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Knowify is business management software for specialty contractors. It enables small business owners to manage the different aspects of running a construction business on a single online platform. Its collection of tools and features help users organize client and financial information, manage leads and jobs, track time and progress, and establish communication between the office, field teams, and customers.

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Knowify Review: Features and Strengths

CRM and Proposals

Knowify is end-to-end business management software for specialty contractors. Users can manage their sales pipeline from leads to close. With drag-and-drop functionality, sales teams can track the status of each opportunity, see what stage a lead is in, and advance that lead as the journey progresses. It is flexible for a various types of contracting business, commercial or residential. Users can define their pre-sale stages, whether a site visit, an estimate, or another task. They can manage their leads with a kanban board or a list view.

The software helps streamline the quoting process with templates, catalog access, and a built-in e-signature process. Teams can put a quote together in minutes, with access to contact information and catalog of prices and previous quotes. They can send branded, professional formatted documents with a clear layout of work, list of exclusions, and terms of agreement. Users can send the quote by email and track when they receive and open it. Other features are e-signature, option to accept, reject, or request changes, quote pipeline and status tracking, and reminders.

Project Management and Costing

Knowify has project management tools that bring the job into view in real time. Its project overview gives users overall control of jobs, from budgeting and bidding, to purchasing, time tracking, change orders, and invoicing. Purchase management lets teams create and send POs and track its progress against budget and materials ordered and received. It has a dynamic Gantt chart with dependency and roll-up features. It also has real-time job boards, drag-and-drop scheduling, subcontractor management, document management, change orders, submittals, and RFIs.

Project costing allows users to see progress against labor, material, and subcontractor budgets. Knowify combines project management and costing to provide real-time financial insights into job and business performance. It has dozens of ready-to-use reports that provide actionable information, and its custom reporting tool can show users what types of jobs makes the most profit or which line items of work are consistently underbid. It also has a built-in mobile time tracker with GPS-verified check-ins, check-out, and timesheets for individuals and foremen.

Field-Office Communication, Customer Portal, Invoicing, and More

Knowify enables office and field teams to connect and communicate via scheduling, messaging, and geolocation tools. The mobile app updates in real-time, but it also has an offline mode that provides crews all functions if there isn’t a good signal. Once you have a stronger connection, the app uploads the offline data to the larger system for all users. Plus, it has foreman-specific features for tracking time on behalf of the crew.

A customer portal for each job gives clients the views they need to understand job progress. They don’t need an account — they simply click on a unique link generated for their particular job. Other features include creation and delivery of digital invoices, electronic payment links, and integration with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Time, ClockShark, Square, PaySimple, CompanyCam, line of credit, insurance, permitting, payroll, and other services.

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Knowify Pricing

Knowify is available in several plans depending on the features users need, and customers can opt to pay monthly or yearly. All plans include access for one user with an added fee of $10 per month per additional user. Also, all plans include unlimited training and support. If you want to try it out before committing, there is a free 14-day trial.

  • The Essentials plan, at $149 per month paid yearly (or $186 monthly), is for customers who need to manage and simplify project finances. It includes up to 10 active jobs, QuickBooks Online integration, tools for budgeting, bidding, job costing, expense tracking, standard invoicing features, and over 20 types of reports, such as project plan, payroll, invoicing, and profit and loss.
  • The Advanced plan, at $249 per month paid yearly, includes up to 25 active jobs, all features in the Essentials plan, and also tools for service jobs, scheduling, field team management, project management, and customer communications. It also has AIA-style and unit-based invoices and additional reports.
  • The Unlimited plan is for managing multiple teams, project finances, and complex operations. It includes unlimited active projects, all Advanced plan features, and additional features for subcontractor management, advanced workflows, additional reports, and an advanced reporting module. If you’re interested, reach out to their sales team to request a quote.

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Who Uses Knowify?

Knowify is for small to midsize trade and subcontracting companies in need of modern construction management software. It’s applicable in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting, remodeling, concrete, roofing and siding, low-slope roofing, excavation, flooring, solar, landscaping, steel metal works, and other job construction services. Customers include Safe Harbor Commercial Roofing, Vork Brothers Painting, Serret Metalworks, Argento CPA, UK Electric, Chaney Mechanical, Polson Painting, Castle Electric, and GHS.

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Knowify Supported Languages

Knowify supports English and Spanish.

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Case Studies

Michael Haff is the owner of a fully licensed electrical contracting business serving the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia. When Haff’s business started to grow, he struggled to keep up with the paperwork but was also hesitant to hire new employees due to lack of time to properly train and onboard new employees. He felt stretched too thin, working long days out in the field with his team.

Another contractor recommended Knowify to Haff. On the same day, he started his free trial and the impact was almost immediate. Haff’s team is now able to start and finish jobs faster with better communication. Back in the office, Haff shares important details with his team through Knowify’s mobile app and saves hours on what was previously unbillable work. With service templates, he can send professional, accurate proposals to clients fast.

Greg Macdougal handled odd jobs for friends and family when time allows. After some time, he noticed that his client list was growing because his clients told him that not many local contractors were willing to take on small projects. Macdougal decided to grow his handyman business services into a full-time business, but also realized he needed a project management solution to ensure the business stayed organized and profitable.

Macdougal learned about Knowify through its partner QuickBooks. He tried it and noticed how it helped him run his business smoothly. It enabled him to handle up to four separate small projects per day. It now takes him 15 minutes to make a small estimate as compared to an hour before. Also, he stated that the customer support team is always responsive to his questions, ranging from asking about a new feature to requesting a full demonstration for a new employee.

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Why Choose Knowify?

Knowify gives traders and specialty contractors a modern digital platform that’s easy to set up and use with flexible and scalable tools for a wide range and volume of jobs. Business owners are able to organize information, establish clear communication, and generate accurate and up-to-date reports. You can also increase operation efficiency and improve transparency with clients for greater customer satisfaction and business profits.

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Company Info

Knowify Inc. is a privately held software company based in New York City. It was founded in 2012 by Daniel de Roulet, Jr. and Marc Visent, CEO. Around that time, de Roulet and Visent believed that the time had come for modern technology to reach the specialty contracting business. Large general contractors have already embraced technology for the job site, but specialty contractors were still using spreadsheets. The company’s aim is to streamline and simplify the aspects of running a small or medium contracting business so Knowify users can focus on serving their customers.

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