and quickly addressing urgent problems.

Company Info

OneDesk Inc. is a Canadian firm which provides specialist products to handle the company’s social image and media presence. Its aim is to foster smarter product creation through communication and co-operation. The firm tries to achieve its innovation-based goal via cloud-based applications, and computer management of resources, requirements, tasks and issues to minimize human error.


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