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Businesses of all sizes now use project management to give them several advantages. With the repeatable processes, guidelines, and techniques that enable companies to manage people and tasks, also comes tools that increase the chances of success. Online project management tools like Asana allows teams to use a platform that is always available, affordable, flexible, and ready for team collaboration.

Asana and other online PM tools are now used by teams and organizations around the world. These users are able to deliver their projects and achieve business goals more consistently, efficiently, and within time and budget constraints. However, not all businesses have the time and resources to transition to Asana by themselves. And this is where Minimalist Work is able to help.

Introducing Minimalist Work

Minimalist Work is a site that offers tools, methods, and expertise in the proper and balanced use of online project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Smartsheet. Its creator and site owner is Bastien Siebman, a French engineer and Asana Certified Professional. He is also an active contributor to the official Asana worldwide community. We are going to explore the different tools, services, and resources he offers about Asana. These are all available at the Home page of the site’s Asana section.

Templana – Templates for Asana

Templates are time-savers. Instead of starting from scratch, you can just fill in the specifics inside a form or process that is already almost complete. Templana is a site that offers a collection of pre-built Asana project and task templates. The templates are further grouped by best sellers and bundles. For example, The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist is an Asana project template that contains more than 60 high level content, marketing, and technical tasks or work items that are usually included when launching or re-launching a website. So, instead of spending time to brainstorm, list, and schedule these tasks, a pre-built template is available for $5.

Some of these templates are free, such as the Weekly Meeting Agenda project template that consists of 14 tasks, or the Google Analytics Setup Checklist project template consisting of 38 tasks. Bundles are group of templates that are related together or associated to achieve a general goal. For instance, the $30 Business Bundle includes 16 Asana templates that companies can use to build a thriving business. Or the $30 Marketing Bundle that has 16 Asana templates to get the marketing team up and about quickly.

All in all, there are more than 200 templates created by 70+ authors that cover over 380 types of projects and thousands of tasks. Templates can also be filtered according to language, whether English, French, German, Spanish or Polish.

Asana Assistants

Asana Assistants is an outsourcing service for companies that need trained and skilled Asana staff to handle the use of the software for them. Some organizations would rather focus on their main product or service, and would prefer an assistant to use Asana on their behalf. They can invite the chosen assistant as a guest of a private project where they can start delegating the tasks. All assistants are hand-picked by Bastien, and all are trained in Asana. Rates start at $15 per hour, and a wide array of skills are available to choose from, such as project management, creative writing, social media management, online research, customer support, and more.

Asana Tags

Asana Tags is a free tool/service that enables a user to list all the tags used in their Asana organization account. It works regardless of the plan you are in, whether in the free plan, Premium, Business or Enterprise plan. It will simply list all the tags, so you can review your list, and clean it up as needed. This feature is not available in Asana, and the tool will not store any information in any server. If you use it, you will just be added to the site’s newsletter, but you can leave anytime.

Custom Fields Tools and Marketplace

The custom fields page offers 2 things. The first one is a custom fields explorer tool. Just like the Tags tool, it is free to use, but this tool only works for Asana users on Premium, Business, or Enterprise plans. The purpose of the tool is to list all the custom fields you are using, so you can perform maintenance on it.

The other service available is the Custom Fields Marketplace. Here, anyone can share or sell the custom fields they have created for the benefit of other Asana users looking for something similar. For example, a US States drop-down custom field will show all the 50 states. Another is a Timezone drop-down field with 44 entries. Again, these are available only for users on paid plans.

Free E-book

Bastien has written an e-book titled Become an Asana Superhero that is free of charge. It is a comprehensive guide with 30 chapters of actionable advice. It offers tactics and techniques to help you get a better Asana user experience. The e-book also offers strategy on how to get maximum value from the software in the long term. It is for readers who have known and used Asana for awhile, because it does not cover the basics. To download the e-book, an email address is required.

Asana Experts

An expert is a person who has mastered Asana, usually a consultant, trainer or coach. They can be developers also who knows how to create tools around it, or are long-time users of the software, such as Assistants. On this page is a collection of Asana experts, certified professionals, developers, and assistants from all over the world. They are available to help you remotely or on-site, to sell their service, either as consultants (paid or pro-bono), developers, virtual assistants, mentors, coach, solution partners, or other. Each expert can be contacted separately with the available listed contact information.

Custom Dashboard

Another service offered is the custom design and development of a dashboard according to the user’s specific requirements. It will be composed of both manual data and Asana data. It will involve discussion between the user and Bastien. The user will have to provide a mock-up or prototype, and Bastien will create the code. Once it is done, the user will only have to click the ‘Access my dashboard’ button on this page. Pricing depends on the complexity of the graphics and content.

Do you need Asana consulting or training?

Asana is a popular productivity tool that is helping millions of users in thousands of organizations deliver projects successfully. If you need any training to help your team use the PM tool, or consulting to help your business maximize the value of using Asana, Minimalist Work is ready to offer their expertise. Simply send your contact information and message at this page.

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