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Kasban is a free kanban board plugin for Asana project tracking and work management software. Asana is a popular online tool that enables its users to collaborate on a central workspace. With a clean and simple interface, it allows users to create and assign tasks, communicate, and attach, store and manage related documents. It uses a list to display projects, tasks, conversations and other work items. For those who are advocates of lean principles and development, Kasban enables Asana users to instantly move all their tasks in a visual Kanban board. A similar app we found that may compete with Kasban is Bridge24 for Asana.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Instant Kanban ‚Äì Kasban plugin for Asana enables users to have a Kanban board view for their Asana projects and tasks. Users now have an additional view of not only their tasks and projects, but also of their workflow process. They can move the cards as tasks are worked on, updated, and completed, providing overall visibility of work progress. It can also provide all completed tasks in a visible list.
  • Quick and Easy ‚Äì No setup is required. Users just have to go to the website, authenticate with their Asana account, and they now have access to all their Asana projects in a Kanban board view. Every action is synchronized with Asana, so as they create, edit, manage and move tasks, this will sync, be updated and be visible also in Asana. The ability to assign tasks to team members is an upcoming feature.

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Kasban plugin access for Asana is free of charge.

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Target Market

Kasban is for Asana users who want/need a Kanban board view for their projects and tasks.

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Why Kasban

Asana is a popular tool that enables users to move work forward through its simplified but intuitive Kanban interface. Kasban provides an additional Kanban board view that takes advantage of Asana’s structure and simplicity and expands it with an effective visual work management tool in an instant without any setup required.

Company Info

Kasban is designed and developed by Tom Starley, an entrepreneur, UI/UX specialist, and managing director of Smoof. Smoof is a privately held digital design agency based in Birmingham, UK. It was founded by Tom in 2003. Aside from providing its clients with web and application development, and online marketing campaigns, the team also spends time working on in-house projects, such as Kasban and emble, a social event-planning app.

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