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lighthouse logoLighthouse Software Overview

Lighthouse is a web-based issue tracking application meant to help teams of any size to keep track of their project development with ease. It allows collaboration and collection of valuable feedback with all people involved, whether within the team or including the public. It offers features that make issue tracking and resolution organized, simple and visible for those who need to be involved. It allows integration as well as customization through its API that enables the application to expand its functionality and be seamless in being adopted by teams and organizations with existing workflows.

Features, Benefits, & Strengths

  • Simplified Navigation and Ease of Use ‚Äì Lighthouse issue tracking is designed to provide the user an intuitive and streamlined screen that allows for quick adoption. It will take new users just a few moments to figure out the system and use it instantly. It does many things automatically, such as organizing tasks as they are tagged into categories. Users can customize states to make things more meaningful and simple. Advanced search and saved searches called ticket bins help teams simplify their work by automatically updating groups of tickets according to their own workflow.
  • Powerful Issue and Project Tracking ‚Äì This web-based issue tracking application displays an activity stream that keeps everyone updated with the project’s progress. As issues are created and tagged, they can be automatically categorized in the background. As they are resolved, the project team can easily monitor the progress of their work with options such as subscribing to feeds. It integrates with email so that people can respond easily with their preferred channel of communication. Users can browse tickets using the iPhone-optimized interface. It has Milestones to help teams hit the deadlines whether they work on sprints or prepare for a major product launch.
  • Centralized Document Management, Robust API and more ‚Äì Lighthouse, as a web-based application, handles all stored documents in a central place. Everything can get documented so that each issue has all the important notes readily accessible with it. Its API allows for integration with many popular cloud services and applications such as Beanstalk, Exceptional, GitHub and Airbrake. Developers can extend the functionality of the application so that what they get is just exactly what they need.
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What is the Pricing of Lighthouse Software?

Lighthouse offers several paid plans and a free plan. The signup process is made easy by allowing users to sign up without having to choose a plan. Before the 14-day free trial period is over, they will be able to select from several paid plans as well as the free plan. For the paid plans, the Bronze plan at $25 per month is perfect for startups. It includes for 10 projects, 15 members, and 2 GB storage space. For larger companies, the Silver plan at $50 per month includes for 20 projects, 50 members, and 10 GB of space. The Gold plan at $100 per month includes for unlimited projects and members, and 50 GB of space. A Personal plan at $15 per month is also available, and includes for 3 projects and 10 members. Signing up a year in advance will result in 10 percent savings. lighthouse pricing

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Target Market

The Lighthouse app is for teams of any size in any industry that works on issue/ticket tracking and resolution through task management, collaboration and other communication channels such as email and third-party apps.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

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Stephanie S. stated that Lighthouse is a great tool to assign tasks and track workflow. Philip E. described the issue tracking application as a very good ticketing agent with its best feature as the ability to synchronize with their GitHub account.

Why Lighthouse?

Lighthouse issue tracking simplifies and automates many work processes involved in creating and resolving issues and tickets. The interface is intuitive and optimized for easy navigation. Users can quickly switch between tickets and its other features. Thus, they can immediately work on their tasks without having to spend too much time learning the tool. The custom tagging, milestones, and native integrations, especially with Tender Support customer support software all provide advantages.

Company Info

Lighthouse is a product of entp, a consultancy and web incubator team based in Portland, OR, USA. It was founded in 2008 by Courtenay Gasking who believes in the idea that if he gets enough smart people in a room, anything is possible. So he brought a talented and skilled group of developers in their offices in Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA, who are experts in web development technology such as Ruby on Rails web application framework and Prototype Javascript library, among others. They offer design, development, consulting and training services as well as open-source and proprietary plug-ins and applications. They also developed Tender Support, which is a discussion-based customer support system. Take me to their Website

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