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mindmeister-logoOverview Presentation

MindMeister is an online mind mapping software. It is a popular collaborative web-based tool that enables users to brainstorm online. In general, a mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas, concepts, plans and projects. It shows hierarchies and relationships among pieces of the whole. In effect, this productivity tool provides a shared environment where individuals in different places can work together to solve problems, explore ideas, plan projects and more in real time. It is an information visualization tool that requires only a web browser but at the same time saves all the user’s maps online and accessible anytime.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Online Mind Map EditorMindMeister uses an online mind map editor that enables users to create, edit and present mind maps right inside a web browser. No software downloading or updating is necessary. All maps are safely stored in the cloud, and accessible from any device or platform such as desktops running on Mac, Windows, Linux or mobile devices. Users can choose their map layouts, choose from available map themes, or customize their maps with different colors, styles and formats to reflect personal choice or brand.
  • Ready for Project Management and Collaboration – This online mind mapping tool runs on a shared environment that allows users to easily share their maps. For instance, they can invite collaborators via email or share links. They decide who among the team can edit the map or simply view it. Furthermore, the productivity tool allows users to turn ideas into tasks from within the mind map. Users can assign tasks, set priorities, add due dates and display progress with a widget. The software also integrates seamlessly with TaskMeister online project management software.
  • Mind Map Presentations, Templates, Multimedia, Attachments, and more – MindMeister can also be used for presentations. As slideshows, they can be exported, published online or be embedded. Also, users can choose from many mind map templates to save time. In addition, users can add images, videos and links to the maps, or upload attachments from online drives. A history mode allows users to review the development and evolution of the map from specific contributors, or revert to a prior version. Users can share maps on social media, and native mobile apps are also available.

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MindMeister offers a freemium plan. For example, the Basic plan forever free includes for up to 3 mind maps. Users can share, collaborate and import. On the other hand, the premium plans start with the Personal plan ideal for individual personal projects. All Basic features included with the addition of unlimited mind maps, ability to upload files, export to image or PDF, multi page print, and access to priority support. In brief, the Pro and Business plans are higher plans with more features. Substantial discounts for teachers and students are available.


Social Network Presence

Target Market

MindMeister is for individuals, teams, businesses, schools and organizations that are involved with creating ideas, brainstorming, and collaboration. Thus, it is an alternative to traditional mind mapping software and collaboration applications that can be valuable for planning projects, creating business plans and presentations, or managing meetings.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Japanese, Italian and Chinese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include SAP, Electronic Arts, Oracle, CNN, and Vodafone.

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Terry Wilson stated that MindMeister provides the added visual element that makes meetings go faster, more efficiently and with greater comprehension.

Srikanth Rajamani recalled that they started using the tool casually at first, but became indispensable later on for their projects.

Why MindMeister

MindMeister provides users the proven mind mapping technique over a highly accessible online environment. In effect, it enables real time collaboration within a safe and controlled workspace. Moreover, it integrates with other modern tools and devices such as project management software and mobile devices.

Company Info

MindMeister is a product of MeisterLabs GmbH. The company was founded in 2006 by Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer. Headquarters is in Munich, Germany and an office in Vienna, Austria. Accordingly, MeisterLabs develops web-based applications with a focus on simplicity, usability and easy collaboration. Its mission is to inspire creativity by developing the most innovative and easy to use software tools for business, education and daily life. Also, the company aims to provide new ways of working together for today’s global and connected organizations. MeisterLabs’ other product is MeisterTask.

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