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Overview Presentation

InLoox PM is a collaborative project management software accessible on the desktop, tablet and smartphone. It is an integrated solution that works with Microsoft Outlook so users can plan and manage their projects directly in Outlook without the need to switch between programs. It is also accessible via a browser with InLoox Web App, as a stand-alone solution or in combination with the Outlook integrated verison. Users have the option to make a one-time purchase of a license and install it on their own hardware or use the online service on a month-by-month basis with Inloox now! SaaS solution. Version 9 is the latest version available.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Outlook Integration ‚Äì InLoox PM project management software is unique because of its smooth integration with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook users can plan projects, create and assign tasks, share documents, manage budgets and resources all the while staying within the familiar interface of Outlook. The latest Version 9 has enhanced some features which now allow users to quickly convert emails into InLoox tasks. A new global calendar now displays project tasks, milestones, activities, and personal tasks, but also automatically syncs any changes with the Web App.
  • Redesigned Web App ‚Äì This collaborative project management software features a completely redesigned InLoox Web App, with a sleek and modern look as well as an intuitive interface. Workplace is a new feature in Web App that provides project managers a central page for managing project and personal tasks, organizing time and priorities, and staying updated with messages and alerts. It also now has an internal chat for faster and easier communication with team members. It has a Kanban board for agile task management and a Gantt chart for overall project progress tracking. It has a new Collaborator role that is ideal with temporary engagement, and a Publications feature for easier work item management across projects.
  • Multiple Views, Seamless Integration, Flexible Deployments, and more ‚Äì InLoox has several tools for visual planning and collaboration, such as Graphical Budget Overview, a Mind Mapping tool, and insightful, real-time Dashboards. s such as InLoox for Outlook and InLoox Web App are fully compatible and in-sync. Users have the option to deploy on-premise or access via the Internet. An API allows for other system integration. Document management is built-in for storing and assigning documents to related projects and make them readily accessible anytime they are needed. Mobile apps for the iPhone and Android phones are available. InLoox for Mac is also available via InLoox Web App.
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InLoox PM is available as an on-premise desktop software with one-time payment license or as InLoox now! SaaS solution. There are many options depending on a user’s or company’s requirements. For example, the Personal for single user is a single workspace license without network or server support that starts at $390. Teams can choose a user license for the Outlook integrated client that starts also at $390, or the Web App with a user license for the online client that starts at $290. Most of these implementations require a Workgroup Server license at $890 or an Enterprise Server license at $1390. Then there is also a cloud-based Web User license that starts at $24.95 per user per month on a 12-month advance payment option. A 30-day free trial period is available.

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Target Market

InLoox PM is ideal for companies that have implemented MS Outlook in their organization, but the SaaS version can be used by any organization or company, whether using Outlook or not. The software is helpful to executives, project managers and team members.

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Siemens, AVIS, Canon, Konica Minolta, Novartis, HP, Pentax, US Airways and Verizon Wireless. Take me to their Website


Josef Dusini, TechnoAlpin, stated that the collaborative project management software is really easy to integrate, with a lot of potential and positive acceptance among the staff.

Martin Nigg,, described it as German quality work, quickly available, flawless, and with competent and friendly support.

Why InLoox PM

InLoox PM is a flexible and easy-to-use integrated software that helps users create project plans and manage business processes in a familiar, intuitive and preferred user interface, whether in Outlook or on the web. Its core features together with its collaboration functionality truly provides successful and transparent project management.

Company Info

InLoox PM is the flagship product of InLoox, Inc., a privately held computer software and services company with offices in San Francisco, USA and Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 2011 by Tiziano Panico, CEO, and Andreas Tremel, CEO. The name InLoox was a play on words that came from the phrase “integrated into Outlook, ” which best describes the product. The software has more than 50,000 users spread out across 5000 companies in over 50 countries. The company operates worldwide as represented in different regions by the InLoox Partner Network. It is a Microsoft Certified Silver Application Development Partner. The company is committed to their mission to extend and improve Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server with enterprise software solutions that are easy to use and create business value. Take me to their Website

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