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Overview Presentation

OfficeClip LogoOfficeClip Web Timesheet is part of the OfficeClip suite of applications composed of three modules. The other two modules are Web Contact Manager and Issue Tracker. Web Timesheet, which is the focus of this review, is the time keeping component for managing employee and project time and expenses. It is a time and expense tracking software that keeps a record of employee time spent on tasks and the expenditure incurred in accomplishing tasks.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Rules-based Time Entry, Automated Reminders, and Multiple Approval Processes ‚Äì Rules can be used to check time entries in order to minimize mistakes and corrections. For example, the software can check if the total number of hours in a day or for the entire timesheet is less or more than a designated value. It can check if employees have not submitted their timesheets and automatically send them a reminder email. It allows either a manual or automated checking and approval process, and can support up to three levels of approval authorization.
  • Editable and Exportable Reports, Integration, and DCAA Compliance ‚Äì The software has many predefined reports, but the user can further customize them by choosing specific report fields, groupings or filters. Web Timesheet reports can be exported as a PDF file or MS Excel spreadsheet. The generation of reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and be sent by email. It also has bi-directional synchronization and integration capabilities with Quickbooks and Peachtree accounting software. It is also compliant with DCAA guidelines used for government projects.
  • Time-off and Accrual Management ‚Äì Based on company policy or government regulations, the software can provide a time-off approval process, whether for vacation, sick leaves, or jury duty, among others. The time-off periods appear on the shared calendar for the information of all involved. For companies that give accumulating vacation days or paid time-offs based on length of service, it can provide accrual administration to inform employees of the status of their benefit.


OfficeClip Web Timesheet can be deployed either as a Hosted Version or an Installed Version. The Hosted Version comes as either the free Basic Edition or the paid Enterprise Edition. The Basic Edition is limited to 10 users only, 500 MB of storage, limited features, and an email support response time of about three to five days. The paid Enterprise Edition which can be tried free for 30 days has unlimited users, 10 GB of free storage, same day email support, phone support, and all the timesheet and expense features of the software.

The Installed Version also comes as either the free Basic Edition or the Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition requires a one-time fee of 96 US dollars per user or US$7200 for unlimited users. The full suite of applications can also be purchased either as a Hosted or Installed Version.

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Target Market

OfficeClip Web Timesheet is ideal for startups with small teams and medium-sized businesses. The option of availing or installing the modules separately is suitable for organizations that want to stay flexible, whether they are still evaluating other applications or whether they have existing ones for other business processes such as marketing or project management.

Supported Languages

The software supports the English language. No information is available for the support of other languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients who use the Web Timesheet include Maas Companies, Inc., a planning, development, and management company, PM Solutions, a consulting, training and research firm, and Erickson Barnett, a marketing agency. Other clients of OfficeClip in general include British Telecom, CityCorp, and General Motors.


Ford James of Maas Companies explained that Web Timesheet has centralized their time and expense reporting. He describes it as a great product with many features they have yet to use.

Mary Yanocha of PM Solutions shared that the use of OfficeClip for more than three years has provided them an intranet site where they can share documents and track time of associates working around the globe.

Jeff Erickson of Erickson Barnett stated that they depend on the efficiencies the software brings to ensure smooth operations for them and their clients.

Why OfficeClip Web Timesheet

Aside from the regular features of being able to track employee time and expense, OfficeClip Web Timesheet also offers automated workflow and process-based features such as time entry rules and approvals. It also has file attachment and management, integration with accounting apps, customizable reports, and invoicing. The flexible delivery options and pricing give startups and small businesses great productivity tools and the latest web technology essential to stay competitive without large upfront costs. From its client list, one can see that even large enterprises are taking advantage of the benefits from using OfficeClip applications.

Company Info

OfficeClip LLC is a privately held company based in Norcross, Georgia. It released the first version in 1999 as an online, banner-supported product. A downloadable version was released in 2000 for customers who prefer an installed option. It is now offering version 10 for both the web-based Hosted version and the downloadable version. The company remains committed to continue creating powerful, web-based applications that are flexible, easy to use, and easily accessible.


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