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mysimpleshow Software: Overview – Features – Pricing


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Overview Presentation

mysimpleshow is an online tool for making explainer videos. We have all seen explainer videos created by the simpleshow team. They are famous for drawing simple illustrations on a white board with a pair of hands. With this online application, users can make use of original simpleshow illustrations to create their own professional-looking explainer videos by themselves in just a few steps.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Simple and Guided Workflow – mysimpleshow enables the user to create their videos step by step. First, they can choose from a storyline or upload their own Powerpoint file. Next, the application gives advice and best practice examples to help them write their scripts. Then, it generates a storyboard that allows the user to fine tune and make additional changes. Last, they can make other configurations such as video speed before making the video ready for publishing.
  • Intelligent Explainer Engine – From thousands of original simpleshow illustrations, an intelligent Explainer Engine selects and displays the best and most meaningful illustrations for the user’s story. It does this in one step. As a result, the user is able to engage their audience with the right images that stay in the viewers’ mind. If they do not feel a match between the story and the illustrations, the engine also suggests alternatives, or the user can manually explore the visuals database.
  • Storyline templates, simpleshow illustrations, Auto-sync voice-overs, and more – Other features of mysimpleshow include storyline templates that help structure the content with creative plots. The storyline templates are suggested after the user answers a few questions. They also have access to thousands of original and impactful simpleshow illustrations that the Explainer Engine can choose from. Users have a choice to upload their own voice recording, which the application will auto-sync with the story, or use the built-in text-to-speech tool. They can go back anytime to make changes, and after they have finalized their video, they can export it to YouTube or download the video as an mp4 file.


mysimpleshow offers several packages. In the Business package, they have the Business plan at $129 per month, the Pro plan at $499 per month, and the custom Enterprise plan. A yearly billing is also available which results in discounts. Aside from the Business package, a free Education package is also available that can accommodate up to 50 students. Another package is the Fun package, which also has a free plan, and a premium Fun plan at $5.99 per month.

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Target Market

mysimpleshow is for individuals, teams, businesses, educational institutions, and state and non-profit organizations, who need to create a short explainer video using simple illustrations. These videos can be used in a variety of ways, such as for commercial product or service presentation, marketing, personnel training, in classroom setting, social media, and others.

Supported Language

English and German

Some of their Clients

Clients of Simpleshow include Bayer Cropscience, Belgian Federal Institute for Sustainable Development, Adobe, Gore-Tex, Porsche, and Volkswagen AG.


Jan Ullman stated that his team at the LMU Munich was very impressed with how well mysimpleshow worked. It is very easy to use, and includes short videos that helped them along the way. They especially liked the didactic assistance during production. Debra Finger liked the online tools ease of use, whether to start from a template, a Powerpoint, or from scratch. It suggests images based on her text, and she can use, change, or add images as she sees fit. The finished product looks and sounds professional.

Why mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow is an accessible and affordable online tool that enables people to create professional-looking explainer videos in an easy, step-by-step process. If there is a continuous need to create videos, but maintaining an in-house media production team, or hiring a professional one is not a good option, then mysimpleshow is the best alternative.

Company Info

mysimpleshow is a product of The Simpleshow Company, S.A., a privately held media productions company based in Luxembourg. It was founded by Jens Schmelzle and Adrian Thoma in 2008 when they started in Berlin, Germany. Their first client asked them to help explain a complicated product in 3 minutes. When the second and third clients asked them to create something similar with what they did for the first client, they knew they have a product. Luxembourg-based BIP Investment Partners invested and now co-owned the company. Other international companies invested, and now it has offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, London, Zurich, Tokyo, Singapore, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, and Miami.

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